How To Tune Your Snowboard with Xavier De Le Rue | HOW TO XV

How To Tune Your Snowboard with Xavier De Le Rue | HOW TO XV

So having a board well waxed and
well tuned will allow it to move and to be free under your feet and that will give such an ease that is actually quite appreciable. So number one fixing the holes on the base all you need is a metal scraper, a bit of ptex and a lighter. First of all take out, scrape a bit, to
make sure that nothing sticks out. Number two. Light up, boom. Let it drip a bit, now we’re good. And you fill your hole. It’s good to press it. Now we’re gonna let it cool down, come and scrape it later. Step number two, while this is
cooling down we’re gonna do the edges so you need is, an angle, a file, a stone and a rubber. First step is to clean the edges, especially when you’ve been hitting rocks. The magic trick, a little water, I never have water, so I spit on it! Clean the base first, like this, needs to feel smooth and not cut you, and then the edge and then the file, bit of filing. If you really are a perfectionist, then you can take a bit of angle off the middle of your split board so which is the straight edge, you’re gonna take a file you’re gonna put a little bit of tape
around it, it angles it a little bit so that my edge will be a little angled
compared to the base, so that when the base is flat the middle edge will not catch, this is really nice actually. So when getting a brand-new board a good thing to do, is to detune a little bit your nose and tail so I usually stop at the point of contact, a little rub until you have absolutely no grip. That’ll make your board free and fast. It’s not the finest job, but it will work. Boom, ready to wax. The third step is taking care of the
base so that you’re gonna have a board that glides and that is nice, that feels
good under the feet. So you need a few things so a brush, pretty important actually, a scraper, a block of wax and an iron I usually use Universal wax, because
it’s gonna be working in every condition, it’s not gonna be the top of the racey,
best stuff you’ve ever had but it’s gonna be really universal. Put a little bit of wax everywhere, you could take the iron from your grandmother, and in terms of temperature, you need to have it warm enough so that it melts the wax but so that it doesn’t
smoke. Always in the direction of gliding, front,
tail, It’s important to really take all the wax away from the base because when you’re gonna put your skins on, if you haven’t been riding before, the wax could be sticking to the glue and that’s the end of your skins. So watch on this one. And then to finish, the brush will take out all the extra wax and will make everything slide really well. So this is it ready for new adventures, make the effort, I guarantee you, you will not regret it.

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13 thoughts on “How To Tune Your Snowboard with Xavier De Le Rue | HOW TO XV

  1. Matus Kuchyna says:

    Nice to see you ironing, finally. But seriously: I like your way of simplifying the tuning process – when compared to scientific approach of experts e.g. from Toko. I would say that for backcountry use, this is as much as you need!

  2. mr mambo says:

    Awesome vid mate. Proper base-care is a big part of having a good time out there.

  3. Zach Hilty says:

    This channel is about to explode

  4. imbert philippe says:

    Super vidéo , ça m'a fait plaisir de voir que je n'étais pas le seul à tout farter à l'universel.

  5. Lukáš Vrána says:

    Good to know the tip with the skins :)))) I started to apply the wax different way – I put it on the iron and than rub it into the base – better area cover, easier to iron and no need to scratch so huge amount away 🙂 (I used to apply it like u before). Nice video :))))

  6. Mirna Sypkens says:

    Great tutorial! Love your wax workshop.

  7. Ivano Del piccolo says:

    This is a great video! Simple and to the point. What type of stones are you using? Also, what angle do you generally set your file to?

  8. ayadal says:

    I've never detuned my boards. Is this recommended? I often ride in icy conditions and thought that its better to have a sharper edge. Should I detune them?

  9. inMotionSLB says:

    excellent stuff dude, great video

  10. Chauncy Gilmore says:

    Does waxing our splitboard make the skins less affective when it comes to them adhering properly for multiple day tours? One video I would love to see is how to Ski your splitboard doesn't seem to any out there Great channel.

  11. yann Rsl says:

    Video vraiment excellente, comme d'hab! Merci pour ce travail de partage. J'aurais 2 questions supplémentaires:
    – Qu'elle angle utilise -tu pour l'affûtage de tes carres?
    – A qu'elle moment utilise tu la gomme ? Est ce indispensable?


  12. Chris Levuiqes says:

    Very informative channel, loved your background music subscribed

  13. Stefano Amonte says:

    This is good. Thank you Xav

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