How To Speed Up Any Internet Connection On Windows 10 PC (really easy)

How To Speed Up Any Internet Connection On Windows 10 PC (really easy)

What’s going on Youtube? This is stature-day, So we are back with another brand video! And today we gonna be share with you an awesome trick, that helps you to boost your Internet
Speed. No matter whichever device you are using to
access the internet connection. Believe it or not this trick will work with all of the internet equipment that you are currently using. Whether it’s a Lan connection, Mobile broadband, WiFi, LiFi, or Fiber wire. Oops, did I just say LiFi! You probably wondering, what is a LiFi. LiFi is a new invention, that currently not that much popular, and unfortunately there is no LiFi in a consumer product form out there, But you will definitely see one in the market near future. Technically speaking LiFi is the use of the visible light portion of the electromagnetic
spectrum to transmit information at a very high speeds. This is in contrast to established forms of wireless communication such as Wi-Fi which
use traditional radio frequency or RF signals to transmit data. So my point is if you are even using a LiFi to access the internet This method will definitely work for you. So I will show a speed test of my internet connection that I took after and before applying this method, for a better understanding of
what you can expect form this video! We are doing this test on the world number one speed test website, which is the I will leave a link below in the video description, so that you can check your internet speed from there as well. On the left side you are seeing the speed test we took before the speed up process, and on the right side you are seeing the speed test we took after the speed up process. both are showing simultaneously because of the video editing software! This method is universally supported, Means that no matter, whether or not you are living in America or even in the Moon! If you can access an internet connection there, Then you can definitely use this trick! I know you are anxiously waiting for the trick. But before starting I have say you one more thing. Surprisingly this method is also compatible
with any ISP’s out there and before we begin I would like to show you
an individual real time, speed test, as a proof Going to the, Here you can see my internet service provider,
as well as the server that I’m testing my internet connection with, keep these things
in your mind. The test is finished, here is the result, You can see, now we have 6 mbps downing speed and a 4 mbps up. So let’s begin! Step number 1, Group policy editor. You may a see a similar step on my other video on a similar topic, which is how to speed up any internet connection on Windows 10, actually we got some new tricks, and the old
tricks are seems to be still working properly as well. So we decided to combine them to give you a better internet speedup method, and that’s
why I’m doing this video right now. We have tested all these method before the
making of this video, So that you can use them worry free. Coming back to the point, in this step we gonna be show you how to remove your system
reserved band width which is 20% of your entire bandwidth, for example before you applying this step, you will only getting 80% of your total bandwidth,
and the rest 20% is reserved by your operating system for some wired reason, I know, you are not gonna believe me right now, until you try it on your self.
So let’s start doing this! Head over to the start menu and search for
run, know you will see the run box here, just click on it, Now click in side here, and type gped.msc, Sorry gpedit.msc and click on ok, now you can see a window
will appear which is the group policy editor. If you are using a Windows 10 home version,
probably you are not gonna see this window appear. Because this feature will only available for Windows 10 superior versions like Windows
10 pro or enterprise. So if you are using a Windows 10 home version.
Under normal circumstance there isn’t a way other than upgrading to a higher version,
to get this feature, but we can search on Google for how to get this feature on Windows
home version, I’m sure you will definitely find one!, even I have done it once! So if you are not planning to do one of the two ways that I that I mentioned above, then
the better thing for you to skip the step number 1. This decision is clearly up to you.
Ok let’s continue, From the group policy editor you gonna wanna
double click on “Computer configuration” Then double click on administrative templates
and from here go to network, and then go to “QoS Packets Scheduler”, and finally from here you gonna wanna choose “limit reservable bandwidth”. Now you can see a window will appear, which is the limit reservable bandwidth! Just change this settings status to enabled, then under option you will find the band width
limit percentage, You can see by default it is set as 80%, what
we gonna do is change that in to 0%, For getting the best speed from your available
bandwidth. Now hit this previous setting button on top side, then you will get here on “limit outstanding packets” window. Change this setting statues from not configured to enabled, now you can see the number of packets options, down here, by default 65535, what we gonna do is change that in to the maximum, For that click in side and erase the old value and type 4 followed nine zeros. Now you can click on apply then ok, Now you can close them all. Step Number 2, Register tweaks. In this step we are gonna show you how to register tweak to speed up your internet performance.
Go to your start screen and search for run and you will find the run on search result,
just click on it, Now type in “regedit” and click on ok
Now you will see this window. And From here you gonna wanna go to the “Hkey
local machine” click on it, and then you wanna go to software, Then go to “Microsoft”, Now scroll down a little bit and go to “Windows”
and here you will find “current version”, click on it! Now you can go to the inner field and right click on somewhere like this, and you will see this menu, just place your mouse pointer over the This
menu called “NEW” and you will see a drop down menu just like
this and form here, you gonna select “Dword” Just click on it, Now name the new rule ‘MaxConnectionPerServer’ without any space in between Now click on it and modify it’s value to 16, Know click on ok. Know you gonna wanna create another Dword, as same as we done earlier, just right click
anywhere inside the registry editor inner field, and you will see this menu called new, just place your mouse over and it will drop down
