How To Tailblock: Trick Tip With Snowboarder Chris Beresford

How To Tailblock: Trick Tip With Snowboarder Chris Beresford

Welcome to this episode of The Trick here on Network A. Today we are going to meet up with multi-tasker, pro snowboarder and owner of Dang Shades, Chris Beresford is going to be teaching us that trick right there, the tail block. Let’s go find that guy. Prepares for a good looking blocks out there. It seems like such a simple trick, but how many parts would you say that it has?
There is three basic parts: the ride-in, the block, and the pop-out. Let’s check out the first break it down for us, the ride-in. So part one, you are going to pick a point on a bank. You are going to ride in so you barely reach that point. That is the toe edge to that point and that is where part two comes in. So, step two this is where you are poppping and you are going front side 80, digging your tail in. If you do not dig it in, your board is going to slip out side to side. You really want to make sure that tail is dug in. At that point, you can really grab the nose and put all your weight on your back leg and that is when step three comes in. the third and final step is when your tail is really dug in there, load it up. You have to think of it like a diving board. this is what allows you to get that nice spring out and then that’s when you are ready to spray your buddies if they are up above you when you are doing the block. Then at that point, you are going to bend your knees and pop out and ride away. Alright Chris, now that we have been through all of the different steps, what is the one trick to the trick with the tailblock? What do you think the secret to just making it click for you is? I think the secret is overdoing the tailblock where you actually flip over and you fall. It’s simple and does not hurt. So that commitment.
You have to commit to it. Takes a few bails but there is going to be that time when you think you are going to fall but you just hold it straight up and you can pop right in. Well that is the trick to the trick. Commitment like everything in life. Thank
you for watching the tailblocks. Chris Beresford here on Network A. Chris, thanks for stopping by. Now go out to your home mountain or patch of snow, learn these things, film them, share them with us. We will see you next time on The Trick

Antonio Breitenberg

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72 thoughts on “How To Tailblock: Trick Tip With Snowboarder Chris Beresford

  1. Foezjie says:

    "you can to! "

  2. Ethan King says:

    what sunglasses is he wearing? there sick

  3. Peter Paul says:

    I have the same question 🙂

  4. Lasse Samstrøm says:

    Is it just me or is the snow shitty in the video?

  5. mrskids says:

    It is better than the snow that we have in the UK right now, which is zero, so no, the snow is not shitty, it is snow and all snow is good to ride on when you have none.

  6. crazysteezy says:

    dang shades

  7. crazysteezy says:

    dang shades

  8. crazysteezy says:


  9. Network A says:

    @TheNewBall check out Dang Shades!

  10. Network A says:

    Who will be first to send us a tailblock video?? We want to see YOU shredding!

  11. mskatesnow says:


  12. qwertzuiopy123 says:

    got a burten board it broke! just snappppped at blocking

  13. ShayKeyVids says:

    this is at mt hood in the Summerr

  14. thebtyp says:

    I think i laughed harder than I should've at 1:59 !! hahahha

  15. Lasse Samstrøm says:

    snowboarding during summer?! awesome!

  16. Alastair Nowill says:

    You either had a shit board or you're Arnold Schwarzenegger

  17. Hockeraxel says:

    I would, if i coeld.
    But hzere in germany the snow is away -.-
    worst winter ever!

  18. KNOBBYtv says:

    Magical Go-Go!

  19. FT10DDR16 says:

    Yo guys check out my channel and subscribe to it, i would be greatful!!! FORZA ROMA!

  20. Esben North says:

    Is there not a big possibility that your board will break ? 🙂

  21. Network A says:

    @TheScandy37 thanks for the support. Glad to be sharing these tips with you! Did you lock down any tailblocks over the weekend?

  22. Agustin Franco says:

    ill send you a tailblock video I'm working on a snowboarding video for a school project thanks for the tip. if there are any other cool simple tricks please tell me it will help alot

  23. SpKSkiing says:

    I will this weekend!!!!

  24. Agustin Franco says:

    i will I'm working on a snowboarding video

  25. meek10514 says:

    I thought it said chris bradshaw..

