Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the french inline skater! and welcome to today’s video; today I’m gonna try aggressive skating because a lot of you have asked for this! needless to say that this is not my cup of tea, but I’ll try my best! Let’s do this! Allright, I’m a begginer, and today’s goal will be to learn the basics I want to be somewhat confortable with the quarter pipe And then, I’ll also try to do some grinds! Ok, let me try to do a grind right now! Allright, first things first, let’s talk about protection! I’m wearing some knee pads, I’ve lost my wrist guards so… But I didn’t forget my helmet! It’s a cool helmet provided by Ennui brand so thank you very much to Powerslide, Ennui, and Ricardo Lino for giving me this helmet, so I’m gonna use it today! ready to roll! oh by the way, as you may have seen, today i have a friend helping me film this episode for you guys! thank you very much for giving me a hand, Vladimir! and the skates I’m using today are the USD Franky Morales 2 they are a little bit big for me but I still didn’t have the opportunity to get another pair of skates! so, they’ll do for today! Allright, let’s see what type of grinds I can do It’s not gonna be something fancy, but I’ll try! Frontside this one is still fresh in my head! now, Soul slide now let’s try to do this while moving at the same time! it’s gonna be more difficult, but I’ll do my best again! Now, let me try to do the Acid I have no idea if i can do this but I’ll try! It’s diffucult! How do you do this! I don’t get it xD Anyway, I think I’m gonna go to the quarter pipes By quarter pipes, i mean that there are 3 of them in a row! let me try to do this; let’s go! Challenge 1 will be to go up in this quarter pipe, and then have the guts to do the whole thing! That was fun! Allrigh, this is it for today’s session in the skatepark! Will I do aggressive skating again? yes absolutely! I defenitely had lots of fun! And I would like to thank my friend Vladimir for helping me film this episode! Don’t forget to subscribe, And PLEASE help me making Inline Skating more popular, By sharing this video to you friends! YOU can change EVERYTHING! Think about it! All right guys, see you in the next episode! 🙂

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Deepanshu Vashistha says:

    Where you understand skating

  2. Deepanshu Vashistha says:

    Where you understand skating

  3. Deepanshu Vashistha says:

    Where did you understand skating

  4. Deepanshu Vashistha says:

    Where did you understand skating

  5. Deepanshu Vashistha says:

    Where did you understand skating

  6. Deepanshu Vashistha says:

    Where did you understand skating

  7. T says:

    It's so interesting to watch a confident freeskater have a go with plates and grooves. You'll make an incredible aggressive skater in time no doubt.

  8. T says:


  9. Anthony Chavez says:

    Dude! You did Awesome for being new at it! You're doing a great job and your vibe is great.
    One question, where did you get knee pads that fit under your jeans? Everytime I fall on the quarter/halfpipes my knees get bruised 🙁
    Keep it up bro!

  10. Zixx says:

    you inspired me to start skating inline, and helped me get a head start on it. thanks for the wonderful content and help! you’ve earned my subscription 🙂

  11. Robin Blood says:

    great! send u power from germany

  12. Lloyd White says:

    Great show. We also follow R. Lino.

  13. Just Chill Rolling Inc. says:

    Good job man ! Keep it up bro

  14. Adam Savage says:

    Aggressive skating: Lower.Lumbar.Pain

  15. jacob beak says:

    You should try to do slalom in agresseve skates
    also great vids dude your awesome keep it up

  16. Deepanshu Vashistha says:

    Where did you learn skating

  17. PartySparkelz says:

    Hope your exams went well 😆 welcome back tiago lolol

  18. HeatherPilarMusic says:

    You're good 😀!! I'd love to try that too but I currently only have quad skates 😂

  19. Joss says:

    Great video, but I have a fs slalom question, could you maybe do a video explaining frame position and what effect it has – I'm going to try moving my frames in a little but I have no real understanding of what the pros and cons of doing this.

  20. Ollie Johnson says:

    Been looking for a decent and current skating channel…I'm a quad skater predominantly myself but your stuff seems good keep it up 👌

  21. Worques says:

    I love when people who are freestyle skaters try agressive skating and vice versa. ❤ It's always fun to do, fun to watch and can develop you new skills that you can use in both areas.

  22. Primal Spongebob says:

    Hey, Tiago. It's been about 5 years since the last time I skated. I never was a hardcore skater, I rented some skates and just had fun for a while with my friends and family. Recently I found a pair of skates that I liked and decided to buy them and start skating more frecuently. I found your channel today and your videos are inspiring for me, I want to know more about the sport and I want to grow more as a skater. Love your channel, your content is super usefull.

  23. Luftbubblan says:

    Wow haha. I'm pretty impressed with your first drop in. Would have thought you would use the cooping but noo, you jump straight at it haha. Wouldn't recommend anyone to do it like that as for first time 😀 I'm confident you will improve super fast.

