HOW2: How to Snowboard!

HOW2: How to Snowboard!

– [Orange] Yo, what’s up, brah? Hope you’re ready for a totally
gnarly episode of How 2! – [Pear] Orange, why are
you talking like that? – [Orange] ‘Cause today, we’re learning how to
snowboard, brah (laughs). – [Pear] Well, the sooner
we stop talking about it, the better, so let’s drop right in. – Gnarly.
– Stop that. (Orange laughs)
Alright, step one. Find a snowboard that’s right for you. – [Orange] Then it’s time for step two, do a triple back flip
off a cliff, yeah, brah! – [Pear] Whoa, whoa, okay,
dude, we’re not quite there yet. Believe it or not, there are a few steps between finding a snowboard
and doing a triple back flip. – [Orange] Really, I can’t
imagine what they’d be. – [Pear] Well, believe it, and by the way, don’t yell so loud around snowy mountains. You could start an avalanche. – [Orange] Oh, good call. An avalanche would be
snow fun at all (laughs). – [Pear] (groans) Anyway, after you find the board of your dreams– – [Orange] One with flames,
’cause they’re faster. – [Pear] Uh, not true, but we’re not talking
about that right now. – [Orange] Yeah-ha, boards
with flames are faster. It’s science.
– No, it isn’t! But back to my point– – [Orange] But but but
my cousin has a snowboard with tons of flames, and he’s super fast. – Good for him.
(cousin screams) – [Orange] Also he has
a really full goatee with no patchiness
whatsoever, he’s so cool. – [Pear] Orange, can we
please stay on track? – [Orange] Oh, yeah,
absolutely, step five– – [Pear] We are on step two! – [Orange] Maybe you are,
noob, but I’m already doing back-side triple cork 1620s! Yeah, ow, oh, whoa, ow. – [Pear] Thank goodness, that’ll keep him occupied for a while. Now then, let’s discuss
the actual step two. Get on a chair lift. As the chair comes towards you, turn and hold out your hand to– – [Orange] (yells) Ooh, wow,
I got on the chair lift. Pear, look at me, I did it. – [Pear] You sure did, congrats. You’ve accomplished step two. – [Orange] Whoo-hoo, that means
I can go on to step three. Grow a goatee and start saying words like gnar and brah (laughs). – [Man] Whoa, gnarly goatee, brah. – [Orange] Thanks, brah (laughs). – [Pear] Orange, Orange,
that is not step three. The actual step three is– – [Orange] Ah-bah-bah, I know, I know. Put on a squirrel suit and jump
over a 1,000 foot crevasse. – What?
– Yeah, this is gnar, brah! – [Man] Whoa, that is so gnar, brah! – [Orange] Yeah, brah! (yells) (Orange thuds)
– Um, Orange? – [Orange] I’m okay, brah! (snow rumbling) – [Pear] Um, I’m not so sure about that. – [Orange] What did you say? I can’t hear you. – [Pear] Sh, be quiet, dude! – [Orange] What? – [Pear] Ooh, I said be quiet. – [Orange] Oh, okay, brah! – [Pear] Oh, oh, Orange! (Orange and Pear yelling) – [Man] This is so gnar, oh,
dang, brah, falcon got me! (upbeat music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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