How to Surf : How to Pop Up on a Surfboard

How to Surf : How to Pop Up on a Surfboard

Hi! This is Pat Weber with the San Diego Surfing
Academy for In this clip we are going to look at the pop up you are
surfing. You hands are back here close to your wrist, your chin, chest and shoulders
are up high, you are looking both ways before you cross the street because you want to be
safe, don’t want to run anybody over; and it is going to be one motion to the feet.
Your front foot replaces your belly button on the board like this. One motion to the
feet. I’ll do it one more time. My hands stay back here close to my wrist. My front foot
replaces my belly button and my back foot just drops down my instep, like so.

Antonio Breitenberg

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84 thoughts on “How to Surf : How to Pop Up on a Surfboard

  1. CarSurfingKoika says:

    thats the smoothest pop ive seen on youtube.
    Good Work. Good technique.

  2. paulypj says:

    Wrong, your hand DO NOT go on the rails during a 'pop-up'….if thats what your doing, your doing it wrong!
    Your hands must been close to your chest, so when pushing up on your arms there is more height, and the board will also be more stable during the move (rather than tilt the board)

  3. possiblylost says:


  4. paulypj says:

    i have been skating for 16 years and surfing for the past 5.

    and im not after your respect.

    You must be pretty narrow minded, and immature to really believe that skating is for little kids.
    I expect you couldnt handle falling off a skateboard and therefore wanted a softer landing!

    Maybe you should focus on your own life…

  5. paulypj says:

    least i dont have just 1 friend on here

  6. paulypj says:

    10 year old?? WTF
    get a life

  7. Sam Martin says:

    as if it matters…?
    this is the internet dude…the amount of friends you have on here doesnt matter…

  8. Serenity says:

    I knee up too . . . but that's because I have a bad hip.

  9. dukeassa says:

    how good should you be at swimming before doing surfing?

  10. EZA757 says:

    @dukeassa, I can swim, but I used to not be able to tread water. but with a surfboard, u shouldn't have to worry about that with your leash around your ankle. But if shit happens, at least learn how to tread water. Number one rule is to NEVER panic. You'll exhaust yourself and it could end up being fatal.

  11. EZA757 says:

    @Toro76aus i almost drowned at Sandy Beach in Hawaii. Those shore breaks are NO JOKE.

  12. timmyfasho says:


  13. EZA757 says:

    @timmyfasho, how so?

  14. timmyfasho says:

    haha i was jk and being a dick, i know hawaii in the winter can be some rough shit

  15. EZA757 says:

    @timmyfasho, yeah you aint liein'. I admit, I couldn't tread water at first. That's what scared me to the most.

  16. michael9678727 says:

    No such thing as a rip tide, its just called a rip. I use rips to get out the back causes you don't as much white wash waves to slow you down.

  17. pixelfantasizer says:

    He said ribs. Not wrists ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Brody Whitehead says:

    rips can be good or bad u can use them in hawii to catch the bigg waves its saves paddling

  19. stuboy82 says:

    Pretty well explained, only thing I would add as you should have hands on the rails of the surfboard not flat on the surface of the board like in this vid (though bit to grab the rails on sand) though he should of explained this

  20. Ballsack Jack says:

    i think surfing is way scarier than skating haha

  21. Lane says:

    @dukeassa are you kidding me? if you cant swim get out of the water

  22. starshock01 says:

    @dukeassa good enough not to drown?

  23. jakenbake10 says:

    everytime i catch a wave while its breaking the front of my board goes under water like a torpedo and i face plant nomatter how far back on the board. help

  24. dukeassa says:

    @lordlane4 who says i can't? u comment only to be a jerk? read the question again.

  25. jakenbake10 says:

    @ThePeckerwood310 no i can lay on it im like 5 9 and its one of those cost co boards ya know… but its bcuz im not standin up fast enough i think

  26. Panino4life says:

    @fearthisironworker hahahaha bullshit…
    if u walk up to anyone one on the street 9 times out of 10 if you ask them
    "Who is a famous skateboarder"
    they'll name someone.
    "Who is a famous surfer"
    i highly doubt anyone will know one. so fuck off

  27. unknown23085 says:


  28. HC says:

    like a ninja! ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. jesse batt says:

    why are people arguing over surfing vs akateboarding.
    skating was invented by surfers and is a great thing witch i have done for a long time and only just started surfing.
    they are both great sports.

  30. Dominus Zulzuranda says:


    so you wanted to say that, something being mainstream and popular equals to being better?

    you poor sheep

  31. Panino4life says:

    @iamismehellyeah no but he said that surfers get more recognition than skaters..
    which is false
    you fuckwad

  32. Dominus Zulzuranda says:


    i don't care what he said, i replied to you didn't i?

  33. Dominus Zulzuranda says:


    yeah i know i read both of yourstatements and thought tbhat you were the bigger idiot. and i can reply to whomever i want, this is youtube/internet

    so get of the fucking computer nerd!

  34. RWS says:

    You could watch these videos all the day, the best way to learn is get on your board, get out there and practice. The theory is simple.

