How To Switch Backside 180 In On A Snowboard

How To Switch Backside 180 In On A Snowboard

the switch backside 180 in is one of the
more difficult rail tricks. The switch takeoff landing blind on the rail can be
a little unnerving. Make sure you have your switch front boards dialed first.
The Balance Bar will have no direction of sliding and we’ll make a switch
backside 180 feel like a frontside 180 from the opposite side of the bar while
spotting in the opposite direction. This is why the Jib Board and Balance Bar can
help you wrap your head around this trick with little to no consequences
warm up with some switchback ones on flats and get confident with the
rotation swinging your shoulders backside as you pop and follow through
in the air to get your hips back around pick a spot on the map about a foot in
front of you and try and land there on your switch backside 180 this will help
you get the feeling of what it’s like to push forward from the mat into the
Balance Bar when you’re ready to line yourself up with the Balance Bar start
with a few switch front boards following through with your momentum and popping
out to regular play with your aim on the Balance Bar see if you can lock into a
switch front board over both feet when you’re feeling confident in your aim
it’s time to go for that switch back one the initiation is going to feel similar
to a switch front board the rest of the rotation in is done by counter-rotating
your hips to complete the last 90 degrees pop in like you’re doing a
switch front board in your back foot turn your head a little more by looking
towards the other end of the balance bar then swivel your hips around to complete
the 180 and lock it into that 50/50 position you’re writing a Snowboard Addiction, Our
Goal Is To Improve Your Riding

Antonio Breitenberg

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    How do you learn to ride backward ?

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    Isnt the first trick a switch frontside 180 on?

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    You can practice on a $8 one sided round/flat foam roller and your own snowboard setup. This is silly overpriced junk

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    Been practicing on this! Not as much as I’d like yet but it’s def gonna help out and keep me fresh during off season!

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