hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater and welcome
to my new video you are almost 500 subscribers that’s a
lot thank you so much and last time I asked you what I could do for the free
Honda such subscribers special radio and most of you asked for a tutorial so
let’s start with a how to stop on united states tutorial let’s go
we’ll start with five basic ways to stop on inline skates did your skates have a
brake attachment we’ll start with you voila let’s use some kill tools for this
part the hill stock the advantage of this method is that your wheels will
last longer compared to be over stops for that you have to go from the ready
position to the cesar position where your right leg with a brake goes
forwards and the left leg goes backwards now lift the tip of your right skate
super brake touches the ground it’s important to keep the series of
precision well to break in sliding next the t stop though i disagree with its
name it’s more el vanity nevermind this is a very useful one I use it a lot
for us down to execute a else stop
you should lay on a dominant leg and put the other behind for me and I’ll nothing
deep it’s important to put most of your weight on your dominant leg so try to
put 90 percent on your weight on your dominant leg and 10% on your sliding leg
it may feel weird at first but keep practicing until it becomes natural next
now let’s make it backwards this one’s a bit more advanced this time
the dominant leg goes back and the sliding leg from the now in front of a
dominant leg it looks like a fakie sole slide not the
position of my upper body is slightly turned for a better control select the T
or L stop most of your weight has to go on your dominant leg it may take more
time to learn this one compared to the normal L stop your slide this is city
skaters favorites topic technique don’t be afraid it’s actually easier
than it looks this is how it looks again most of the weight is on the dominant
leg and it’s important to bend your knees for that you have to act like you
were doing a transition from forwards to backwards a mohawk turn and while you’re
turning you’ll stretch your sliding leg and lean on your dominant leg and voila but keep in mind about the
angle of the sliding leg Annie will have consequences on your slide if you get
low you’ll slide longer if you go higher the faster you’ll stop so slightly less
steve-o the backwards power slide or fakie power slide it’s
the same thing as been normal power slide but without the Moho turn but the
front leg will be your dominant and the back will be the sliding one here are my
five basic ways to stop on inline skates keep in mind but there are plenty of
other ways to stop and there’s given a discipline based on that keep training
until manage to execute these techniques without even thinking I hope this
tutorial will be helpful for you I’d like to thank my friends Mona and
everyone for helping me film this video you rock
I think I’m done for editing at his hip award wait
you are five harnessed subscribers thank you so much first for it it means a lot
to me to celebrate this why not doing a little Q&A it’s up to you thanks again
for your support see you in the next episode

Antonio Breitenberg

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73 thoughts on “HOW TO STOP ON INLINE SKATES Tutorial

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  6. TheLotusrising says:

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  7. 顾婷婷 says:

    This took me 6 days to learn .-. I fell a lot

  8. Spxctre says:

    I'm getting my skates in around a week for my 12th birthday so these tutorials will be helpful 😊☺

  9. Uniyou says:

    So how long does your wheels last when you use them to stop.. its doesn't seem like a long time. How longs approximately.

  10. Squirrel Master says:

    You obscure your feet with the text. You french moron.

  11. Not-Quite Satan says:

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    Wow, this video seems cool

  12. Michael Graham Smith says:

    Great videos, and good advice on this one. Thank you!

  13. Andrea P says:

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  14. Abhay Bijapurkar says:

    your legs are covered with the subtitles brother.

  15. Юра Flight says:

    NeeeeXT!!! ))) great man!!!

  16. Gakly says:

    super ta chaine j'aime beaucoup, personnellement je comprends tres bien l'anglais meme sans les sous titres mais je pense qu'une partie de ton publique francocphone ne pipe pas un mot d'anglais ^^ pourquoi ne pas parler en francais et mettre les sous titres anglais ou juste rajouter des sous titres francais ? sinon continu tes vidéos, j'ai beaucoup appris grace a toi 🙂

  17. Mona Drek says:

    Tros genial la video! Luv it ! Greets from PL 😉

  18. Hkim Ayou says:

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    Merci pour tes vidéos elles sont super!

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    Je fais énormément de patin à glace et j'arrive très très bien à freiner.
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    Can you do the "T" stop on a pair of skates with the heel brake?

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    francais de merde

  35. shahabun nur says:

    Your subtitles cover your shoe and leg position ,than make this video useless

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  37. Chow Marcus says:

    Love your videos!! I was wondering if you could suggest any skates for frequent travels up and down long slopes? My usual skates simply can't handle it 😛


  38. Mael Lemoine-S says:

    Merci beaucoup mec c'est hyper utile, en plus ton powerslide est bien détaillé, ce qui le rend plus facile à apprendre 👌 (d'ailleurs le T a l'envers je connaissait pas)

  39. oki m says:

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  40. ZambetulDePrimavara says:

    Hi, I'm living in France for 5 years already (university… actually engineering school), but I come from Republic of Moldova. Believe me, you have a very good accent for a French. The average (in terms of level of English) French people have a very strong accent. I can be difficult to understand usually if you are not really used. That may be also because I live in Lyon (I find that in Cote d'Azur they have a better English accent :D)

    Anyway, just began skating and trying to see tips and exercices to practice. Subscribed.

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