i went to the olympics!!

i went to the olympics!!

– Hi friends, it’s Tyler Oakley, and look, I’m here at the Olympics. You guys, I’m here in
Pyeongchang with P&G, thank you so much for
sponsoring this video. I just made it to Korea,
and I’m so excited. I’m about to go see some
events, meet some Olympians, and take in all things Olympics. It’s the best time ever. I’m so happy. (cheerful pop music) You guys, so this morning, P&G surprised me with
the best surprise ever, tickets to the women’s
figure skating event, and I’m so excited. I feel like, out of everything,
of all the winter events, I’m probably most excited
for all figure skating, all of these beautiful
women giving it their all. I am truly mystified. So down there, they’re
about to make history, dreams about to come true. I’m about to cry, probably. It’s gonna be everything. (cheerful pop music) (crowd cheers) Hello, from yet another Olympic event. It is 22 degrees here tonight. I am absolutely freezing. But I got my ticket for
the bobsledding event, and we’re here to root on Aja and Elana, who are on Team USA, even
though it is 22 degrees. I am literally so cold. But I’m super excited to see them and root for them, because I love them. I got to meet Aja and
Elana here in Pyeongchang, and they are so sweet and amazing, but also strong, beautiful
women, which we love. So let’s see how they do. (bobsled slides) – [Announcer] 41. – If you’re watching from somewhere warm, girl, I am telling you what,
it ain’t the Winter Olympics unless you’re freezing your butt off. – That’s why you have to
try it on, because it’s– – May I? – [Aja] Yes.
– Yes. – This is a real Olympic medal,
and it is so heavy (laughs). This is so impressive. (cute pop music) – Look who I found. – Hey guys, what’s up? – What it is like to be here, and what does it it mean to you to have all these people
here to support you? Who’s here rooting you on? This little pup. – This is a given. Lucy’s always with me. – I think Lucy might be the
star of the Olympics, so far. – Oh, yeah, she definitely is. She’s an internet sensation. – Shouldn’t she do some training? – Yeah, she got some training
for the Bounty commercial. – How’s that like? – I mean, she was really the star, but I was in the commercial with Lucy. – Sure. – She’s a little overweight right now. – Same, relatable.
– Don’t judge. – Lucy, say hey. Oh. (cute pop music) You guys, I am here at the Team USA house, and I don’t think I’ve ever
been more starstruck in my life because look who I found. Soohorang. Oh, my God. Okay, wiggle, yes. My faves, say hello. Hello, hello. Oh, my goodness gracious. God is so good. I just met Soohorang. I’m so happy. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed, but I’m literally starstruck. I’ve hung out with all the Olympians that have won gold medals,
but this is, to me. Soohorang, I’m so giddy. (upbeat electronic music) So, I found a store that
sells everything Soohorang. Look at all the things,
stuffed animals and sweaters, and shirts and mugs, and
everything you could ever want. So I just went into the superstore. I got a whole bunch of
stuff that I cannot wait to take home, even though I
am so not a souvenirs queen. But while I was in there, I was like, I feel like y’all would’ve
wanted some of the stuff, too. So I got enough stuff for
three little care packages that I’m going to send
to some of you guys. All you have to do is
comment on this video with your favorite thing
about the Olympics, give the video a thumbs up, and all the other details about it are gonna be in the description. But I think that’s all
you’re gonna have to do. (upbeat electronic music) Good morning. I’m super excited because I’m
about to go watch my babe, Gus Kenworthy, perform, compete, kill it. I just met his mom, who
is the the most lovely. Wait, you guys, look. We’re coming up. This is pretty impressive. There’s a lot going on. Hello. – (speaks in foreign language) – Hello. I got my ticket to the games. – Hello.
– Hello. – Have a good time. – Thank you. I’m so excited to see Gus. I’m so proud of him. Having known him for a couple years now, he’s just the sweetest person, and to see somebody that sweet and kind compete and maybe even
be best in the world warms my little heart. Which is something I need,
’cause it’s freezing right now. Look at that hill, girl. He is about to do that. Wait, oh, my God. Look who it is. – Hi, Tyler. – Y’all, look what I found. Not Gus. Gus doesn’t matter, but
look at Gus’s nails. – You got it. – Just fashion, the best. The most stunning. – Since I’ve been here, I haven’t talked about being gay, really, at all, publicly. So I would do my nails
to let everyone know. – We’re all curious why
you haven’t mentioned it. How did you do this,
and why did you do this? – I didn’t, a little Korean
lady did it for me in Seoul. – Oh, wow. – Well, it’s because at
the Russian Olympics– – Baby, you’re chipping.
– I know. – What’s going on? – I know.
– Take care of yourself. – It’s work. I should’ve done crystal gel. In Sochi, there was all those
crazy anti-LGBT laws in place, and they were like, everyone
coming to the Sochi games is subject to the same laws
that Russian citizens are, and we don’t want any
showing of pride or protest. And I remember, in my head
I was like, oh, my God, well, now I want to
paint my nails rainbow. And I was in the closet at the time, but I was just outraged by it. – So you did. – So then, this games, I