  35. paulypj says:

    I have respect for both sports,

    i was making a helpful statement about having hands flat on the deck instead of on the rails
    (because if your hands slip off the rails you headbut the surfboard! – aswell as not get your body high enough to pop your legs into position )

    I just dont have respect for people who try to knock me down & purposely leave personal comments and insults!

    Both sports have their dangers. Drowning is obviously a killer. Concrete can split your head open…just be sensible

  36. Joel Barber says:

    I think I got this. I was born with my hands close to my wrists!

  37. Harrison Hansford says:

    @alyssa7909 not really

  38. dontdareforget123 says:

    @dukeassa pretty good.

  39. Peter Karwacki says:

    Excellent demonstration: an this guy is lightening fast. Very good film. Can a film be made while in the water? Now how long a board for somebody x pounds?

  40. Claudio Correa says:

    tem um erro,nao deve colocar o pe para apoiar o pop up…usa o joelho

  41. lostboyswerd says:

    @Iamkayaky if your huge.. get a long board (not saying your big or anything) but for big people they also can make custom shortboards

  42. orlyrabbit says:

    @dukeassa You should be a strong swimmer. The general rule of thumb is, if you can't handle the conditions without your board, you shouldn't be surfing.

  43. 123NDay says:

    Check out fenix tx – surf song!

  44. CockyR4 says:

    @orlyrabbit When I took my sufr lessons I didnt have no experience what so ever on the sea, I've never swim and it went kind of good…

  45. dhand62362 says:

    are you springing off your toes

  46. Dave Inward says:

    @paulypj More people have probably lost their lives surfing though… just sayin.

  47. Ryan says:

    only you can define your own comfort levels of swimming and surfing.

    your asking how good should you be at walking before you jog

    dont be a dumbass

  48. Adolfo Delgado says:

    Hey Man cool video but i need help…I want to practice surf…but i dont know if i should buy longboard or short board u know……where i live the waves are not high waves…Can u help me? I hope u help me thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. ะ”ะตะบะพะปะพะฝะธะทะฐั‚ะพั€ says:

    longboard, preferably spongy (it is safer for you). short boards are for a) more experienced surfers, b) larger waves. If your local surf shop has stand-up paddle board, you try to rent this out — it has higher buoyancy and much easier to take off and keep balance.

  50. Adolfo Delgado says:

    Hey man thanks for your comment…..and I'm going to buy my longboard :D———See ya ……

  51. VZBG says:

    now do it goofy foot.

  52. jerseyRJ says:

    @paulypj not gonna lie bro…. thats one reason why i love surfin more than skatin cause gettin hit in the shins with a skateboard hurts like a mother lmao

  53. The Sanford Method says:

    this video helped me significantly, thanks!

  54. Plemons94 says:

    @dukeassa funny shit bro
    you are aware you are in the water therefore know how to swim herp derp

  55. erik shin says:

    @paulypj bro i love skating =] especialy longboarding =]

  56. MrRandomppl says:

    you are doing too much, pop down!!!

  57. Alex Black says:

    @dukeassa u dont need to be good at swimming because im level 6 in swimming lessons but im the best in my state at surfing

  58. FIREFOX274 says:

    @dukeassa good enough not to drown

  59. Fattyfatfatty6 says:

    advertisement= enter stupid comment and press back button within 30 seconds

  60. Karly Fries says:

    Went surfing last month and I think I gave myself a concussion.

  61. cody carpenter says:

    i surfed the beach that he is on today

  62. HigherPlanes says:

    @dukeassa lmao

  63. Chukuman says:

    it helps to have porn on the deck because clearly all you are doing is humpin the board

  64. leeshizzle429 says:

    this guys fried

  65. AzLek says:

    i snowboard skateboard and i am about to start surfing.

  66. rico5333 says:

    hey im 5,2 and wanted to know if a 5,5 board would be ok?

  67. Nardske Tubungbanua II says:

    ninja moves!

  68. Bailey Smith says:

    You should also push up using your for arms if you are on a longer board

  69. isrv says:

    i wanna surf

  70. Jeffersen08 says:

    it's forearms, just in case you didn't know, just a FYI, no hate ๐Ÿ˜‰

  71. Fionn O says:

    great vid thumbs up

  72. Ash A says:

    i really wanna live on the sand of a beach and surf 24 hours a day…

  73. Connah Clapham says:

    why am i watching this? i live in the middle of england, FML

  74. swenbuddy1 says:

    like a ninja!

  75. Alex Jeffrey says:

    I went surfing today terrible high tide couldnt do it

  76. SugrBop says:

    @skatethehouse999 get a wetsuit

  77. preston martin says:

    haha i live in florida

  78. izzy guzzi says:

    I know same! @bingbangbash

  79. Nikki says:

    the surf here in Florida sucks unless there's a cold front which I really need right now

  80. Jaxon King says:


  81. Marina Marin says:

    Hahahaha! Why does this video make me laugh so much?!

  82. MikkuNeko says:

    I know that feel bro

  83. Sanjak Pitakrat says:

    About 2 and a half years ago I would watch surf lesson videos from this man every night before I went to bed. I had a 7'0 minimal back then. Today I'm riding a 6'0 shortboard hehe. Still far from great but I'm having fun. To beginners out there, keep going!

  84. surferpam1 says:

    Head to Devon, my brother.

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