How to Toe Slide on a Snowboard – How to Snowboard

How to Toe Slide on a Snowboard – How to Snowboard

This is Kevin from In this beginner series video I’ll show
you how to slide on the toe edge of your snowboard. Toe sliding allows you to control your speed on the
slope. It also allows you to travel from one side of the run, to the other. Once you’ve mastered toe
sliding You’ll be ready to start turning on your
snowboard. You want to start by finding an easy slope to practice on. For your first try you can even get
someone to give you a hand for balance. To start your snowboard sliding bend your
knees forward towards the snow and lift your heel edge. The more you
lift your heels away from the snow the slower you will
go. You want to find that spot where you can lift your heels and slide
smoothly on your toes. While sliding keep your knees bent, your back straight
and head up. This will keep your weight in the center
of your snowboard. To slide from side to side simply look in the direction you want to
go. Turning your head will cause your body to turn slightly and
angle your snowboard in the direction you’re looking. To
change directions simply look the opposite way and your
body will turn and angle your snowboard in that
direction. By looking to the side you’ll also be able to see any obstacles
that may be in your way. To stop your snowboard from sliding side to side simply look and face your body to the
top of the slope. Practice toe sliding until you’re comfortable
controlling your speed and traveling back and forth across the
hill. In the next beginner series video I’ll show you how to do single turns on your
snowboard. Subscriber to SnowboardProCamp to check out upcoming videos. Leave any questions about this video in the
comment box below. Share this video with any friends
learning to snowboard.

Antonio Breitenberg

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49 thoughts on “How to Toe Slide on a Snowboard – How to Snowboard

  1. strieghtchillin says:

    good vid kev keep it up

  2. TiMillerMusic says:

    dude i have a problem with this !! my heal keeps sliding out how do i prevent this ???

  3. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Try increasing the angle of your high backs.

  4. steleb94 says:


  5. TiMillerMusic says:

    ok i went lastnight and it worked alittle better with my rented boots but ill try that

  6. xpgamer56 says:

    Kk I can't turn in any direction down the hill every time i try to I just fall the speed is to high

  7. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Is there an easier hill you can try on? Or can you get someone to give you a hand for the first few turns?

  8. Keith Narsansky says:

    Thanks that helped

  9. ArminS2k says:

    i have the biggest problem with this. i can heel side perfect tho

  10. SnowboardProCamp says:

    If you can get someone to give a hand until you get your balance.

  11. Gabe Grimaud says:

    this looks great! I'm trying it right now. hope it works!

  12. Peter Marinheiro says:

    I went to NY and when to mountain creek park and all i did was fall on my butt. I wish i would have looked at this videos prior to going.. this videos are great for people like myself..

  13. Laura Q says:

    Very helpful, thanks! Ill try this out

  14. Roy Kraakmo says:

    Hi, I have problem turning right. YES I am New at Snowboarding. If I turn around, 180"still same problem. Can not turn right… Left Works fine.. and strait.

  15. Steph sa sa says:

    Hi Kevin! i am a beginner and want to learn to do this but I am scared of doing this,i want to but i just can't help it i have to watch where i go, i am not comfortable going backwards …any advice , THANKS!

  16. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Maybe get a friend to go with you and hold your hands while you're learning. It really helps until you can get it on your own.

  17. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Is right your toe turn? Heel turns are easy because you face the bottom of the hill. When you go for your toe turn, make sure you're facing your body to the top of the hill. good luck!

  18. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Take your time and have fun too!

  19. Dawson Miller says:

    thank you so much. im a beginner snowboader and this helped… a lot. again. thank you so much

  20. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Just stick with whatever feels most comfortable.

  21. SnowboardProCamp says:

    no problem! Thanks for watching!

