How to Stop on a Snowboard : Heel-Side Snowboard Stop

How to Stop on a Snowboard : Heel-Side Snowboard Stop

We are covering doing a heelside stop. You
are going to want to start off going straight. Picture yourself doing your turn, your heelside
turn but you’re going to have to stop it right perfectly perpendicular from the way you want
to go so rather than just keep on doing that turn, use your back foot there, swing it out
and make sure your board just stays perfectly sideways from the hill and then dig your heel
edge in as much as you can and just try to work with it on the terrain that is coming
up with you but I will show you once again here. Get really quick, see right there I
put my body into it and that might be hard for you to do at first but that helps a lot.
It will help you to slow down a lot more. You can use your legs and just when you are
doing that if you are going to fall just starting off, try to stay lower and if you fall just
try to take it all with even amount in your arms and your butt rather than just putting
your wrists right under your ass and breaking your wrists.

Antonio Breitenberg

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16 thoughts on “How to Stop on a Snowboard : Heel-Side Snowboard Stop

  1. fuckoff says:

    this guy obviously is a really good snowboarder, but hes a really crap teacher.

  2. dixieland666 says:

    dude you love yourself too much pmsl

  3. Steven Bell says:

    if you dont know how to stop how are you supposed to turn..

    you are stupidddddddddddd

  4. rey619yomama says:

    his talking is annoying me, he talks and stops and then finishes his sentence

  5. dirtriderguy says:

    "rather than putting your tting your hands under yaour ass and breaking your wrist"
    lol! ha that was a funny

  6. supersonicfan13 says:


  7. byronbennett says:

    lol thats how stoners talk 😛

  8. Lukas Graf says:

    useful….-if you cant snowboard^^

  9. superkiwi1000 says:

    I guess you just have to slow down then stop?

  10. Sam Swift says:

    he almost bailed on that lol

  11. Nick Lein says:

    i can only do toe and going on toe really slows you down going down the mountain. if i can learn this then i should be good

  12. NyyDave says:

    That snow sounds rough e_e

  13. JJM says:

    Ahhhhhh OMG he said ASS in an expert village video!!!! Woah

  14. SheepyMilk says:

    @GoddessMermaid02 No, he actually makes it look harder than it actually is.

  15. minnagisel garcia says:

    it was very helpfull for me this videos!! thanks!! Negative comments out of line!!! R u all jerks in everything u see. Pity!

  16. Phillymadedude says:

    Haha put your wrists under your ass ctfu

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