I Can’t Juggle a Soccer Ball! Tutorial for Beginners

I Can’t Juggle a Soccer Ball! Tutorial for Beginners

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “I Can’t Juggle a Soccer Ball! Tutorial for Beginners

  1. Liferocks says:

    it was very helpful for me i also could not do it more than 2 times thanks get me 100 likes on this reply cuz its my birthday

  2. Liferocks says:

    hello thx for wishing and i am still not getting to juggle plz teach me in aeasy way

  3. Mari Roze says:

    Thxxxxxxxxxx soooo much i learn juggling and how to flip your leg and you juggling thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. LIVE4FUN 123 says:

    Mine record is 55 .i think it's alright for a 13 old kid. Can u tell me the name of the ball

  5. Black Panther says:

    how do you guys get these type of grounds with full green grass?

  6. Black Panther says:

    the best instructing video i ever saw……..thn
    ks soooooo much

  7. Marku says:

    But i don't know how to play soccer ;-; rip me can you do a tutorial? On the basics?

  8. Patel sarika says:

    Which football are you using?

  9. DanielFN's backup incase he gets muted says:

    should I lock my ankles?

  10. LpsKellogg Productions says:

    Don't blame you for not being able to do them, you're a Liverpool fan. So you probably starting watching more everton and liking everton so you finally were able to do them. Facts, my friend.

  11. shakira kirmani says:

    Yea it helped me a lot too……

  12. President DARk says:

    The title is demotivating

  13. CHAMP_ ASHU Official says:

    I m 13 years boy

  14. Andrew Whyte says:

    I reckon after three weeks of half an hour practise I will be able to do a double figures number, no bounce. Will let you know in 3 weeks.

  15. Jouri Alwagaan says:

    Thanks this was helpful I can’t thank you enough ♥️♥️

  16. Tc thelegend says:

    But u can do better then me though

  17. spoonlord 0 says:

    ew liverpool

  18. Yuvraj Singha says:

    its so helpful .first i can do only 4to 5 juggling. but now i can do more than 60. and now my record in 68

  19. The Stone Hearted says:

    Hey guys! Been practicing for quite some time now, I hit my highest of 23 yesterday. Very happy and proud at the same time. This video helped me a lot but, to get better at juggling you gotta go out and start practicing. Just watching these tutorial videos won't help. And another suggestion is don't give up. I know it is quite difficult at first and we easily lose our cool and get frustrated when we are not able to get a hang of it but just keep practicing… Im 14 and I learnt to juggle in around 3 weeks time (not really good but, I have an avg of 7).

    If I can do it.. you can too

    Good Luck

  20. JJK 112 says:

    Instep is place between toes and inside of foot

  21. BergzLol says:

    I can juggle 3

  22. Connor Cortez says:

    Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbait and so did you

  23. Fadi El Eid says:

    I can do the rainbow flick but I can’t juggle

  24. LLazar Popofski says:

    This is a good tutorial!

  25. A one legged man says:

    take off that stupid kit first

  26. Kayy_mia14 says:

    This was a really good video compared to others

  27. Legion says:

    watching the sand pile grow..

  28. Hussain Meaparath says:

    I can't do it….when I bounce the ball on my foot..It goes away..😳😳😪 can anyone help me please

  29. Aamir Kamal Soofi says:

    I can do it with one foot only

  30. Keitharo Lin says:

    me too! I am pro in soccer but suck in juggling

  31. dr Yaqub says:

    I did this following your step it didn't work

  32. Visual CC says:

    Has 2 juggling at same time
    Watches vid
    2 months later: 63 juggles at first try
    It's true 😂

  33. Akhil Nath G says:


  34. Rwaggy Rwuper Rwinstincts says:

    I'm a beginner and thanks to you I feel like I can dribble Easily

  35. Shubhendu Bhattacharya says:

    This seems first proper detailed vedio on juggling😍

  36. Abdul Munawwar i'd rather die!! says:

    it's very hard on the left foot

  37. Abdul Munawwar i'd rather die!! says:

    weak foot

  38. swet syed says:

    very good explanation

  39. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

    I love this show and tiempo and nivua.and lotto and Cosco and that Japanese one, short but dope


    So helpful video… I tried it from 2018 ferbuary month and now i become master in juggling…👌👌👍👍👍👍

  41. BRUHH says:

    when i bounce the ball goes into a new direction
    like i doesnt go straight

  42. s_sss uuusss says:

    Instructions unclear,
    Got ⚽ stuck in my ass.

