How To Snowboard Steep Deep Powder At Jackson Hole

How To Snowboard Steep Deep Powder At Jackson Hole

Riding Jackson Hole powder January 2019. It was a long drive and a blizzard to get to Jackson Hole, Wyoming But it was worth it. There was one and a half feet of fresh powder when we arrived Our first day was sort due to the storm, but it made the conditions epic There was a large group of AASI level three full certified snowboard instructors training together We ripped this steep mountain doing tons of trees, chutes and cliff drops To get you prepared to ride this steep mountain click in the right corner to view a snowboard tutorial on steeps and alignments There is a resort in town called snow king that we could see from our hotel The town has a great vibe and is very fun We’re heading up Jackson Hole right now, let’s get it going Ranch Inn and see you later We drove up to the village catching some amazing views When Jackson Hole gets tons of snow conditions are epic. It’s important to really move fore and aft on your snowboard in these conditions Build up here for enough riding skills before you get into powder and steep mountains Jackson is one of the steepest mountains around having over 4,000 feet of vertical from the top of the tram to the base To help you train yourself to move fore and aft on your snowboard Click in the right corner to view the snowboard video Dolphin Turns This progression will help you move towards Your front of your board at the beginning of your turn and then to move towards the tail at the end of your turn using Your whole board as is meant to be used your core is moving fore and aft from edge to edge making a circular motion Start to flow down the mountain with more rhythm getting dynamic on your snowboard You can submit video clips to get movement analysis back of your riding by clicking in the right corner taking you to Flowing Freeride! I Strongly recommend that you Ride Jackson Hole, Wyoming at least once to see what we saw It takes a bit of a drive through steep passes to get in there But it’s totally worth it riding with other high skilled riders pushes you to ride more aggressive This will improve your riding seeing how others ride the mountain and the lines they take will train your eye to survey the terrain I Hope that the snow gods are sending snow to your mountain. 2019 is off to a great start see you on the mountain! You can sign up to get access to all of our snowboard lessons study guides text books Glossary tests and direct feedback from your coach. Learn to snowboard right online with My name is Blake Tholen Clark. Contact me if you want a book a lesson or if you have any questions about snowboarding Subscribe, like and comment. Cheers FFR!

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