I Inherited a Sled Dog Team | INDIE ALASKA

I Inherited a Sled Dog Team | INDIE ALASKA

I remember getting phone calls almost every day. Emergencies. My father was in a panic. It was 30 below zero, and he didn’t have any power, and his car battery wouldn’t start. And if his car didn’t start, then he couldn’t drive to town to get water for the dogs. The situation turned from a real romantic dream into a real harsh Alaskan reality, for my father, very fast. And he came out to Alaska to try to run the Serum Run, which is basically like a thousand miles by sled dog, through the Alaska wilderness. And I was in LA at the time, and I got a phone call from another musher. And they said that my father had passed away, and what I wanted to do? Animal control had come and assessed the dog situation, and had decided, determined that they were going to put 80-90% of the dogs to sleep. And to me that was just totally unfathomable. I couldn’t allow that to happen. I got on a plane, and flew up here, and basically moved into my dad’s trailer, on the property out there in Willow. And kind of took over the daily responsibilities of taking care of the dogs. It’s been intense. Just maintaining the dogs, you know,
in temperatures at 30 below zero. I basically was watching my money just dissipate at a rapid amount. I mean, the costs of maintaining this amount of dogs is a lot. I realized that just giving the dogs as much as I could, was my priority. Some locals out there in Willow said, “Well there’s really only one real solution “to dealing with that. And it’s a box of .22 shells.” It’s just a terrible thought. I couldn’t handle it then, I still can’t handle it now. So on some level, this was a real spiritual journey for him, with these dogs. So to me, this, letting the dogs go…be put down, it was unfeasible. I just couldn’t do it. After my father had passed away, it was, I mean, it was the hardest, saddest thing I could have imagined. it was like every time I walked around and pet one of these dogs, I was just replacing my father’s love that he would walk around and give them. And so I really felt very out of my element, and very alone. I’ve committed pretty much all my time, and almost all of my money, to the situation. And I’ve gotta see it through. Best case scenario for these dogs is that, you know, people that are looking for a dog reach out and try to adopt one of these dogs, and bring it into their lives. That would be my ideal. My ideal would be to really move as many of as these dogs into loving home situations, as fast as possible. And giving them their freedom. Being able to allow them to get off these chains, and to be able to run and just be dogs. For the most part these are not a typical super high energy sled dog. Come here you little sweet heart. Alright, come on, you’re coming up with me. Come on up on my lap. This is Humphrey. And these are the kinds of dogs I think should be. Little snuggly, fluffy lap dogs. Say hi, say hi.

Antonio Breitenberg

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24 thoughts on “I Inherited a Sled Dog Team | INDIE ALASKA

  1. Justin Rouse says:

    Character. What an awesome dude

  2. Justin Rouse says:

    Anyway to donate $? Lemme know.

  3. Dogs Journey Home says:

    Thank you for your concern we are accepting donations at dogsjourneyhome (dot) org all donations go directly to the dogs and there care. Thank you so very much. Please pass the website and video around so we can find some loving homes for these dogs.

  4. banditina13 says:

    you can donate money on this site. don't miss it, if you can't adopt one these great dogs.

  5. Jud Sojourn says:

    Let us know how its going, y'know how many dogs have been place.  Looks like this was about 9 months back.  Hope its going good. 

  6. Lillieannen Sorensen says:

    Is he a moron? does he think they'll survive freedom?

  7. Lillieannen Sorensen says:

    He's got chow dogs there. At leadt two will survive 'freedom'

  8. Mohamed Samir says:

    i have 3 dogs in egypt thy need 500 usa $ in month food that's a lot and i want have puppy from them but every time thy no puppy 🙁 i can't sale them coz i love them a lot like my life i don't know what i can do i hope have a kennel big kennel but i want have puppy from them to have money for them my english is ugly i know i hope you understand 🙂

  9. Hilary Benoit says:

    Those are chow chows. Not normally used for sledding ( especially for things like the Iditarod), but they can handle smaller races.

  10. snippie6 says:

    so is it possible to contact this sir so we can possibly help save the dogs?

  11. joracer1 says:

    Are you a dentist from miami? if so they made a movie about you, called snow dogs, and you might get some royalties from it to help with the dogs.

  12. Jess MacDougall says:

    You should put them on PetFinder, maybe start up your own rescue for these dogs and make a website. This video was a while ago, what is your situation now?

  13. baltofanforever says:

    I think you did a wonderful thing stepping up after your dad died to care for these precious dogs even though financially it is costing you. it is disgusting how seemingly even there is wanting to put the dogs to sleep instead of finding them wonderful homes or a place with other mushers.

  14. MrKerbal1 says:

    ELijah is a genuinely good person who gave up his whole life to save 50 dogs from their imminent death.
    Give these dogs some love either on the website "Dogs Journey Home" or on the facebook page "Good-Farms Furry Friends"

  15. Sapphire Otaku says:

    Those aren't even sled dogs. Shoulda gotten Alaskan Huskies. You can get them from rescues for free… I pity the fellow, but what idiot moved to Alaska, raised "sled dogs" in Willow, started with a team that big, and expected a good outcome? Really unfortunate situation.

  16. Shay says:

    He's trying his best but these dogs are living a terrible life. They are chained to boxes, they are prisoners to this man. He does loves these dogs but they are suffering

  17. SRV. 123 says:

    I think many in Alaska would be interested it adopting sled dogs. But contrary to the title. They don't look like sled dogs so unadoptable in my thinking.

  18. M. P. says:

    You are a wonderful human being, what you did for these dogs is absolutely amazing! Brought tears to my eyes!

  19. Letizia Marziali says:

    So much love he does give to these incredibile Creatures

  20. Saartje05 says:

    How disgusting is it when neighbors say the only solution is a box of 22 shells? I mean what kind of people live there? Morons.

  21. Big Beard Jefe says:

    good job

  22. Purdylicous says:

    what breed are those they look rather small in the video?

  23. Brittany BunniesandHuskies says:

    This is very sad, I am glad he is helping those poor dogs. I adore mushers and I hope to someday pick up the sport, but I do wish more mushers would refrain from keeping a surplus of dogs 'cause 50 dogs is a lot. At some point the owner needed to fix their dogs or give them to other families instead of letting the dog count reach 50. The only way to keep 50 dogs alive if you are not a millionaire is through poor diets, poor veterinary care, and poor grooming. Those dogs don't look like any dog sled breeds either which is not safe for the dogs simply because they do not have the genetic advantage to survive freezing cold temperatures while pulling a sled across large distances. I hope each dog finds a good home though and wish the guy the best (its just an all-around sad situation).

  24. Ivon Gomez says:

    They are smaller than I expected for sled dogs.

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