  43. Maham Fatima says:

    On how much distance you should throw the ball from you


    please tell me how to do juggle I am ten years old please tell me I don't know how to do

  45. moh alshoaibi says:

    Is 62 juggles good or is it too low. But I can tell I've gotten better at it .in the past few years I could barely get 10
    Now I can get 30+ easily

  46. BRANDON DAVIS says:

    Thank you.My friend is so good at this.It’s embarrassing when it’s hard for me to do even 1

  47. Hrishi Alda says:

    Me too I learnt kicking first even now I am unable to jugle the ball..Thanx advice works…how will I juggle by keeping foot low just above ground

  48. Cricket Funda says:

    I tried but I failed ):

  49. #whatsapp status says:

    ohhhhh. thanks

  50. #whatsapp status says:

    ohhhhh. thanks

  51. #whatsapp status says:

    ohhhhh. thanks

  52. #whatsapp status says:

    ohhhhh. thanks

  53. Trinity Lewis says:

    nice video I can juggle a soccer ball with my feet while balancing on my tall unicycle

  54. youtuber vaibhav says:

    I watched lots of juggling video but by this video I will learn easily..thanks man..keep juggling and keep playing football

  55. Anu Thakur says:

    Your juggling is too high

  56. OvratedXx says:

    Everyone on my soccer team can juggle accept me😖😔😢

  57. Evil Princess says:

    i cant juggle even if my life depends on it

  58. Devinonline10 says:

    I still fail

  59. Aidan Gutierrez says:

    took me about 2 or 3 years but rn im at 474

  60. i love you. its going to be okay, i promise. says:


  61. tips and tricks to life says:

    Wow so so thanks bro

  62. ZiqZagZog says:

    Is juggling that important? I was poor at it but I think juggling is not that important

  63. Lex Ayyy says:

    this video is more descriptive but i think it’s just like the rest i have practiced juggling my entire life and tried every possible tactic but i only get high numbers when i’m lucky

  64. Thaw Soe says:

    The easiest thing to do is spin the ball toward u when u bounce it

  65. Mim Benntt says:

    This helped sooooo much ❤️❤️

  66. Jafy Boy says:

    It's more easier to juggle if you shoot the ball not that high.

  67. Savage Sebastian says:

    U dont juggle by dropping the ball on ur feet, u pick it up with ur feet by rolling it back then picking it up with ur foot and then start juggling. Thats the proper way. U dont want to creat bad habits by grabbing it with ur hands and dropping it on ur feet

  68. Dusty turtle says:

    i never new this will happen i did 15

  69. Jesh Bates says:

    Lol my recored is 749 MARRY CHISTMAS

  70. Mohammad Mubarak says:

    bro i didnt get anything, u need to speak.

  71. Da Greatest says:

    You could do more than me lul

  72. Phil Coutinho says:

    I could do 67 after practicing for 3 days then after that the number just went down, down, down and now I can barley even do 10 and keep in mind I've been practicing it everyday still so I'm convinced I'm literally never going to learn to be honest.

  73. ashley marie says:

    i still can’t fucking juggle, wow i’m worthless!

  74. Muhammad Danyal says:

    the reason you cant juggle the ball is cuz ur a liverpool fan

  75. Marko Nedeljkovic says:

    Thank you Yoshi you helped me alot.

  76. hot dog says:

    From what I see there is no way to teach this..it's what ever works for the individual..they usually find the sweet spot that works for them..practice practice practice

  77. Lilly Kutty Rajan says:


  78. Shaqiri Squarepants says:

    The problem is I can't juggle the ball low. I don't know why

  79. Usha Jeevan says:

    You are the best football YouTuber.Thanks for this video.Hope make good videos like this.

  80. Brianna 12 soccer says:

    I practice everyday juggling and and it always falls i try my best everyday but I can’t people say I suck and tell me rude stuff especially the one girl that’s good in my team she always talks behind my back:( I try to be nice to her but she always gets mad at me

  81. Dragonliveee 124 says:

    I think my ball is to heavy

  82. anonymous User says:

    good now I just need a soccer ball 😂

  83. Sorcery 22 says:

    Never give up

  84. FelipeTheFirst says:

    I have been playing soccer/football for years and I still can’t juggle, hopefully this helps

  85. EmperorChicken says:

    I can i only do 1 🙁

  86. EmperorChicken says:

    Even though I practice so much i can only do 1

    Edit: Well now its turned into 4

  87. EmperorChicken says:

    I have tried every tutorial i can find including this one and i still cant do it

  88. Drose 4 says:

    Still can’t fucking juggle

  89. Charmander For life says:

    Not to be rudw but you should juggle the ball by your leg hight

  90. Whylovemoney says:

    Next time pñease talk thxs

  91. Rameez Bhatti says:

    and try doing it in some close area or wall upfront so that you don't need to fetch ball again and again. it will save time.

  92. Shortie Softball 23 says:

    This vid helped so much

  93. hey itsme says:

    i play soccer and i’m pretty good but i can’t juggle for life of me

  94. sardar gareb says:

    Im a 12 year old kid and my highest juggle record is 103

  95. Cristiano Messi says:

    Why am I watching this I can literally do more than 100 and I freestyle

  96. zad dee says:

    Should I lock my foot

  97. Zakarie Jr 7 says:

    Every day we have jogling challenge in our school, when u are in first class it's too hard and diffucult but now we passes training and had achallenge we can say that's a big improvement..!!

  98. a human says:

    it looks so easy but doing it is kinda hard.

  99. SingingSabira says:

    Im trying…for now I can only do 2 xD

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