Ice Freestyle Tricks: Double Grapevine, Infinity 8, Triangle Spin

Hey guys, this is the second video in a series
that I’ll do about simpler ice freestyle tricks. Today you can learn how to do: double grapevines,
infinity 8 and the triangle spin. Today’s list is starting with the double grapevines. Don’t get scared, it’s not twice as hard as
a normal grapevine. Well, you need to know how to do a grapevine
first, but I’m sure you already checked out my tutorial for that. What you’re doing differently now is you cut
the motion in half, right here. And you only repeat either the first or the
second halves and making them continuous by alternating between the 2 sides, so left-right. Let’s start with the backwards, then forwards. Wiiiiiii. So you need the second part of the grapevine. This exact motion. Do it on one side then on the other. The more control you have the smaller the
circles will be, you can do this: However if you can’t do the grapevine in both
directions it can be as strange as learning it for the first time. You can obviously try it slowly, and to keep
in motion, you can try going backwards and do decreased movements with your feet. When you’re getting the feeling, increase
the speed and take up this much space. Or it’s even harder in one place. Forwards
It’s a slower move. We want the first part of the grapevine, so
just this part. After doing it on one side, use your outside
edge to stop the movement, then you can bring your other foot around. Like that. After getting some confidence, you can do
it in bigger curves. Combos. Sure these fit in. As usual, experiment. Next one is similar to the backwards part
of the double grapevine. And it’s already on screen. THERE
Infinity 8 It’s a good practice for your edge control. It also comes in handy when you want to change
directions when going backwards. The basic concept is this: You draw infinity
signs on the ice by only going backwards. You switch legs in the intersection. When you’re in the right circle you bring
your right leg first, then the left follows. In what way you lift your legs up is up to
you and your style. Obviously you have plenty room for combos,
this is Cliff now, but I give you each freestyler’s instagram in the description so you can get
further ideas. Moving to the next one, which is: this spin. Never heard a name for it so I named it triangle spin. Because people do it from a triangle. And I’m proud of myself because I figured
out how to do it from a grapevine and it was pretty cool looking when I first saw the result. Okay, so the idea is really simple. You find a position where your legs are crossed. Then you twist until you uncross them or even
further. And the rest is a cliché now. Experiment and pick up your own style! Just something better than me now. ‘the hell was that?! This wraps up my second bulk collection of
easier freestyle tricks, here is the first one in case you missed it. See you in 2 weeks now, and of course, have
a nice icy day!

Antonio Breitenberg

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