a sub menu and from here you gonna wanna select Dword. Now name this one as ‘MaxConnectionPer1_0Server’ without any space in between. Now right click on it and modify it’s value to 16 again. Now we are done editing the registry, just click on ok and close everything. Step Number 3, Disable Tcp Auto Tuning. From Windows Vista onwards Microsoft includes a feature called TCP Auto-tuning, to help improve performance for programs that receive TCP data. and we found, if we disable the Tcp Auto Tuning, we will get bigger boost in our internet speed,
and We test it over and over again with in different systems and ISP’s Most of them are showing an increase in their internet speed. So we gonna be show you how to do it! Go to your start screen, and search for cmd
or command prompt. Now you will see the commend prompt in the result, just right click on it and from the right click menu, click on run as administrator. It is an important step, don’t miss it! Now you will see a black window appears like this, which is the command prompt It self. Now you gonna wanna copy this command. Which is “netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled” You will find this command on the video description as well. So just go there and copy it and right click inside the command prompt and paste! Now click on enter and wait for 5 second, Now you can see we just disable Tcp auto tuning
successfully. Know you can close the command prompt. Step Number 4, Open DNS Super speed. Get to this webpage, link will be in the description as well, And choose a DNS server. Before we begin, i will explain you what is an open DNS An Open DNS is a company and service which extends the Domain Name System by adding features
such as phishing protection and optional content filtering to traditional recursive DNS services. So if you use an open DNS, it will fetch the domain names more faster than the regular and comparatively slower DNS servers provided by your ISP’s. You can also fund lot of other DNS servers on the internet as well.
but I have search and found all the available high speed DNS servers for you. And I decided to put them on this website, so that you can easily get your DNS servers without doing so much researches and searches. I tested most of the high speed DNS server on this website! All of them are great! And working. But I notice, when I’m using this particular DNS server, it will gave me an extra hype on my internet speed. Maybe its just for me, I mean according my location and my ISP’s, this DNS server is working much better than any other DNS servers on this list. So, I recommend you to try each one of them in the list individually and find out which one will work for you in a more effective way. Keep in mind, your best may different! If you can comment your best working DNS server on the comment section below. Example try in this format “your best working DNS server, your location, and your internet service provider, it would be a great help for those who are watch this video in future! I mean If they are from your same location and using the same ISP’s. They could try your same server, without taking an effort of trying each one of them on the list! Ok I will show you a demonstration of how you can add an high speed DNS server to your PC. For example lets add this high speed DNS server to my network adapter For that you gonna wanna head over to your task bar. And there you will see your network icon, the icon maybe differ. If you are using WiFi, to get connected to the internet. Whatever right click on the network Icon. Then click on open network and sharing center
from here. Now you will see this window. And from here you will find the change adapter settings hyperlink on the left side of the window. Just click on it, and you will get to the network connection window. and from here choose your network adapter and right click on it. And from the right click menu! You gonna wanna click on this properties. Now you will see this small Windows, which it Ethernet properties. Now scroll through the settings and you find a setting called “internet protocol version 6 All the way done here! Just un- tick that settings from your Ethernet Properties, by clicking inside the box, right beside the setting. Now look for a settings called internet protocol version 4. Here is it, just double click on it, and then you will get here, on the internet protocol version 4 properties Now you can see its default selection is “obtain an IP address automatically” option. Just switch that in it “Use the following IP address. Now you can see the fields are enabled, and this is the time to get the high speed DNS. Leave them all behind, Go back to the webpage fetch your high speed DNS servers. Copy the first one and past it to the preferred DNS server. Now get the second one and past it to the alternate DNS server. Then hit ok. Now you can close them all. Step number 5, Remove unwanted add-ons, extensions and plugins. In this step we are gonna show you how to optimize the browser for a better internet speed. For example let’s optimize Google Chrome. Launch your Google Chrome. Now go to the upper right corner and you will find this hamburger menu. Click on it, and go to more tools, now click on extensions option. Now you will get here, and from here you can see all the extensions or add-ons are installed in your browser. Delete every unwanted and rarely using extension. By just clicking on the delete icon. By doing so your browser will become more efficient and it will definitely give you a better browsing experience. Now we have done almost everything to speed
up your internet. So let’s run another speed test and see,
what’s the difference? You can see we are on the same speed test
website, and here you can see I using the exactly same server and isp as we tested the
connection speed before. That’s why I was told you to remember it form or previous test. I hope you remember. Now let’s start. You can see it is testing the connection speed Now the test is completed. Did you see that! Wow, it has an increase in speed! Showing Better result! Previously we have only 6mbps down and a 4 mbps up. Comparing to that we have achieved a lot better! So I thought it’s worth trying.
Command your experience below, it will help more people to find this video is good or bad
If you like this video leave it a thumbs up. If you wanna see more videos like this always get subscribed. You can ask your questions doubts or suggestions
by just leaving a comment, below. We will definitely reply each and every comment you leave, This is Amal rafi from geeks tutorial, see
you guys on next one. Peace out!

Antonio Breitenberg

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