How to Surf : How to Take the First Turn While Surfing

How to Surf : How to Take the First Turn While Surfing

Hi! This is Pat Weber with the San Diego Surfing
Academy for In this clip we are going to talk about the takeoff. A
takeoff is when you’ve paddled fast enough, hard enough, and timed it right to catch a
wave just before it breaks. You are going to feel lift; you are going to feel the wave
underneath you. Not quite time to stand up; a couple more of strong strokes and you are
going to enter the wave. As you get that momentum dropping into the wave, you are going to snap
to your feet, you’re going to use that pop up technique that we showed you. On your feet,
you take the drop and use that momentum to carve your first turn. If you are going to
be on your toes, that is called a frontside bottom turn . If you are going to be on your
heels, that is a back side bottom turn. Take off sets the stage for the rest of the ride.
Nice, strong, smooth strokes. One motion to the feet, smooth take off.

Antonio Breitenberg

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54 thoughts on “How to Surf : How to Take the First Turn While Surfing

  1. lookn0ver says:

    ditto dood

  2. Amanda Kiddie says:

    that sucks

  3. r08y says:

    thanks for the help

  4. Lee Chaffe says:

    i bet he was a pro when he was in his 20s

  5. TheSurfreakDK says:

    well ya its way better if you do that …its funner but some times when the whole wave breaks allthoughether then you have to turn into the white water..

  6. konanstan denoble says:

    @MrLeeMrLee2 you can't be serious, what he's doing in that clip is one of the simplest things possible on a surfboard.

  7. Lee Chaffe says:

    i dont know why i said that at the time it was a long time ago and i didnt mean the turn i meant that 360 he did

  8. Dauntless Dan says:

    u look to see which side is starting to break first or if u cant then guess haha

  9. sewasam says:

    nice helicopter

  10. Andrew Hillier says:

    @plotthound1 There's 2 ways I determine to turn left or right.

    1. Before I catch a wave, I look behind me and if the wave is breaking first to one side I turn the other side.

    2. Once I pop up I look left and right and if its an open wave and not crashing I turn that way.

  11. Andrew Hillier says:

    @skippy9669 Yes it was.

  12. Demetrio5811 says:

    can u get a tighter rashguard

  13. Taylor Ewing says:


  14. solo bones says:

    In your video, you did not do what you explained. You basically allowed the wave to catch you after you made a couple of strokes then jumped to your feet as the wave was breaking. You did not catch it with fast strokes or get into the wave before it broke.

  15. the superman says:

    @jerryboisky and why are you watching this?

  16. dontdareforget123 says:

    @Donpockets510 me too πŸ˜›

  17. hazardroll1 says:

    now i just need a place with waves

  18. ObserversParadox says:

    why dont you make a tutorial

  19. David Fillmore says:

    take off the fukkin words so i can watch

  20. punchaloo says:

    I can catch waves just fine, just duk diving 7 foot waves I have problem with. it seems to take my board along with the break.

  21. Kimosabe longtittynonipple says:

    @punchaloo that happens to everyone. even pros.

  22. LOLZING34 says:

    Yeah punch I get that too apparently I need to paddle faster so I don't end up right on top of it

  23. Chris Clark says:

    @punchaloo do u have any idea how big a 7 ft wave is? obviously not.. ur 7 ft wave is probably like, 3 ft. loolz

  24. punchaloo says:

    @surfhawaii08 No, sir, let me tell you something. The only reason you are so freaked out about seven foot waves is that you can't even surf your 3 foot waves. You don't even know me dude change your wannabe username man I know what a seven foot wave is I live in Puerto RIco

  25. The Traveler says:

    @punchaloo imbecil aqui aunque venga un swell no se forman de siete pies amenos que vayas mar afuera jodio moron

  26. TheShakey90 says:

    @17sg71 true that! Caught a few yesterday….its addictive

  27. eightball8008 says:

    @CannedKoolaid lean back and pull the nose up a bit

  28. crazyskater4 says:

    how big was that wave he caught (feet/inches)

  29. Austin Baird says:

    @CannedKoolaid try to lean back and adjust your postion farther back on your board whille paddling and taking off on waves, that should help. If that doesn't work, I reccomend getting a bigger board

  30. CamiloSanchez1979 says:

    Is it hard to learn it? Can I learn it at my 30s?

  31. Bucky640 says:

    Looks like a surfer Patrick Swayze

  32. jerseyRJ says:

    expert village is pretty much as useful as a ripped rubber but madd props on the 360!!

  33. CamCam Smith says:

    And I thought you can't do tricks on a long board… Thats sick… Thanks!! πŸ˜€

  34. SSuperCuriouss says:

    i got a semi-long board. catching foamies is fine, but the nose dips during the wave rise before i get to stand up. what should i do? turn, stand up sooner, lean back to get the tip and whole board off the water? big curls are the worst. I don't worry about getting dumped – chicks are worse :-p

  35. Ricardo J. Rios says:

    thats bullshit

  36. Simon humphries says:

    shift your weight back towards the tail of the baord a bit while paddling into it. thats what i found

  37. SSuperCuriouss says:

    @freelifenride16 sweet!! thanks. will do.

  38. Yuck Fou says:

    ahahaha i surf there it la jolla:D

  39. Chukuman says:

    im from san diego

  40. Bram D says:

    Make a new video with GO PRO HD man

  41. jpoelze says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for your videos.
    Your way of teaching is excellent and I really appreciate the approach.
    If you arent teaching guitar already, your professionalism really differentiates you.
    Thanks again for your willingness to share your talents and your hard work.
    All the best.

  42. hartenskim says:

    @mikky559 didn't work, thanks for the thought though

  43. Nirvezz says:

    I hear an airplane. sorry what were you saying?

  44. Ian Henri says:

    yeah hoho totally what i was bout to say hohohohoho lmao thats so funny hohohoh inception hohohohohohohoh

  45. the superman says:

    lol what

  46. Jonathan Mott-Lake says:

    Use Adblock pro and you will never have to worry about youtube ads EVER AGAIN!

  47. MrRawr422 says:

    this guy barely manages to ride on those tiny little 2 footers. way off balance. your way of explaining is good tho πŸ™‚

  48. MultiRayBanzHD says:

    He nearly fell and he says he is good

  49. Jack langdon says:

    Not even two foot MAYBE 1ft

  50. rudy figueroa says:

    California is not the best place for surfing Mexico is better!!!

  51. Zach Yenor says:

    I dropped in today on a 3 ft wave first time dropping in third time surfing cant wait to get better

  52. Jason Crouse says:


  53. leonardo cook says:

    I got a free 5 foot 7 inch board for free and I didn't even know how to use it

  54. Carenna Willmont says:

    Nice ride. Which part of our bodies should initiate turns feet, hips or arms?

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