  24. Rodrigo ET says:

    Good job mon amigo! That was amaizing!

  25. sahil sran says:

    You should try speed skating with some speed skates because im a speed skater to i wish i could see you one day

  26. 6:66 says:

    Haha gj man! Not even complaining about weight of blades, just trying and trying, respect!

  27. Jonathan Craig says:

    that park is soooooo sweet. Keep it up man love seeing you on aggro skates

  28. Jonathan Craig says:

    yoo would you ever grow some dreadlocks???

  29. Mateus Sarmento says:

    man keep it up on aggressive skating! dont stop!

  30. Carlos Santiago Guzman Gomez says:

    i think you can will be a pro in agressive bro u learn so fast and jump so easy v:

  31. Daniel says:

    i also want agressive skates, but im broke af

  32. victor batirow says:

    Please keep doing aggressive blading videos, its the next level of rollerblading that a lot of people don't know about or are too scared to try. Thanks, you're helping spread the sport! You got the hang of it, keep at it and you'll be doing top souls soon! ;D

  33. Adi C says:

    Great video! Keep that up.

  34. Ranjit Singh says:

    You are doing quite well bro!

  35. omar barrie says:

    Hey Tiago
    Please try the sparkling seba wheels , and what do u think should I buy the luminous wheels or the sparkling wheels

  36. 123 132 says:

    bro im planing to start skating and im a fat guys can the roller skates can handle my weigth? please reply

  37. Adam Antium says:

    What´s that song at the beginning of the video, please?

  38. Samuel Caron says:

    Salut! Je veux commencer a faire du inlines skates, je cherche freeride ou freestyle dans la grandeur 13 US et d'une compagnie qui livre au Canada, Budget +/- 400euro. Quelqu'un aurait des conseilles?
    Hi, I wanna start to do inlines skates and im looking for a freeride or freestyle size 13 US inlines skates wich can be delivered in Canada.
    My bugget is around 400 euro, Any1 can help me out?

  39. SkaMiDan — Skating School & Skateshop says:

    I just love it! <3 Thanks for that video!

  40. BestPlayzS Slavov says:

    Nice vid I wish you to get better.One question igor or wfsc?🧐

  41. Hebele Hübele says:

    Can you make a videos for buying the best wheels for my inline skate

  42. juna wood says:

    u should keep going…u have the shoe size all aggro bladers dream of xD

  43. YaBoiRey says:

    Nice editing and quality!

  44. LuxBeShootin says:

    Stop putting sub titles your English is actually really good

  45. Euther Garcia says:

    love the video!!!! and that flute titanic song in the beginning killed me.

  46. DGM64's second channel says:

    I can't believe this is your first time aggressive skating! You killed it! Remember this. Acid is a very difficult grind and it took me about a month to get it down.

  47. AY3_ Zpe3dz says:

    his skates are really good looking and they seem really interesting and they look like something I might like because i too am a regular inline skater and the aggressive skate look lit and very cool

  48. Kevin DeLuna says:

    It's hella fun when you can pull it off

  49. Momo J says:

    t'a un accent francais , je me trompe ?

  50. Christian Marpuri says:

    This puts a smile on my face

  51. BORK Ride - RIDEmonPARK says:

    Yo, si tu cherche des skateparks tu peux parler dans une vidéo de la carte que j'ai crée que tu trouvera dans la description de cette vidéo qui explique tout 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0OqmhpBpv8&t=1s Bon courage dans tes débuts de roller agressif 🙂

  52. BORK Ride - RIDEmonPARK says:

    Si tu à besoin de conseils je peux t'aider un jours sur Bercy ou un autres parks, je prend des cours depuis 3 ans avec 2 clubs différents 🙂

  53. EmilXOM says:

    Dude have you ever played Jet Set Radio? I think that game would be right up your alley!

  54. Supercuate says:

    I would love a series of this! Keep i ut thiago!

  55. phosphore says:

    Tiago utilises des proteges-poignets indispensable! Je kiffe tes vidéos! Keep going quand tu vas gérer un peux plus ton niveau en Freeride va augmenter en combinant les deux! Sinon "l'éternity later" c'est du vécu pour moi aussi ^^

  56. DEW Skate says:

    Je le disais bien que étais français c le skatepark de Paris

  57. Zé Carabina says:

    Eu gosto esse patins meu sonho tem um desse e fazer manobras.

  58. Hakuna Malaya says:

    did u just say teka lang, teka lang?

  59. Игорь Дробинин says:

    Im back to in line after 15y break. Its awesome. im 34 and still killing skateparks. Bought 2 pairs of USD and carbon free awesome!! never felt like this with my 5 elements )))) Feel like im 16yo )))))

  60. Jhon Cafard says:


  61. Jannik Rector says:


  62. Le Cobra says:

    Tu y es allé à quelle heure pour que Bercy soit vide comme ça ?

