Hughes, Markstrom and Pettersson at the 2020 NHL All-Star Game

Hughes, Markstrom and Pettersson at the 2020 NHL All-Star Game

(upbeat music) – You know, it’s a huge honour and I’ve been growing up and watching Patrick
Roy, Brodeur and Hasek. And you’ve always watched
the All-Star game, even if you’re not in it. And growing up and to be
here now, it’s an honuor. – You know, I’m excited to
just take in the whole event. Get to know guys, on my team in the Pacific Division, you know, we’re playing them so
much throughout the year. I think it’d be cool to
just get to know some guys. – I remember last year I
messed up the puck control, so whatever I do on my skills tomorrow, I’ll make sure to not mess up. (soft music) (upbeat music) – I got to ask you one question, I asked Victor Hedman the same thing. We’re going to test your knowledge. Which Sedin is which? – Oh, both are Sedins. ( upbeat music) – It’s from my friend Godfrey, Godfrey Gao who passed recently and
I really want to honour him and wear one of his suits and that’s my favorite suit for sure. (upbeat music) (soft piano music) – (Hughes) Definitely
I had goals in my mind but I wasn’t really sure
what I could and couldn’t do. I’m grateful and it’s
been a great year so far. – (Markstrom) You know,
being at the All Star game, it’s obviously big, but just being in the
position I am in Vancouver and the way I’m playing it’s, you know, I’m not satisfied but
it’s for sure something I’m proud of and it hasn’t come for free. I had to put in the time and the work. – (Pettersson) This is the
only week you’re friends with the rest of the league. It’s a great time. It’s great for the fans. I’m having a great time too. – Hey! How’s it going? I’m Jacob. – Nice to meet you – Meghan.
– Nice to meet you, Meghan. – Hey, how’s it going? Meghan, nice to meet you.
– Hi – Hi. Meghan, nice to meet you. – We’ve got to represent so
we got you a jersey for you. – Wow! Awesome! That’s so nice. Thank you guys. – So don’t take Petey’s or Quinn’s job. I know you’re not a goalie, so– – No, I won’t for sure–
– Okay, awesome. – No thank-you so much, this is awesome! – This is awesome for you
guys to come out here. And thanks for what you
do for the city, too. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] The Pacific
Division NHL All Stars! – You said you were here to
babysit your Canucks teammates, Quinner and Petey,
how’s that going so far? – You know, it’s tough! They’re young kids, and they don’t like to listen. – You like to juggle the
puck a little bit, I heard. Can you juggle and talk at the same time? – Yeah, sure. Let’s try it. Let’s try it out. Talk now. – Talk now. – Yeah, what you wanna know? – How old are you? – I’m 21. (electric guitar) – [Jim Hughson] Here’s
the only defenceman, number 43 for the Vancouver
Canucks, rookie Quinn Hughes. Picks up some speed. We think of him as sneaky quick, especially in tight spaces, let’s see how his time is here. – I was happy I didn’t fall, but I was probably too
much worried about that. If I had to do it again I
would probably go a little bit faster on the turns, but, you know, hopefully
I’ll have many opportunities. – (Kevin Bieksa) Hey Marky,
you remember our little bet we have here right? – Yeah is this you, Juice? – I got the cash right
here on the boards for you. Five saves in a row and you get my money. – I can’t wait! I’m skating straight there to grab them. (upbeat music) – (Jim Hughson) That would be five. – (Markstrom) That was a good time. And it’s all for fun. You know, it’s obviously nice
to win a bet again Juice. I haven’t won many in my… When we play together I didn’t