  26. Matt Stoddard says:

    0:19 …

  27. Prnz Kenneth says:

    1:59 funny but I really feel sorry to him lol

  28. Taylor Champagne says:

    Beresford was my Snowboard instructor at Blanny!
    soo sick this guy.

  29. Fred928 says:

    this trick's really easy. thx for the trick tips

  30. Dean Bax says:

    You guys should to this for snow skiing! i know it would be a big help to me <3

  31. gligorijevicpetar says:

    you handshakes like you have no balls, both of u.

  32. Harri says:

    Can I break my board doing this trick? 😀

  33. Kevin Gibson says:

    Ya I totally agree. Very helpful stuff and a fun group of guys to watch. Also so many different styles of riding which I like to feed off of.

  34. Kristian Ellingsen says:

    LOL i hit the other snowboarder in his FACE!

  35. iExPerTisMCA says:

    next year ill do this trick! u explained it well. thnx peace

  36. Rodrigo Alvaredo says:

    K2 :)))))) hurrithane ♥

  37. M THER says:

    I saw some kid snap his park pickle doing this trick


    1:57 lmao

  39. Toxicmony says:

    now do that on skis…

  40. SN011GlobeTrot says:

    Not to be confused with the "Cock BLock". That comes later…

  41. BurgerWeiner says:

    What's a park pickle?

  42. cole solner says:

    you could do back rodeo 7's

  43. Ray Eccleston says:

    its a snowboard meant for the park. I think it is manufactured by GNU.

  44. BurgerWeiner says:

    How come people's boards are so flimsy? Mine isn't.

  45. etbigsky says:

    Super easy to do when you are over 20 and ride a snowboard that is so small that a 10 year old kid can ride it.

  46. Jojo Bie says:

    Wich bord is he driving??

  47. 16bitFishing says:

    Nothing like getting a proper t block down, when you see that snow go flying you know you done good

  48. BrianReynolds123 says:

    Sick vid. I've got those hurrithanes 🙂

  49. OhYuhtBoi says:

    What kind or board is he using?

  50. Samueldharrison1 says:

    Put "Snowboard Trick List" into your iPhone appstore for more tricks! – Or download 'Pure Snowboarding' for a sick snowboarding game!

  51. Max Betz says:

    nice trick … i have to try it

  52. אדם טולדנו says:

    I have a question, I'm not exactly a professional and the board I rent from ski shop, are they good enough to do these exercises or the board should be more flexible or professional?

  53. BroMandudeKnar says:

    2:00 is pretty funny. love this trick! just learned it this year

  54. Mike Martucci says:

    what kind of googles?

  55. Umbasus B says:

    Nice kick XD

  56. Sam Clausnitzer says:


  57. Meat Father says:

    anyone know what shades preston is wearing

  58. Luis Madafaka says:

    this looks sooooooooo easy omg is so fucking hard

  59. uuuuqwerty says:

    what bindings is he using?

  60. Nerijus k says:

    i like it how all of the snowboarding trick tutorials are useless. its cause snowboarding isnt a sport its a lifestyle, just ride and look awesome

  61. Daniel Silva says:

    He has a k2 parkstar board from 2013 ! 

  62. Peter Belansky says:

    can my board break while doing this? (my board is almost big as me)

  63. Georgy says:

    senpai never noticed many ppl her :/

  64. Christopher Thompson says:

    Can I do this on skis?

  65. thegarbageman21 says:

    always 3 parts to anything in life. Ride in … perform task … ride out

  66. Jared F says:

    The majority of people ride regular so it would have been helpful if you showed it that way as well so we could properly visualize the trick. Other than that thanks for the awesome vids!

  67. Phamtastic says:

    Dude makes it look too easy.

  68. Itsme BD says:

    Usin the clap on the beginning as a sign for the pro to start riding clever

  69. VWRabbit2008 says:

    I once popped out of a chick… well I guess pulled out

  70. Ouiji Boards says:

    wow great trick tip, the trick to doing the trick is just do it!

  71. GlennTheAlien says:

    I go to high cascade too 😀

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