How to Surf : Understand the Different Types of Ocean Waves & Breaks

How to Surf : Understand the Different Types of Ocean Waves & Breaks

Hi! This is Pat Weber with the San Diego Surfing
Academy for In this clip we are talking about different types of waves:
basically, beach type waves, reef type waves and point breaks. So when you have a beach
break, you’ve got a sand bar that has developed, and that sand bar might have been aided by
currents; maybe a jetty was trapping the sand bar; maybe there’s a pier which helps trap
the sand and create a sand bar—and the waves are crashing on that sand bar pretty much
consistently in the same spot. Beach breaks are known to break a little harder than say
a garden variety of reef wave. For that reason, they are not as desirable for a beginner,
more challenging. A reef wave can certainly be a challenging wave—it can certainly be
a barrel—but generally it is breaking further out and offering a longer softer ride than
a beach break. Then there’s the point break, and at a point break the waves are sweeping
away along the shore creating a ride of great distances. You could go for hundreds of yards
at a point break where all the elements come together, where the waves if they are big
enough wrapping around the coast and you get a nice long ride.

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “How to Surf : Understand the Different Types of Ocean Waves & Breaks

  1. 19islandprincess96 says:


  2. normsfletcher says:

    Depends on the depth of the water. A beach break can really mess you up , dump you on the beach and break limbs! You can also get dumped on your head and get a spinal injury.

  3. Tom Nolan says:

    i love nice long rides !! 😀

  4. bill says:

    @iPwnN0obsLikeYou thats what she said

  5. Gabriel Abella says:

    when he says reef breaks are for beginners hes not talking about shallowass reefbreaks like pipe or teahuppo …there are reefs that are pretty much flat and are like skateboarding and falling on concrete ..but there are also razor sharp reefs that will fuck u up…my point is, u cant say that one or the other is better for beginners each break is different and has different hazzards…

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