How To Turn On A Snowboard | Learn How To Snowboard | Part 5

How To Turn On A Snowboard | Learn How To Snowboard | Part 5

– What’s up, so we’re at
Breckenridge, Colorado, and in today’s video, I’m
going to be teaching you how to navigate turns, taking big long swoopy left’s and rights. This is one of the last parts in this how to snowboard series, as we’ve covered everything from the basics
about the one foot skating, navigating the bunny slopes,
getting off the chairlift. Now we’re finally putting it all together. So let’s enjoy this beautiful mountain, and we’ll get into it in today’s video. (upbeat electronic music) Pay attention to people
around you, look around. You’re going on your
heels, you’re looking down at the mountain, you’re
keeping your knees soft. If you’re on your toes, you’re kind of looking up the mountain,
you’re keeping your toes soft, your chest is tall, and you’re going to be making the right decisions. All right, so here, let’s
just get right into it. So I’m on my heels right
now, I ride regular, so normally I would feel
comfortable going to the left. (electronic music) Looking at the hill so
I’m staying on my heals, I’m putting my weight into the right leg. Pointing my hand, kind of
like navigating the turn. So that’s with my heel. If you didn’t remember,
already we’re going on to our heel side, go to the left. We’re gonna put all these together. So I’m swinging my hand, looking up the mountain
a little bit, I’m clear, warning left, okay? Same thing, if I get on my
toes, I’m bracing speed. (electronic music) Come down, and then pull,
looking up the mountain, I see someone coming, pointing
my hand out to the left. Then if I want to go to the right, we’re doing the same thing,
pointing my hand to the right, just bowling down the mountian which is fine if you want
to do that, but, any who, pointing my hand to the right and I’m looking up the mountain. Going right, on my toes,
and then same thing, going back the other
way, pointing my hand, on my toes, I’m going to the left. Now that you’ve got the
basics, we’re going to be navigating these turns. So let’s put it all together. So now let’s get off our
toes, whip it around. (electronic music) Roll into our heel. I’m gonna point, back to my toes. Whipping all the way across. Try and go as far out
to the side as you can before turning around
so you can get the most out of the mountain. So I’m pointing, going left,
going all the way across. Behind me, as long as
I have my hand pointed, people will know that I’m hugging wide, going around the other direction. Leaning back onto my
toes again, same thing. My toes pointing where I wanna go. Looking, I see a handful
of people, that’s okay, I’m in one direction, and I’m gonna swoop around to the left. (electronic music) I’m pointing out where I wanna go. And I’m gonna swoop back around on my toes again, keeping up the mountian, pointing my hand. This is how you’ll get
more out of the mountain making these big, swoopy,
long, lefts and rights. Rather than just going straight down. So embrace the speed. (electronic music) And you’re carving, carve around. (voice drowned out by wind) Little uncharted territory. Hey look, I met up with Pat, no big deal. And that’s really all there is to it. So, navigating your lefts and rights, just making those big swoopy long turns. So I hope this video helped. If you haven’t already,
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Antonio Breitenberg

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