get much money from him, I’ll tell you that. Yeah, they said they wanted ice-cream, so I think they would
appreciate that more than I did. – [Jim Hughson] Elias Pettersson
for the Vancouver Canucks will be the only forward involved in it. – [David Amber] Yeah, the usual suspects: big, hulky defencemen and
176 pound Elias Pettersson. And we talked to Patrick
Burke, one of the executives for the NHL’s Department of
Player Safety, and we said, “Do you force him to be in this event?” He said, “No, he volunteered.” – [Hughson] 102.4, he takes the lead. – [Amber] There’s your leader. – [Hughson] Look at his reaction! – I remember our skills
competition last year, I had 99.4. I just wanted to beat 100,
and I had 102.4 I think. So I was happy. – It was pretty fun! You know, good to see all
the different guys perform and it was definitely fun. But I think the– You know, exciting days, wow! (upbeat music) (soft music) – Yeah, it says don’t fall. Tonight the mind set’s to try to win, so we’re going to play our
hardest and go from there. – [Announcer] From the Vancouver Canucks, number 25 Jacob Markstrom! From the Vancouver Canucks,
number 40, Elias Pettersson. (crowd cheering) From Vancouver Canucks,
number 43, Quinn Hughes! (soft music) – [Hughson] Nathan
MacKinnon is in on goal. With a beauty of a save
there by Jacob Markstrom. (soft music) (crowd cheering) – [Hughson] Quinn Hughes in the bowl. Beauty! (upbeat music) – That was pretty nice! Wow! That young lad’s a defenceman? That’s better hands than I had. Wow! That’s pretty good. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] How was it
having Gretzky behind the bench? – Well awesome, it’s coach-mate theory. He told me after the first intermission, TV timeout after five minutes, we were up three nothing. And he said, “There’s extra
money if you have a shut-out.” And I let in every shot after that. (laughs) I didn’t want to tell him he jinxed me, but I think he did. – [Interviewer] How much fun
was it having Wayne Gretzky behind the bench tonight? – Oh, it was awesome. Awesome. I haven’t been able to talk to him before. I have never met him. It’s nice, definitely nice,
to have him back there. (soft music) – [Hughson] To the net and he’s
stopped by Jacob Markstrom. And a tap at the net and
Markstrom got across. Pettersson scores! (crowd cheering) – I think everyone’s competitive here. You know, everyone will say
they were here for having fun, which they were, but you know, you could tell at the end it picked up. So I think everyone was competitive, and, you know, for us to come out. It was nice. Just a cherry on top of the weekend. (upbeat music) – [Hughson] Brady. Huberdough has a nice pass. To the front of the net. Picked off. Look at the moves in tight by Pettersson. Brady Tkachuk centering, and Pastranak can’t bury that against David Rittich
(horn blows) and the game is over. The Pacific has won the
All Star 3 on 3 Tournament. – You know, we got a pep
talk before to clog it down, and that went out the window as soon as the first goal went in. Then it’s all offense, but, you know, it’s a good come-back win. It’s always more fun to win. – It was awesome, you know. I think that’s just the cherry on top. It was really fun to
play in those two games. I think you could tell the second game really picked up fast. And everyone was going pretty hard. You know, I had a lot of fun out there. On top it was nice to get the win. (soft music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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    That was fun to watch all 3 of them to dominate!

