I, Tonya Red Band Trailer (2017) Margot Robbie Tonya Harding Biopic

I, Tonya Red Band Trailer (2017) Margot Robbie Tonya Harding Biopic

The haters always say tonya tell the truth there’s no such thing as truth, everyone has their own truth I was the best figure skater in the world at one point in time You call that a clean skate for christ’s sake? do not swear in front of the kids. i didn’t swear you cunt Who’s that? You two fuck yet? [scoff] You need to see a wholesome american family. I don’t have a wholesome american family. You skated like a graceless bull-dyke, I was embarrassed for you. My entire life i’ve been told i wouldn’t amount to anything Well you know what? Maybe i would [annoucer] 4.8 How do I get a fair shot here? We also judge on presentation. Suck my dick We’re gonna need to even the playing field, i know a guy. I shouldn’t even be saying his name. Derek The press wanted me to be the pile of crap I never did this What is going on? We’re with the FBI They know something What can you tell us about Tonya Harding? I don’t know it Toni Hearted huh Aren’t you her bodyguard? [gulp] When i was a kid, did you ever love me? I made you a champion, Knowing you’d hate me for it. That’s the sacrifice a mother makes You cursed me America, they want someone to love… But they want someone to hate I mean come on, what kind of friggin person bashes in their friend’s knee? Who would do that… to a friend Stop that

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “I, Tonya Red Band Trailer (2017) Margot Robbie Tonya Harding Biopic

  1. Dani Dani says:

    i came here for Margot and i got a Sabastian stan… I've besn blessed now i HAVE to see this movie

  2. Laura Lee Stidham says:

    Great movie!!!!!

  3. nuclearthreat545 says:

    fuck these stupid movies, fuck biopic

  4. OrangeCAT Cat says:

    Speaks to education and poverty

  5. F dL says:

    Sebastian Stan is so hot.

  6. me mo says:

    Whoever made the thumbnail for this video owes Margot Robbie an apology

  7. Mikayla Kennedy says:

    what was the first song?

  8. BobRooney says:

    just saw this movie. the fact that she didnt put a gun in her mouth after all the physical abuse from family especially her shitty piece of garbage motherfucking mother, makes her an absolute WINNER and a very strong as heck person in my book! but wow, what an eye opener it was on the scam the US Figure Skating Association is…and not just them. even in the winter olympics who bio promoted the wealthy and privileged Lindsey Vonn was disgusting and repulsive. I will never watch this shit ever again. tonya was right, only the privileged perfect with wealthy families can win these athletic competitions.

  9. Luis Velez says:

    Fantastic fucking movie

  10. KatieBaybee9169 says:

    The entire movie she says, "That wasn't my fault…"

    Are we really to believe she had NOTHING to do with what happened to NK?

  11. Charity Ariel says:

    Great movie!!

  12. The tea is actually real says:

    I absolutely loved this movie the real story was amazing though

  13. Bree Love says:

    The world is evil this should not even be a movie we all know the bitch did it if anything it should be a movie about Nacy Kerrigan the true star. Fuck this shit and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves how disgusting can you be.


    Well, I think I'm gonna watch it coz of Sebastian . No, I'm kidding, but Seb is dream!😍😛

  15. logia says:

    Oo the kid is the one from that movie Gifted or smt right?

  16. Progirl_Rossome says:


  17. RETINA RENTAL says:

    ᴛʜᴇʏ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅ'ᴠᴇ ᴘʟᴀʏᴇᴅ ɪᴍ sᴏ ʜᴜᴍʙʟᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜɪs ᴛʀᴀɪʟᴇʀ

  18. Won't Reply says:

    Masterpiece. And truthful!!! Unlike the media.

  19. mods65 mods65 says:

    Wish that Amy Adams was playing Tonya Harding . Harding looks a lot like Amy Adams in her younger days .

  20. JB beatle says:

    Perfect movie….love it so much….Margot Robbie was ROBBED. This movie should've taken every award….just my opinion:) OMG….back in the day the hours we spent with 24 hour news watching Tonya's door…..lol……there was a time the world was divided….you were team Kerrigan or team Tonya and there was no in between……I was Team Tonya…..until the dumpster note showed up…..that kind of sealed it in my opinion….but I just loved "the moment" in history it all was….the movie does a perfect job representing that time

  21. CaseMeista MemeCast says:

    This was such a good movie

  22. Dreams of Kaia says:

    This movie was great!! You realized they were all crazy af!

