How to Surf for Girls : How to Change into Your Wet Suit or Bikini

How to Surf for Girls : How to Change into Your Wet Suit or Bikini

Hi, I’m Schell Michael. I’m here with Expert
Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. It’s time to go from
your clothes to your wet suit or from getting out of the water, from your wet suit back
into your clothes or into your bikini. Men, hopefully you’re not wearing a bikini, if
you’re watching this video, but for the ladies I’m directing this towards. It can definitely
be tricky, but there are many ways you can do it. A good thing would be to probably just
bring a pretty good sized beach towel. You’ll wrap it around you kind of like, sort of in
a toga, you could put it around your neck, or you could just wrap it around, roll it
over and just kind of shimmy it down, shimmy out whatever you have underneath and then
you just go ahead and put the wet suit on and then you’ll pull that up and once you
get pretty close to the top then you’ll be able to take off your shirt and then put everything
in. A lot of people like to get into their wet suit naked, it’s more comfortable, you’re
not having to worry about fixing your bathing suit you’re like, “Oh, my bathing suit’s up
my butt”. There is no way you’re going to be out there in the ocean, trying to fix your
bikini. It’s like, if it goes from a bikini to a thong, it just stays there. So, you’re
best bet is probably just to go completely naked under your wet suit, then you don’t
got to worry about any of that. If you’re lucky there’s a bathroom or an empty lifeguard
stand that you can change into, but the best way is to wrap yourself in a towel and just
kind of get that on and off. It gets tricky but after a while you get the hang of it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Surf for Girls : How to Change into Your Wet Suit or Bikini

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    Some people just aren't skilled like others. For example, you suck.

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  4. Eptapus says:

    Is this consider a trick? OMG!!!

    This method is used from my 4 years old niece!

    Thanks for the most usefull vid that revealed all the secrets of bikini magical change!


  5. nora De Anda says:

    i'm with you XD

  6. donepearce says:

    Only in America is this a problem. Take off your clothes, then put on your wet suit. I promise the sky will not fall in.

  7. Shaine MacDonald says:

    why does she need a towel?! you keep your bathing suit on under the wetsuit.

  8. Michael Drysdale says:

    i go naked it fells better

  9. Aaron Keogh says:

    damb stop complaining about what the vid is about and take a look at that bod!

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    She's got nice abs.

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    i'm a girl and i find this helpful

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    you almost had me there for a second xD

  16. NathanMacdonald says:

    gezz its not rock science!

  17. HAHAHATSCHI says:


    now im so much smarter than before!

    thank you! πŸ™‚

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    I have seen a lot of white asses in the parking lot, Now I know why.

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    what the fuck a tutorial how to change clothes

  27. rod treece says:

    Naked in your wetsuit. It's allways summer on the inside!

  28. ShinjiAndrew says:

    this is why i like surfing. =]

  29. TARDOTv says:


  30. Danbo342 says:

    Not wear underwear under your wet suit? No wonder the sea smells fishy

  31. Johnnybravo60025 says:

    @jahula Just wait until they get on "how to wipe your ass" next month!

  32. Anna Katrina says:

    @jacobjulin hahaha

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    @edwardinlbc without a wet-suit

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    What blows my mind is that she is taking this seriously and spent the time to record and post this. Just another example of how far surfing has gotten off track.

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  44. budman8207 says:

    Dumb fucking video

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    wasting of HDD space, of bandwidth, of electrical power, and, last but not least, my time.

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    solution: go everywhere and do everything completely naked.

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    nobody forced you to comment my comment

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  52. rfglider says:


    it happens – especially when some chick like michelle decides to gey into or out of their wetsuit next to you. thankfully the new suits are so flexible.

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    did u fond tht alone , or with some help?

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    Next up… How to put butter on toast!

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    Video most popular with:
    Male 45-54
    Male 35-44
    Male 55-64

  69. Capcoor says:

    @humanalive True,but you could have turned the video off after the first few seconds.

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    Everything happens for a reason, dont you know that?

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  78. Vivian Baa says:

    sorry lady but im a man n i think its very useful info..

  79. Vivian Baa says:

    sorry lady but im a man n i think its very useful info…

  80. Applebutter799 says:

    the whole point of learning how to do this is to NOT show guys anything

    so for all those guys down there who say things like 'this sucks, it would be better to drop the towel' etc… yeah the whole point of this was so you can't see anything

  81. Ranch Mubay says:

    @Damnedsoul53 Actually guys do the same thing. They wrap a towel around toga style, remove their shorts & put on their wet suit. No one in the surfing culture cares if you changed without a towel but the beach is public & often times one changes on the road where you park (in Southern Calif. that's the Pacific Coast Highway). Some secluded beaches outside the U.S. surfers just change on the beach, nudity isn't an issue. The towel is more for the sake of other people than the surfer.

  82. Escalid says:

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