  22. jrcu19 says:

    Yeah I still can't turn toe side but I can turn heel side though. I keep catching the edge of my board and end up flying forward when I try to turn toe side

  23. Emil Molund says:

    i am ride ´regular´ and it is so hard to take heel turns. And my friends are skiing and then i don´t want to snowboard becauce i can´t take heel turn. please help! 🙂

  24. 75ncv4hu9tg7 says:

    Its all about the foot you're comfortable with, I'm comfortable with right foot, because i also do skateboarding, and I am goofy stance ( right foot forward ) And I know a lot of people that use left foot and they still use right foot on soccer etc, So its 100% normal 🙂

  25. ruchelle834 says:

    Because of your videos, I learned how to board. So thx a bunch, Kevin! I can heel slide fine and go down a trail fine, however, I still have a hard time toe sliding. I can balance when I'm toe sliding down, but it is hard for me to board and turn with toe sliding. Please leave me any suggestions.

  26. PrincessCortnik says:

    What if you fall, what r some tips to get back up? cuz ive fallen alot nd its hard to get up!

  27. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Just take your time and learn at your own pace. Falling is part of snowboard, but you don't to fall all the time.

  28. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Toe sliding and turning onto your toes just takes lots of practise. Try and slide 50% on your heels and 50% on you toes every run and I promise you'll get it.

  29. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Find a mellow slope and really focus on letting your board go straight before trying to turn onto your toes.

  30. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Take your time to practise your turns. If your ski friends are making you rush then it will be harder to learn.

  31. Emil Molund says:

    Thanks! 😀

  32. josh peacock says:

    I have the heel slide down pat I find it simple as but I can never get the toe slide down I keep leaning to far forward. I can find the sweet spot to where I can glide to a stop.. I have eaten a lot of snow because of this

  33. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Just keep trying man. It takes a while to get the toe slide going.

  34. MP60 says:

    I'm glad I came across this video. I've just come back from Falls Creek in Victoria and the dick of an instructor (he was probably about 20) had us beginners on a bloody steep slope; at least twice as steep as the slope in this video. We were all wondering why it was so hard to heel and toe slide – it was because the dickhead instructor had us on a slope that was far too steep!

  35. MP60 says:

    I had exactly the same problem; then a guy staying at our lodge gave me a tip and that was don't look down – keep your head up looking at the horizon and try and keep your shoulders square. I found that this really helped. The lesson I had was worthless as our instructor was a tool, so I spent some time on my own away from everybody just practicing after the lesson.

  36. citylightsTAM says:

    I have the heel slide downpat but it's the toe slide that's bringing me down! It always kills my leg muscles!

  37. SnowboardProCamp says:

    When I started riding in Whistler the hardest part was getting use to the size of the mountain. It took allot of effort to ride for a full day. I would just recommend that you're super in shape before you head to Bear mountain. Have fun!

  38. justkiddingduhh says:

    why is he going backwards?

  39. Hannah Storey says:

    thank you so much I really love snowboarding but the one thing that is HAUNTING me is the fact how I cant turn with out my dad helping me so now I think I know WAYYYY better of what to do now!!!!

  40. Brooke Sieverding says:

    This helps a lot! I have my back edge all figured out and I feel more comfortable using my back than my toe. My lead foot is my left foot, and I'm having problems trying to switch over to my toe edge…any suggestions? 

  41. Le Rodrigues says:

    ur videos are sooooo good

  42. BasicGuardGirl says:

    Everytime I try to do toe edge, I end up falling on my knees. Any suggestions?

  43. Betts Reed says:

    Do you think this is much different from sliding on a longboard? I mean you use your heels and toes…

  44. Anna Maria says:

    I tried doing this, and i fell on my face lol, its fun, but much harder than it looks like

  45. David Kerin says:

    pls tell me what weight ur boards are

  46. broshaman says:

    I have the basics of turning down.
    It's when I get on the green slopes, and pick up speed that biff on toe side.

    Any tips?

  47. Mike Alexas says:

    I keep losing balance and falling 🙁

  48. Ovidio Borrero says:

    My first time snowboarding was a disaster and I wanted to call it quits. I youtubed while on the mountain and came across this video and I can't tell you how much this helped me and made the day much much more enjoyable and manageable. Most people learn looking downhill, I learned looking up as described here. Looking forward to getting out there and trying agin today!

  49. Nikola Drincic says:

    a problem: i' ve got big feet, and have difficulty to enitiate toe side. (my toes are over the edge of the board). Any suggestion

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