Ice Fishing Safety & Equipment : Using Sled as Ice Fishing Shelter

In this series we’re going to talk to you
about shelters and their part in ice fishing. Shelters are not just important to keep you
out of the more brutal elements of weather that you might encounter while ice fishing,
but they also play a large part in the cultural and social aspects of it. There are several
different types of shelters and they may be used on different thicknesses of ice. Rudy,
why don’t you show us the most rudimentary, absolutely, shelter. One of the easiest, most
mobile, smallest, and very common here is the, the sled shelter. You pull all of your
equipment out on the sled, you unload it, you set your plank up, and then you can simply
back into it, ease yourself down, and go to fishing. And it blocks you from the elements
and the wind coming at you. It keeps you out of that brutal northern wind which can cut
you. So you would basically just cut your hole right here in front of you, absolutely,
and have your bucket of bait off to one side, and jig right over the hole and all the time
the wind is at your back. Is that correct? Correct. Good. Yeah, it blocks you from the
wind. It kind of creates that wrap around and the wind goes around you and it can really
save you ten to fifteen degrees of air temperature. Great. Well that’s a good idea. The most important
part of any shelter is to cut down on the wind because that is what causes the chill,
the wind chill factor, to drop as it does.

Antonio Breitenberg

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