was like, you know what, I’m gonna paint my nails. It’s less protest, it’s just
kind of pride this time. But it’s the first time my
nails have been painted. – It’s cute. – Have you had your nails painted? – I’ve done it before. I’m not good at it. I need somebody who really can give me a whole jejing, if you will. – Well– – Not well. – I’ve never done it in my
life, and I have a broken thumb, but I think that I’m more than qualified. – Will you give me a make over? – I would love to. – Oh, my God, Gus. Wait, really, right now? – Yes, bitch.
– Oh, my God. Okay, okay, okay. So I’m here with Gus’s mom. Say hello. – Hello. – I wanted to show the
world your beautiful gloves. Can you show them? Now these are– – This is my mom. – Can we talk about these gloves? – Oh, fashion. – A lovely woman who made a lovely man. – Hi, thanks.
– Hi, thanks. We brought our rainbow flag, obviously, ’cause we are here,
rooting on everybody gay. I love the amount of pride that I feel like I’ve been
witnessing this Olympics. What has it meant to you to be able to come here and be your full self? – Yeah, I don’t know. I feel like in Sochi, I didn’t
really get to be myself. And so, I got silver,
and that was amazing, to win a medal for the US. But I feel like I didn’t really enjoy it because I wasn’t being true to who I am. And so this time around,
just getting to be myself and share myself with the world, it’s been a much more
rewarding experience. – Good luck.
– Take care. – Have fun.
– Love you. – Love you. I love Gus, because I feel like it’s a friendship that I made, where I didn’t really
get to see him shine, and now I’m here, in his realm,
and I get to see him shine. So I didn’t even tell
you guys why I’m here. I’m here with Procter & Gamble because they did a campaign
with the Olympics this year to support a whole bunch of the athletes with this campaign called Love Over Bias. And it’s all about the power of love, and how much that is more powerful than anything else out there. – Well, P&G approached me,
and I was very excited. As soon as they started telling me what they were trying to
do with Head & Shoulders, I realized that it was
such an obvious fit. They wanted to do a commercial
that featured a pride flag for the the first time
in history, and that– – It’s the first time
an Olympic commercial ever had a pride flag? – Any commercial ever had a pride flag. – What? – Yes, isn’t that crazy? – This is 2018.
– I know. Well, I think the Olympics
is all about love. It’s about love of the
game, love of the country. People are here representing for everyone that’s stood behind them along the way, and there’s a lot of love about it. And just ’cause Adam and I are gay doesn’t mean that our
love is any less worthy. And I don’t think it’s this anomaly where now you’re seeing gay
athletes for the first time. It’s like, no, honey, we’ve been around, just now we’re standing up. So it’s not like you’re
gonna see less of us, you’re gonna see more of us. – Even though it’s not at
all about Gus being gay, it’s all about his talent, it is still remarkable
to see somebody so queer succeed and be celebrated,
no matter who he is or no matter how he identifies. Especially, in a world
where a lot of people look down or even try to demean people in the LGBT PLUS community. To see somebody be on top of the world and celebrated, really cool feeling. And the fact that I get to
be here with Gus and Adam and celebrate them, and
celebrate what they mean to America, as the first
openly gay US Winter Olympians, it’s incredible, and I’m
just so proud of them. (meditative guitar music) Hello, from the closing ceremonies. Tonight is our last night here in Korea, and it’s pretty bittersweet. I have had the best time ever,
and we’re about to go inside and see all of the farewells
from all the Olympians and all of Korea, saying
thank you and goodbye. It’s crazy to be here. It feels so historic. So let’s go inside. That is the torch of the
Olympics that they light at the beginning of the ceremonies,
at the opening ceremony, and then, they’re gonna put it out tonight after everything is done. So right now, it’s the parade of athletes at the closing ceremony, and look at all these beautiful people from all over the world, united together. (electronic dance music) At some point, this turned into a rave. Martin Garrix is performing. All the athletes are right down there, living their dang lives. The flame went out, the ceremony’s over. We’ll see you at the next Olympics. So I’m back at the airport. It is my last moment in Korea. I’m about to get on my flight. But I just wanted to say this has been such a fun little adventure. I feel like, what a once
in a lifetime opportunity to bring you guys along
for an adventure in Korea. And not just Korea, but
to go to the Olympics, to take y’all along for the
ride, to go to all the events, to meet all the Olympians,
and to be here with P&G. I’m just really grateful
that P&G chose me, because my number one thing is always taking you guys on adventures with me, and they were so great in letting me do everything that I wanted to do. So if you like this video,
give it a thumbs up. Maybe in some time, I can
go to the Summer Olympics. Maybe. Okay, that’s all I have
for you guys today. I will see you guys very soon. I love one creature,
and one creature alone. (hip hop music) (thunder bangs)

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “i went to the olympics!!

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