How To Use Mental Training For Snowboarding

How To Use Mental Training For Snowboarding

Hi this is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction. To be awesome at snowboarding there are three factors that really determine how
good you get one is you physical condition. Are you
fit, are you healthy, are you in shape, are you
strong, are you flexible these are all important
factors for snowboarding second aspect is how much do you
practice. Are you out there on the mountain putting
your time in. Have you been watching our tutorials and learning the tricks, learning the techniques and putting into your riding. The third
factor is your mental game, are you strong
mentally do you have a great attitude toward snowboarding do you
visualize your tricks, do you set goals this video is all about the mental
aspects and snowboard training and how you can use your mind to
snowboard better. Visualizations visualizing your tricks is how to mentally prepare to have better technique and stomp everything clean all pro athletes use visualizations for their own sports and it’s no
different in snowboarding. When you’re at the top a jump in your either learning a trick or
something you know how to do you can visualize that and it’s gonna
make you more likely to do it perfectly. Now how you can visualize is your from the first person which is as
if it’s your own eyes let’s say it’s a backside 360 you drop in you see your approach path you feel what
the compression the jump feels like you hear the sounds the snowboard you do
the 360 you your your grab you see the landing you
stomp it down the more realistic you can make it feel the more likely you gonna be to stomp it
perfectly when you actually do it on your snowboard do it a bunch of times you can also visualize from a third person perspective which is
like a video camera view someone’s coming down behind you with the
video camera. They see you go off that jump seeing you set up for the back three,
spin the three, grab, seeing the movements your body does right see if you’re a few different
angles make it as real as possible the more you visualize your tricks the
more likely you going to do them with ease!

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5 thoughts on “How To Use Mental Training For Snowboarding

  1. MWVU says:

    +snowboard addiction when you guys are doing new tricks do you wear wrist guards?

  2. Anders Fornes says:

    Hey, i wonder if i can do a backflip on snowboard. I can do frontflips and 360s on snowboard. I can do backflips on flat ground. You think i can do a backflip ? @snowboard addiction

  3. KilldaPunks says:

    Mental preperation is more important than anything else for me.Seriously I've watched tips and read all kind of stuff about 180s at summer and on mountain I was doing efortless 180s four ways after practicing about 30 minutes.This vid made it also more clear and made me believe even more

  4. Rudolf Wald says:

    gutes Video 🙂

  5. Krzysztof Gołoś says:

    what else?

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