How To Switch 180 On A Snowboard

How To Switch 180 On A Snowboard

Learning Switch 180s is important for
your snowboard progression. It’s very stylish to be able to ride the park or
anywhere on the mountain, effortlessly linking tricks from your
regular stance to Switch and back. If you do a trick, land Switch then slide back
to your normal stance that’s called reverting. You will never see any
competition riders revert in their runs. They actually get points deducted for
reverts. Switch Frontside 180s are a whole lot easier than you would expect.
You have to take off Switch but you get to land going forwards in your normal
direction. Like a normal Frontside 180, you can see your landing throughout the
whole trick. Many people call a Switch Front 1 a
Cab 1, but that naming is incorrect. It’s only Cab if you pop from the nose
of your board. A Switch Frontside 180 can be done from either your heel edge or
your toe edge. Most people use the heel edge but the important aspect is just to
have edge grip with the snow to pop your 180 from. Switch Backside is the most difficult
spin direction for most riders, so instead of skipping it spend more time
practicing. The technique is exactly the same as a Back 1, but opposite. Set up
with a smooth carve on your heel edge, then transition into a light toe edge
carve as you ride up the lip of the jump. Flex and extend with your legs,
timing with the jump shape to add pop. Look at your landing throughout the
Switch Backside 180 and touch down blind using your toe edge to help stop your
rotation. As you regain control, you can look forwards into your regular
stance. A Backside 360 is the combination of a Backside 180 with a Switch
Frontside 180 on the end. A Frontside 360 is a Frontside 180 with a Switch
Backside 180 on the end. If you can do all four 180s on small park jumps with
smooth control and some grabs, then you’ll be well on your way to stomping
your first park jump 360s. You’re riding with Nev Lapwood from Snowboard
Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding.

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  1. Rekaw97 says:

    Should rotation plane be parallel to jump's surface or more to slope's surface?

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