How To Wildcat On A Snowboard

How To Wildcat On A Snowboard

A wildcat is the safest and easiest way
to learn backflips on snowboard. It’s also easier to execute on small features.
A trampoline will help you to get the feeling of a wildcat style flip and
spotting your landing while upside down. It also helps you understand how
extending and tucking the body can slow down and speed up rotation. The feeling
on a snowboard however is quite different than the way it feels on a
tramp because it jump heavily assists with the backflip motion and popping
from the tail of your board helps to initiate flip. Try to find or build a
lippy jump into some powder or soft snow to learn on. On the approach ride with a
completely flat base keep your shoulders in line with your nose and tail and your
back arm lifted high. Ride at the take-off in a stable crouched position
with both knees bent, try to match the angle of your upper body with the angle
of the lip. When you pop lean your whole body over
your tail, push up and back with your legs, throw your back on down and lift
your front arm creating a tilting motion with the shoulders. If your shoulders are
in proper alignment with your nose and tail your forearm will be an excellent
point of reference of where to look throughout the flip. When you throw your
arms and tilt your shoulders towards a tail your line of sight should follow your
lead arm upwards and around. As you start to rotate pull in at the knees and grab
Indy. This is the easiest grab for a Wildcat it helps to keep your tight and
makes it look way better. It will accelerate your rotation, so be careful
how much energy you put them to the flip and how quickly you tuck into the grab.
If you over rotate to landing your tail and crash, if the jump is very lippy
less energy is required. Spotting the direct point of landing on this trick
can be difficult, instead pay attention to where the ground is in relation to
your height. Air awareness and timing is everything, so getting comfortable with quick back flips on a trampoline, will help with
getting the right amount of rotation on snow. When you start to spot the ground
let go of Indy grab and extend your legs accordingly. Push your back foot out
slightly more than your front foot so your tail can absorb some of the impact
on landing, staying back foot heavy on landing will also help you ride out in
power soft snow and bumpy terrain. After you’ve started stomping wild cats you can
experiment with them on bigger jumps and trying different grabs. This tutorial is
filmed at Whistler Blackcomb, you’re riding with Snowboard Addiction. Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding

Antonio Breitenberg

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25 thoughts on “How To Wildcat On A Snowboard

  1. Leevi21 says:

    I'm just gonna send it on a small park jump. Fuck practicing

  2. PhaseSkater says:


  3. fasdglkads says:

    thanks! which basics should one master before attempting the wildcat?

  4. Walkerlone says:

    I'd be terrified of landing on my head.

  5. Александр Беляев says:


  6. GpTHunter says:

    Would you say it is easier than a Tame Dog? It looks like the movement is quite similar (can't do one of them tho)

  7. Question d'Hygiène says:

    Basically, my goal for 2019 :> Thanks for the insight, guys !

  8. Icy X says:

    The clip that starts at 1:17 would be a great intro because it say addiction and it’s dope

  9. BoardSports says:

    super stylisch! perfecly explained as always! This is my go to trick 4 this winter!

  10. Johnathan Buckhouse says:

    I love your how to videos man!! I definitely looked at your videos before making my how to videos. Keep up the videos.

  11. Andrew Dawson says:

    Purist here. It’s only called an Indy when spinning backside. In this instance, it’s called a frontside grab.

  12. Jaka Berdajs says:

    0 dislikes boizzz lets gooooo… Also which is easier to learn wildcat or tamedog?

  13. MØProdukcja says:

    wow actually 0 dislikes, keep up good job

  14. Matt Nguyen says:

    help! everytime i try a wildcat i always end up spinning a fs 180 mid-flip and coming down switch, how do i prevent this?

  15. Ben Buchel says:

    Thanks to this video, i stomped my first wildcat today! thanks so much

  16. BoardSports says:

    the time has come guys… I am trying to learn the backflip this weekend !!! wihuuu so excited

  17. Da Ga says:

    I’m scared of overrating the backflip. What is there to do if I huck it way too hard?

  18. Bicboib says:

    It makes me sad watching this in 30 degree heat with no snow in sight…..but also gets you pumped.

  19. Alphabet Inspire says:


  20. Viktor Budanovic says:

    how do you have 0 dislikes

  21. chris call says:

    Love the looks of that method wildcat!

  22. Juan Márquez says:

    objetivo de esta temporada

  23. imba says:

    I broke my board just 2 weeks after watching this vid and trying wildcat on a medium sized jump 😀

  24. Stephen Mendoza says:

    Wow! 2:43 that is a sick move!

  25. TroyGarner says:

    What a great tutorial! This is good 🙂

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