How to Stop on a Snowboard : Toe-Side Snowboard Stop

How to Stop on a Snowboard : Toe-Side Snowboard Stop

So this is explaining how to do a toeside
turn which is the harder of the two, suicide stop. When you are going straight think about
how to do a toeside turn but use your back leg, swing it around and get that toe edge
in there, as deep as you can while lifting up your heel edge. If you keep doing that,
keep your board straight, straighten it out and you’ll stop just like that. This is the
more dangerous way to turn because it is harder. It is definitely harder than stopping on your
heels so just try to dig in like that. I’d say if you are just learning you’re going
to want to probably just look straight up the hill while you are stopping like that
rather than trying to look down the hill. If you already know there is nothing there
I’d say look up the hill because it is easier. Then you can just do it like this, just go
like that and try to stay low just like this and just really dig in there. Make sure you
keep that heel edge up. That is the number one most important thing once again.

Antonio Breitenberg

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14 thoughts on “How to Stop on a Snowboard : Toe-Side Snowboard Stop

  1. Harlam Binx says:

    How is this useless?

  2. Social Justice Warrior says:

    I started yesterday with snowboard, never took a lesson, just trial and error, just a couple of bruises here and there 😛
    I think the video is useful regardless that further explanations of other movements are provided in other videos.


  3. Arm & Hammer says:

    i find heel side is harder for me

  4. Jerry Suh says:

    just do the Michael Jackson toe stand

  5. edwinshap1 says:

    u wanna lean towards the mountain with ur legs bent. why are u pushing on your toes to stop tho? after you're facing up the mountain, just lean forward so the board is picking up snow

  6. Chris Chrzan says:

    it shouldnt be funny… look up the hill when stopping… LMAO. This is what you get from Midwest / East Coast instruction.

  7. AntoBoesi says:

    i hate the sound snowboards makes when it digs into snow…so….brutal sounding…

  8. jaydeee30 says:

    @kevinpmil Very important. I justgot a concussion last week from letting my heel side catch the snow……not fun

  9. jaydeee30 says:

    @AntoBoesi Hence where we get the term "shredding"

  10. Chase Miller says:

    For me i think the toe-side stop is easier… i just can't keep my balance on my heel-side

  11. izman20 says:

    I stop facing uphill easier. I think its cause i can get my body waaaaay lower to the snow by putting my hands down and dragging them if i have to.

  12. Chance Shepard says:

    dooo dooo dunder head

  13. angelswave88 says:

    I think it's way easier to do a toeside stop then a heel side. I almost always stop facing uphill

  14. mitkopetko says:

    хах, тва като на Бяла Черква 😀

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