How To Wildcat (Back Flip) On A Snowboard (Goofy)

How To Wildcat (Back Flip) On A Snowboard (Goofy)

On a small poppy jump like this a wildcat is the safest type of flip. It’s a cart-wheel
style end-over-end backflip and is named after the legendary crew of Canadian snowboarders
“the Wildcats” who made this style of flip famous.
The following steps will help to break down a wildcat. I recommend trying this type of
flip first. Start on the flat ground, get low, turn and
shift your weight to the tail, place both hands on the snow and push back extending
your rear leg to create pop. Your board should spring from the ground and land sticking upright.
Now use this same popping technique to project into roll.
Shift weight to your tail placing your hips and back into the snow as you create pop by
extending with your back leg. Your board will pop up and over your head digging into the
snow on the other side of you. This is the same motion used for a wildcat.
It’s important to get as low as you possibly can to the ground for the roll. Falling to
your back hurts, however if you get low enough this motion has almost no impact.
Step it up from here and try this roll in motion. Ride up a slight incline and as you
board comes to a stop, pop a roll using the same technique.
The alignment for a wildcat is very important. This pop and roll exercise probably wont happen
perfectly first time so keep practicing until you get a fast pop with a straight flip. Once
you can do these perfectly every time, you’re now ready for the real thing.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. zamuraai says:

    thanks will be tying this when i get better at snowboarding. 😀

  2. GuitarzOnFire101 says:

    Awesome, could you guys maybe do a tutorial or giving some tips on a barrel rol-like backflip?

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