Husky Puppy Fits In the Sink

Well good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience! Today has already been… Shelby, you spit
out all your coconut oil. [noise of discontent] It’s already been an interesting
day. Woke up this morning… it’s pouring rain. Power Company was supposed to be here to turn
off the power so they could upgrade our electrical box. They can’t do that in the
rain. So they canceled that. And then the guy that’s
installing our mini-split system… …came. Thankfully he was very
understanding about it and they… are changing the date on
when they’re installing that, and don’t actually need the
Power Company to be here first. So that works perfect. So the Power Company is coming late.
So that’s how our morning has been. We got up super early and everything that was
supposed to happen this morning didn’t happen. Is that good stuff? She says that’s good stuff. I gotta
clean up this coconut oil off of the carpet. Shelby! You brat! Go outside. Go on, go
outside! Outside! Go outside! Outside. That’s not outside. She doesn’t wanna
go outside cause it’s raining. Go outside! Outside! Look, she made the turn. I’ve chased her around
three times now. Go outside! Come on, you girls wanna back in? Yeah. And then on top of all of that
craziness that’s going on this morning… I have a sore throat. I’ve been
coughing most of the morning. So hopefully I can kick this in the
next couple days because we leave… tuesday next week to head to California. I don’t wanna be sick while we go to California.
So like can I just get over this now? I think, it’s safe to say she likes it. She’s just out there chilling. This is great, I got this
advantage going from up here. I can see everything. Yeah, we might still have to make them a little
platform thing because that’s really what they like. You’re way too cute, Kira, way too cute. Saw you out there on that
A-frame. You’re pretty fearless. So they were supposed to be here at like
8:30 this morning to shut the power off. But they said they couldn’t
do it because it was raining. It pretty much quit raining at like 10 o’clock
and it hasn’t been raining since. It is however… super super windy out. I just let the dogs outside
and grabbed the camera. So it’s super windy out. But of course we haven’t had any rain. They’re rescheduling the
power thing till like… …July. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on
anymore. What do you think Memphis? She’s like I don’t know why are you in there and
we’re out here… Cause I had to grab the camera. What do we do when it’s raining
out? Figure out a way to play inside. Hi Shelby. I don’t know what she’s more mad at. The turtle or the car. She doesn’t like that car either, Shelby. And now she figured out there’s food in
here. She’s like Oh, there’s food in here. I totally figured this out. You silly dog!
What do you want? She’s allowed to play with the car. It’s okay. She’s really
allowed. Look it. She’s having a good time. It’s okay. Let her have a good time. You can play with the car, too. Hey, you know what? You shouldn’t wear black. Oh, I know. Well, you can wear black, just
don’t hang out with the dogs. Right. So you guys saw
that we put the sink and the… countertop in here. And then Jamie had built this
cabinet. It was kind of a narrow space in here. So the idea was, we were gonna
build this cabinet and put doors on it. But… we got to talking and we both
decided we would really like drawers. And then when we were pricing
out all the things for drawers. It was kind of cheaper to
just buy an already made one. So… We got a new cabinet that
Jamie is going to install. And hopefully it’s gonna look amazing because
we got our little vanity. We got our light. This is actually going away as well. We
have a new one to go over here as well. Yeah, it’ll be super just like that.
Now, okay, I believe you. Oh yeah, camera magic. They won’t
know. So yeah, there’s the before. I’ll show ya in a little bit
what the after looks like. [sound of finger snipping] Tadaaaa! Kira’s like Whoa, what’s
going on in this room, guys? That looks… …pretty amazing. I’m glad… You were right. We definitely…
I’m glad we went with the brown color, because this whole room is so white. You gonna set her in the sink. Look, you can get a
baby bath… in the sink. Hi Shelby. Shelby’s like Wait, did you
say “bath” because I’m not all about that. I’m not all about the bath. She’s turning the wrong way.
What you think? This’ great. Can I eat this? It’s gonna be so nice to have drawers.
Yeah, and it’s four of them, too. Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s so cool. Space in there to keep all of our stuff. So all that stuff I didn’t have to make.
Yeah, yeah and it matches the mirror. So that’s pretty cool. I still love that light
even though it’s ridiculously bright. It is very bright but I wouldn’t
change bulbs with it. I love it. Hi Kira! That’s cute. All right, stay there. I’m
going to take your picture. Well, everybody came to check out the
bathroom, huh? Yeah, alright. Hi guys. Well, this is a tiny bathroom. But we’ve almost got
two dogs and three dogs and two people in here. Oh, alright this is what we’re gonna… okay,
everybody come in the tiny bathroom. Wanna bath? Come on, let’s take a bath. Nope, I’m out. You’re just gonna go… Okay, you go take a
shower? Alright, you go take a shower. See you later. Memphis is like I would take a
shower in there. I love taking showers. Oh, you’re back. Hi! Changed your mind? Want a bath? Nope?
Okay, this is cute. alright, get out of here. Cool. It looks amazing. I can’t get a good shot all in
one because I’d have to turn the camera like this. There you go. Turn your head sideways. Apparently today is get stuff
done around the house day. Every Monday I wash… You
can see it’s gone. It’s not there. It’s in the dishwasher right now.
So every Monday I wash the dog’s… water fountains, because they can get nasty
if you don’t take care of them. Every Monday… I wash them, just hand wash them, and then every
other Monday I run them through the dishwasher. And I change the filters on them. I love those water fountains, but they are a lot
more of a hassle than a regular dog water bowl. But I really do think that the dogs
drink more water because of them. And if they don’t at least
they drink filtered water. Right? Is that what it is?
At least it’s some filtered water. So that’s currently what I’m working on
while Jamie is prepping the bathroom. [Kira talking to Shelby] She has a lot of things
to say to you, huh Shelby? The hummingbird is back.
It really likes that feeder. Look at how cool that is! Okay, that’s my new favorite thing I
ever bought. See you later friend! Today has been an
interesting day, hasn’t it? I ended up taking Shelby and Memphis for
a quick bike ride around the neighborhood. It’s like I said, it rained all day. Those
two still really wanted to go somewhere. Kira’s pretty easy because she’s, you know,
I can play with her in the house right now. And I just… I said earlier,
I don’t really feel good at all. And I thought Man, the bike will be way
easier than trying to walk everybody. But it was windy out. So now my nose is running more.
The things I do for you dogs, the things I do for you. Kira, you got your best friend
again? Is that your best friend? Say my best friend, guys, I love her so much. They sleep like this all the time. Like I could totally fill up the beats of every social media
site with pictures of those two snuggling. It’s so cute! Yep, apparently I overdid it. I’ve been trying to sit here and get some stuff done,
plan for the trip next week, and I’m falling asleep. Look at how cute they are. Uh, you gonna kick her
in the head? There you go. Alright you guys, we’re gonna
go ahead and call it a night. We hope you enjoyed today’s video. As always, thanks so much for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Stay Positive, Dream Big! We will see you again soon. Good night Pawdience! I need to go sleep off this yucky feeling. If you love our Huskies, come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!

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