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    Having Al Murdoch introducing them just feels right 🙂

  6. Cubertral says:

    this is the canucks best season in a long time.

  7. the homie jah says:

    deadly combo

  8. Rachel Zhang says:

    Seeing all three of them on ice at the same time was incredible

  9. Jessica says:

    Great gesture by Markstrom to wear Godfrey Gao's suit label!

  10. Hamza Akram says:

    This made my day

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    9200 km ma despart de voi, dar va iubesc.Salutari din ROMANIA! GO CANUCKS GO!

  12. Dylan Levy says:

    Quinn is such a smooth D-man, I think Jack will be just as good or better he just needs to mature his body and his game a little bit .. Quinn coming out of college shows how skilled the college game is these kids are filthy

  13. Puckfan says:

    I know some real good players from the east skipped this event but team pacific just looked real good and real young. Great future for NHL.

  14. T.D Gaming says:

    Every move Hughes did on that goal was exquisite

  15. Helova Shot says:

    They say the Pacific division is one of the weakest divisions but we have now won 4 of 5 All-Star games. Tones of Talent in this Division and as for the younger teams are getting stronger and stronger I think the North West will be the New Valley of Death.

  16. Nicolás Escobar says:

    Gotta represent. Go Canucks!

  17. Fishby says:

    I like how they had to introduce Wayne Gretzky

  18. SMA2343 says:

    Marky is best dad

  19. Clay Imoo says:

    Thrilled that they were able to experience this together.

    Was so impressed by Hughes (and Pettersson of course) in the All-Star Game.

    Hughes and Pettersson will likely be staples of All-Star weekend for years to come.

  20. EmilyMichelle46 says:

    Pettersson, Hughes and Tkachuk were such a fun line to watch!

  21. Arda Deniz says:

    "That young lad is a defence man? Better hands than I had"
    -Wayne Gretzky

  22. Sinoda Notsnhoj says:

    Canucks could have had Tkachuk…

  23. Weld guy says:

    Markstrom got great posture considering all the weight hes been carrying!

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    am I the only one that the sounds not playing for?

  25. Japp Fun says: Markstroms song

  26. Michael Hawkins says:

    1:13 is such a cute moment! I love it.

  27. Mattias Persson says:

    Pettersson has to break at least a couple laws of physics to be able to shoot pucks at 102.4 mph. Very impressive!

  28. Joshua says:

    The only defenceman in the fastest skater and the only forward in the hardest shot says a lot about the Canucks’ versatility moving forward. I’m super excited for this team’s future!

  29. tRaViS gReEn says:

    How come our arena announcer was the voice?

  30. Danny says:

    I don’t think Hughes tried that hard, pretty sure he’s faster than the time he got. I think he just didn’t wanna fall haha

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    Where you at legorocks

  32. PnBy 69 says:

    Quinn 'Cherry of Top' Hughes

  33. Daniel Barnes says:

    Someone call Wayne a cab…

  34. Zarfybear says:

    Slow the speed down to 0.25x and Petey sounds drunk🍺

  35. AnsarcTheLowest says:

    shout out to All-star Announcer Al Murdoch

  36. Finley Jones says:

    It's Huggy.

  37. darkarchon says:

    Nice post-rocky track at the end there. Good on the Canucks editor for not choosing another run-of-the-mill pop garbage "song".

  38. Mark Steenson says:

    Hockey’s back tonight boys!

  39. Clay Imoo says:

    I thought Quinn Hughes did fine in the Fastest Skater (especially considering he was the only d-man in it). However, his A to B speed isn't the most impressive part of his skating, rather it's his edge work, pivoting, and changing directions.

    Thus, I think he would have absolutely crushed a puck control event that would have included skating around obstacles (like they used to have).

  40. Matt Lock says:

    Marky has officially worn the snazziest suit I have ever laid eyes on. The meaning behind him wearing it too just makes it that much more special.

    I tip my hat to you, sir.

  41. Jordan Perepolkin says:

    Canucks only forward here only forward in the hardest shot competition
    Canucks only defencemen here only defencemen in the fastest skater competition

  42. Jordan Perepolkin says:

    5:00 your gonna think they are in Vancouver because of Al Murdoch lol

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    I love how they got Al Murdock as the pa announcer

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    So proud of these guys and the team. Keep up the hard work.

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    "both are sedins"

  46. PrettyChillPham says:

    Meghan Acosta … You can tell she's a hardcore cop 😂😂

  47. 1ftw22 says:

    5:02 Did the Canucks arena announcer make it to the ASG too?

  48. GamerGod337 says:

    How does canucks have three players at the all stars but bruins only one?

  49. ehhh ehh says:

    scheifele seems concerned and marky just having a laugh thinking "he's in my team" 4:40

  50. Marley Royer says:

    Petey and markstrom are my heros

  51. Z Z says:

    The Canucks YouTube channel is so dope, the rest of the league except Dallas has nothing on this

  52. Gordy says:

    What about Markstrom's reaction to Josi scoring?

  53. DirtyCurt says:

    quinn hughes had a bet that everytime he said "cherry" he'd get 100 bucks

  54. Finnerd says:

    0:50 Pettersson looks like a proper crime lord

  55. Cam says:

    All 3 represented our team very well. Good job boys!

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    Sounds like Vancouver's announcer in St. Louis

  57. Jordan Lindzy says:

    She’s hot

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