How to Surf : How to Surf on a Longboard

How to Surf : How to Surf on a Longboard

Hi! This is Pat Weber with the San Diego Surfing
Academy for In this clip we are talking about longboard surfing. Longboard
surfing today is and is not like longboard surfing of the past. Now you’ve got all the
evolution of surfing incorporated; the radical maneuvers that have long been associated with
surfboard surfing are now part of longboard surfing because of modern design. So you can
do snappy cutbacks and you can do all the lifts and floaters, high performance maneuvers
on a longboard because of the design: materials are lighter, design has improved, different
fin configuration, a thruster fin configuration or a 2 + 1, two small side fins and a larger
center fin give you flexibility and allow the board to turn with greater ease than the
old style longboard. Traditional longboarding is still a valid way to ride waves. Remember
it is about having fun. The best surfer on the water is the one having the most fun.
So whether you are longboarding or shortboarding or doing both, that is entirely up to you
and your personal preference. The kind of waves that you are going to ride; some waves
simply are not suited to longboard riding because of the way that board fits in the
wave. Other waves are going to be better for shortboarding; so longboarding is more of
a glide than shortboarding. Longboarding has longer angles, not as tight of a turning radius
as shortboarding, but if you are just starting out, air on the side of flotation, a longer
board is going to be easier to paddle and easier to catch waves. You are going to be
able to ride them longer and be more stable while you are doing so.

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “How to Surf : How to Surf on a Longboard

  1. idiallin says:


  2. Thegibolin says:

    when I'm the age of this guy, I want to be like him: good body, free spirit! You're a great inspiration man! Keep spreading those cool values, this is true wisdom…


  3. Ellis Cowan says:

    yeah I tried to longboard I was shit,

    that Lee Ryan book had some good tips but.

    Links pretty stupid but thats just because I have a clickbank account from buying it

  4. Joaquin Peres says:

    those waves arent too great-instant closeout. but a great surfer w/ great advice

  5. Tom Alexander says:

    i weigh about 90 pounds and last time i surfed ( and the first time i surfed) i couldnt paddle into the waves fast enough. I had a longboard, so I figured that if I used a shortboard, I would be able to paddle in more easily. am i right?

  6. crypiticfire says:


    longboards are easier for catching waves paddle wise but on shortboards you need to paddel harder to catch a wave

    also make sure you are cupping your hands when you paddle when i first started i didnt cup my hands so i was moving like a snail and using to much energy and got tired quickly

    just paddle and paddle untill you catch a wave getting the paddle technique down is a necessity to surfing lesson's are recommended

  7. Tom Alexander says:

    @crypiticfire thanks man! yeah, last time i surfed i had an instructor. he just pushed me into the waves, but i really wanted to do it on my own. next time i go to the beach, ill keep your tips in mind!

  8. 3lija4 says:

    what beach is that?

  9. keverc says:

    i surfed alot as a teen. when i got on a longboard for the first time i told my friend i would never buy a shortboard again. i prefer the longboard because i dont care about crazy tricks i just love the ocean and riding waves

  10. FolkPunkRock AcousticRoots says:

    i taught myself to surf, no lessons or w/e i surf both boards, been surfing shortboards since like 2004, i was really young myabe 6, just got into longboards literally in the last month, so easy to paddle into waves, already walking the board, such a fun experience. i only use my shorthoard for big waves now.

  11. Nestor Vega says:


  12. Doug says:

    Did you see the UFO half way through the video? It shoots off to the right

  13. Christopher Coetzee says:

    UFO at 2:09 next to his head shooting off to the right

  14. Christopher Coetzee says:

    Check at 01:16 next to his head on the rigt side

  15. RoosterRC says:

    and what part of that was a how to?

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