  23. Golbez says:

    ive been looking up trailers for 2018 oscar winars and man… all of them look so good so far… unlike 2017 or 2016

  24. harrygotlouis says:

    Harley Quinn and the winter soldier.
    I love this.

  25. Pat G says:

    I can relate with tonya

  26. Michelle Ortiz says:

    seb doesn’t deserve this trashy role

  27. Stacy Cody says:

    "I , Tony"

  28. madisynlaw says:

    Written by STEVEN ROGERS and starring SEBASTIAN STAN.

  29. harnoor atwal says:

    I went to the movies with my dad and my friend in gr 6 cause I am a figure skater and was interested but I ended up getting In big trouble cause I never looked at the audience age

  30. Remo68 says:

    Of course we all know that Kristi Yamaguchi masterminded the whole thing.

  31. The Clown says:

    Margot in this movie looks very beautiful to me especially in the part where she has short hair ❤
    Margot simply made it fascinating The best movie! But let's not forget Sebastian He looked very beautiful too (I loved how his mustache was seen 🌚)
    This movie has better performances, better music and better costumes! Oscar simply deserves ❤👌

  32. #FakeLifeSquad -36 says:

    Since, no one is mentioning Seb. I'll do it.
    Sebastian Stan.

    That's the best I can do, ok!

  33. Louis Ainscough says:

    Rubbish filme ever in The universe omg so idioy

  34. Fornite Rockzz says:

    That make up tho 1:02

  35. Aruna S says:

    I just watched this movie it was so damm Good!!! I didn't want it to end!!!

  36. Manuel Nardin says:

    Holy crap. This movie looks brilliant. i really love it to watch using boxxy software in my language

  37. Honey Johnson says:

    People need to get a damn grip with they feelings when it comes to this movie. She was NEVER charged or convicted of attacking Nancy she was only charged for knowing AFTER the fact and DID NOT report it

  38. My Name is Gladiator says:

    I almost like her! She's like what men should be like today but can't be.

  39. Tröpicääl _ says:

    Margot Robbie looks like Nancy Kerrigan

  40. uValdo Caraveo says:

    I didn't know figure skater parents or skaters could be so redneck trailertrash.

  41. Garyw 9243 says:

    Margo & Allison’s acting is next level. 👍👍

  42. Johnny Marlin says:

    Death of the American dream.

  43. Claire Lucky says:

    SeNasTiAn StAn!1!!1!1!!!1!1

  44. Bernard Carter says:

    Wait, but, if Margot Robbie did the triple axe in the movie, doesn’t that been she technically is the second person to do it or at I crazy?🧐

  45. VOIP Portland says:

    Should be renamed I, Toilet. A lowlife. Sorry, ask anyone who knew her back in the day.

  46. Anne- Marie Colas says:

    For all the cigerretes smokers out there !!! Please be ready for this movie 😂😂 the cravings are real 😅 ps: there's just so much cigerrte smoking in that movie.

  47. zahra abbasi says:

    Everyone including the judges hated Taniya because she was poor

  48. PuzzlePlayer says:

    Here's a tip america. WHen you're newsreaders say "all the world is watching/listening/whatever…", you know from that point on to not trust another fucking word that comes out of that man's mouth!

  49. Francesco Ramicani says:

    Excellent movie and the acting was top notch. It deserves the Oscars it has been nominated for. I’ve used boxxy software to watch it. Highly recommend!

  50. Tyler Maxton says:

    I can't believe the judge took away the one thing that made her happy. I hope he died a terrible death.

  51. Roland Pen says:

    OHHH ICE BABY!!! Margo Robbie deserves an Oscar for her perfect portrayal of Miss Harding and the life of abuse she encountered. The story, the structure, the characters, the editing, the camera work was all so beautifully executed. Watched it using my boxxy software and got much pleasure.

  52. Cindy Villacis says:

    Did the real Tonya have that bad attitude???

  53. Cynthia Vanherck says:

    Belle vidéo

  54. the midnight palace says:

    From Harley Quinn to Tonya Harding. YAS

  55. Brèagha and Me says:

    It's a movie about a thing that happened. It's entertaining. I'm sure it's not 100% accurate, and it did seem to me like Tonya was cast as the protagonist, but it's just a movie. I don't think it's meant for educational purposes.

  56. MushroomKS says:

    Wait what? Sebastian Stan is in this movie… I'm too lost!!!!!!! Why I haven't see this movie?