  63. Inferior to Superior says:

    great video

  64. Ayul Sharkyy says:

    I dig those skates , my frankies is abused . Hahahahaha

  65. laugr744 says:

    One eternity later… Lol. That part made me laugh, because it's so true. It's pretty scary the first time, and the longer you wait, the harder it is. But seriously, nice job!

    You skipped right over dropping in and went straight into jumping in… Unbelievable. It took me a couple years of aggressive skating to build up the nerve to do that. I was also impressed how you stopped on top of that bump and rolled back in without falling. Your first grind is better than mine are still… Damn.

  66. Lynox Royal says:

    are aggressive skates lower than regular skates? is it better to have skates that are lower? can i set my skates really low to go faster?

  67. Stuart Hillier says:

    Love the aggressive man. Keep it coming!

  68. Максим Горелов says:

    Tiago make more video about aggressive skating. It was cool! 🤘😎🤘

  69. Héloïse Ve says:

    Mais fais des vidéos en français enfin !

  70. James Milner says:

    We all start somewhere. Well done

  71. coockie crunch says:

    Super ! Ji étais à ce skeatpark à Bercy l'année dernière, continue comme ça ont à le même niveaux, si un jour tu veux aller du centre de Genève ou aux bord du lac d'Annecy prévient le moi, moi et mes pote seront ravi de rader avec toi 😉 peace !

  72. TheBellmare says:

    ya gotta alternate directions on the ramp–must develop ambi dexterity so you don't get dizzy…I watched my ex husband skate A LOT and he had an obsession with aggressive skating (I'm a more freestyle skater)

  73. jonahwizard1 says:

    What song did you use in the intro?

  74. Tage Gustavsson says:

    OMFG This video is perfection! The best video on youtube!!!

  75. Milly Bartolomei says:

    love the video deff motivated me to get back into it . i stopped years back, it was the best feeling ever to skate <3

  76. TraceVandal says:

    At the beginning I thought you were just going to edit it to make it look like it was super easy for you but then you showed the long process of trying to land a solid soul grind, that stuff is hard man! I skated for years in high school I was was pretty much garbage when I graduated.

  77. Fiaro Rabe says:

    put'ain t français

  78. xkdazw 291 says:


  79. MooMower says:

    1:06 is that thanos or purple panther?

  80. David Tinnerello says:

    Youre a cool guy.

  81. Dima Mironovs says:

    bruhhhh this makes me wana start again even tho im dogshit, and cant even do anykind of grind because im scared to fuck my knees up hahahah

  82. Ridber Miguel Rodrigez Sanchez says:

    Man your videos are so cool!!!

  83. Baskets says:

    Loved it

  84. NuclearNicoleify says:

    I think in aggressive skating it is at least just as important when developing style as in any other form of skating to have proper fit in your skates since every thing you do is technical. I love putting long lines together with toe rolls, switch ups, wall rides, small gaps, ledge rolls, spins, slides and its just too hard to tell where your foot is in a too big boot. I am almost 34 so I don't need to get hurt and I fall much less now than I did at first and when I do I'm better at falling, but everyone goes through this and for you this would be a short period. I also think for you're already existing skill set you would really like a bigger wheel flat or even rockered setup. So much faster and easier to cruise anywhere and do more stylish tricks and not just grind from a stop always. Flat or rockered 64+ mm up to maybe 72mm where you start loosing some of your grinding ability is my go to I ride Oysi frames with 72 on the outside and 60mm inner wheels and this has a slight rocker and performs really well. I also hear people liking the GC Big and MEGA and Kaltik frames.

  85. Daniel Park says:

    seriously, if this was his first time it is really amazing!

  86. Dat-E.Z 335 says:

    big head small body

  87. Emmanuel Rodriguez says:

    You make it look so easy!

  88. Devils Hand says:

    The grind you forgot the name of brother is a Unity and two quarter pipes is a half pipe, 3 in a row is a spine

  89. LilTrumpetBoi says:

    1:05 dont worry,I got the condoms

  90. Tom Tom says:

    I think you buckled these skates way too tight. In aggressive skating you need them quite loose

  91. 2for99cents says:

    Those are some nice Jordan looking skated

  92. celow banks says:

    The fact u never grinded before still managed to pull it off show how good u are

  93. Tynoxx says:

    Where is this skatepark?

  94. chahjingnah says:

    Crazy to me that your dominant/strong/supporting foot is left. Been trying to learn grinds switch and it is nice seeing the stall on this side of the ledge!

  95. jingyue jian says:

    Does anyone uses a freestyle or freeride skates for aggressive skating?

  96. denimalos says:

    that half pipe looks fun.

  97. Kara Lahana says:

    Hello pro skater

  98. Joris Hoogvliet says:

    This is clearly not the first time your doing aggressive skating

  99. RoseEmblem says:

    “Im a beginner” he says. *Nails different tricks with wrong shoe size*.

    Me: Proceeds to stand up and falls

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