How to Snowboard : Snowboard Flex

In this section we’re going to talk about
your snowboard. Basically the first thing we’ll talk about is flex. Flex is pretty important
when you’re choosing a snowboard. It just depends on what type of snowboarding you want
to do. There’s no such thing as a beginner board or an expert board, it’s just pretty
much your preference. Some people like really soft boards, like I like soft boards. They’re
good for hand rails and boxes and butters, they’re really fun. They way you find out
whether or not your board is soft or not, you just take your snowboard like this, apply
pressure to the middle and hold onto the nose, and you’ll feel the flex. As you can see, my board will respond really
strongly from the areas in here. These areas, the nose and the tail, are a little bit stiffer.
That’s good for pressing. You want this middle cut to be nice and flexible for rails, so
you can press it out and butter it up. That’s how you can tell if your board is soft or
not. A stiff board is better for jumps and half-pipe. A stiff board gives you stronger
pop, less press. You figure out if it’s stiff or not the same way, by putting pressure in
the middle of your board and stepping down. It won’t bend as much as you saw this one
bend. That’s how you know it’s stiff.

Antonio Breitenberg

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