  57. Samantha Osborne says:

    Nancy deserves a movie. Not Tanya.

  58. statistics says:

    download this picture I Tonya link : https://123short.com/HIlMoo

  59. DEE OCTOBER says:

    All actors did a superb job, can't say I was disappointed with anyone's performance in this film. Allison Janney, who played Tonya's mother deserves a standing ovoation and Margot Robbie who plays Tonya. what makes me like Tonya even more, even though her boyfriend beat her everyday, her dad left when she was young , people made fun of her because she was poor, she kept going, it takes so much heart to carry on through adversity in life.

  60. Mike Remuzzi says:

    And done…

  61. jamato says:

    Sebastian looks so different with a mustache

  62. Shane Arbeau says:

    That thumbnail looks intense and weird

  63. RayLightning 92 says:

    Lol Tonya was trouble throughout the entire trailer lol

  64. Markley Denkoct says:

    This one's rough around the edges. It's got a lot of baloney. But it is very interesting. This one's recommended.

  65. Maria Ljungström says:

    The Tonya movie was one of THE BEST movies ive ever seen and the actress who plays Tonya deserves an Oscar times ten 🙂

  66. Joanna Fr says:

    America doesn't have a single quality comedy writer left in Hollywood.  Not one ounce of nuance or wit.  All the literate can do is squirm and quickly run for the remote.

  67. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    One of my male friends refuses to watch this because he doesn’t want to see Margot Robbie looking “ugly” in this movie.

  68. Adam Ladd says:

    The treatment and sentence that she got were utterly appaling

  69. Cassie Dolis says:

    A very well done film

  70. Asian Migos says:

    Came from BROCKHAMPTON

  71. klaine azhar says:


  72. Calia831 says:

    This movie is crazy cause you kinda just hate everybody in this movie, yet you feel bad for them all

  73. Jyugo Jūgo says:

    Tonya is Harley Queen XD

  74. ecaepevolhturt says:

    Charming but built on a lot of cliches and pop-psychology.

  75. Emily G says:

    this movie looks bat shit crazy….I WANNA SEE IT!!!

  76. Dave Jackson says:

    Margot's best performance by far. Loved this film

  77. McLarenMercedes says:

    Allison Janney as Tonya's mom stole the entire movie. Incredible acting.

  78. Nicoletta Montorsi says:

    How can a film end soo bad??! I just finished it and I'm literally crying…😭😞🤧

  79. Alma Alvarez says:

    Ese papel le quedaría mejor a Amy adams

  80. Marie G8 says:

    This movie is so sad 😭 but it’s also so good

  81. ThingsWillBeFine says:

    The bitch was guilty btw.

  82. Helix Snow says:

    Why have I never heard of this movie!

  83. Angad Seeagra says:

    😂😂😂the mom is fucking ICONIC!!!..LOVE HER😂😂

  84. Bilbo Boogins says:

    i dont like the story…..

  85. StacyJane Alex says:

    Bucky Barnes

  86. Taylor& Laila says:


  87. SaltyBrains says:

    looks boring as shit. no thanks.

  88. Nathan C. says:

    Nancy must be really mad, she didn’t get a movie.

  89. Nathan C. says:

    Nancy Kerrigan must be mad she didn’t get a movie

  90. ecj17cel says:

    This movie was so damn good.

  91. Jordan Nguyen says:

    That was picec a shit fuck old bitch and dumbass directed Craig Gillespie

  92. Michelle H says:

    Sorry, but they should've cast Amy Adams as Tonya. She looks like her way more. Morgot Robbie looks nothing like her, plus Amy is a much better actress too.

  93. Queen_Of_Domination says:

    I liked Tonya Harding a lot better than Nancy Kerrigan, in spite of the accusations. I liked her, as she was hardcore and straightforward. Nancy Kerrigan was too prissy for me.

  94. Asteroid Arts says:

    Looks insane in that thumbnail ahaha

  95. IamPandora Bitches says:

    Haha it’s the DC and Marvel crossover we’ve all been waiting for.

  96. Olga Kim says:

    From playing Tonya Harding to Queen Elizabeth in Mary Queen of Scots. That's a damned find actress.

  97. Malia Laguisa says:

    Such a good movie. It was so sad how they banned tonya from skating. It was too much IMO

  98. Markus E says:

    What a Fantastic story, and movie. I feel so much for Tonya.

  99. CCW Noob says:

    Half the world loves and respects her. The other half respects her … but won't admit it.

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