How to Snowboard in Steep Powder – How to Snowboard

How to Snowboard in Steep Powder – How to Snowboard

What’s up guys? This is Kevin from Here in Whistler we got 35 centimeters
of snow and I wanted to make a video to give you
guys some tips on riding powder on steep terrain. Big
mountain riding is my favorite thing to do my snowboard
and I think these tips will really help you guys ride some
amazing powder runs. There are two things I’m thinking about while
riding in steep powder which really keep me in control and balanced over my snowboard. The
first thing I’m thinking about is my back foot, so every time I finish
a turn I’m putting pressure on my back foot to
control my speed. Being in control is crucial on a steep
run like this so I’m really focused on pressuring that
back foot on my heel and toe turns. You can even
see snow spraying out the sides each time I make a turn from the
pressure I’m putting on my back foot. When I start a turn, I’m releasing all that pressure off my
back foot. So I can get my board around and onto
the other edge. You can even see in some of my turns
that I’m lifting my back foot off the snow, to get my
snowboard around. The second thing I’m thinking about is my
back hand. So as I go to turn onto my toes I’m pulling my back hand backwards, which
is turning my upper body to the top for the slope. I keep my
core stiff, so my legs and snowboard follow. This
puts me into a great position on my toes with my back hand over my tail and my body square to my snowboard. This gives me the best balance on my
board. The same thing happens for my heel
turn. Bringing my back hand forward, turning my upper body, keeping my course
stiff, so my legs and snowboard follow. If you use these tips you’ll be in
control and balanced, on steep powder runs. You should get these
skills dialled first on an intermediate groomed run, before
trying them on an advanced power run. So the next
time your local resort get some powder go out and
try these tips and let me know how it goes. If you have
any other questions about riding in steep powder you can leave
them in the comment box. Check out the Facebook and Twitter links
down the description for live updates and photos. Subscribe to check out more snowboard
videos.So you guys tell me what’s the deepest powder you’ve ever ridden
in? What would be your dream snowboard destination?

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Snowboard in Steep Powder – How to Snowboard

  1. SnowboardProCamp says:

    How is your toe sliding? That's the most important thing to get your toe turns down.

  2. drlegend92 says:

    It´s sliding well , I got a brand new board and before the start I let it in service for waxing .

  3. Alice Crutchfield says:

    I think he means sliding on your toe edge, not how is your board sliding.

  4. drlegend92 says:

    thanks dude for explaing … I´m sorry , my english is not that good 🙁
    but now after I understood the question , I am even more confused 😀
    is there any other way to slide on toe ?!
    my problem is when Im sliding on the toe edge , I cant turn left to slide backside . U know what I mean ? Im sliding to the right side on my toe edge and at the point where I have to turn back I get the problem .

  5. brutalcovers HD says:

    Hey Kevin, I got a problem when I'm riding in powder, I lean too much on my back foot and it damage my ankle, it hurts when i'm riding frontside in powder I think I'm using wrong technique?

  6. SnowboardProCamp says:

    It could be that your binding set up is hurting your ankle. Experiment with different angles on you back foot, or moving you stance more wide or narrow. What's your are you binding angles and stance width now?

  7. brutalcovers HD says:

    they are full out and the angles is 15

  8. juri reiß says:

    i wish i would have a lokal resort 🙁

  9. Powderjunkie_ says:

    where is your backpack with a shovel and a probe??

    check out my DEEP POWDER CHANNEL 😛

  10. SnowboardProCamp says:

    Very cool videos man! That Japan powder looked like fun! I shot this video in bounds, so I didn't need a shovel and probe, but It's definitely a good idea to have.

  11. Jenk says:

    What camera do use?

  12. SnowboardProCamp says:

    I'm using the Go Pro 3 Black Edition

  13. Hidde Oostenbroek says:

    20+ inches in Austria, awesome day! My dream destination is whistler BC, maybe I'll go in 2015 😀

  14. griffin gibbens says:

    30+ @ steamboat dream? Northstar or burton stash park

  15. Max McHollister says:

    i would have to say that the deepest powder i have been in was mid torso and i have always wanted to ride in the himalayas or Swiss alps

  16. David Springs says:

    15 inches fresh on top of 10 or so from the week before. I've always wanted to do Argentina and Chile.

  17. FuckMySubscribers aus says:

    wait this is what this guy likes to do on a snowboard? was he wearin a helmet? horgomo4life

  18. Michi Ryan says:

    NISEKO has the best POW

  19. 612to303 says:

    Chest deep untouched snow on a week day late in the season last year at Keystone.

  20. Quinn Kyle says:

    its funny because thats not that steep

  21. KeigoHayashi says:

    My deepest is 3and a half meter

  22. Joel Schierman says:

    you guys are dumb. Alaska mountains is a dream place a solid day with Travis Rice, John Jackson, his brother, nick Muller yeah thats a good day heli boarding 

  23. Miki M. says:

    Great lesson, thank you .

  24. Anton Shmatov says:

    Hello! I was trying your tips and now i'm falling from the rock. I have one question. What should i do? Thank you. 

  25. Nino Circus Freak says:

    Thanks for the video – I'll totally try it out next time 😀
    I always fall during the curve or right after cause I get to fast and have to watch out to not drive into a bumb… Ou man my friends just take me to so harsh places lol

  26. Maksim Richards says:

    Heavanly Mountain in Colorado… beautiful place to ride!!

  27. TableSide88142Orchid says:

    Kevin, you would love the powder days in Summit County. Any bowl you hit, nothing but fluffy powder! A basin though is definitely my best experience, but I've always wanted to ride in Alaska!

  28. xBlackClan2014 says:

    I'm in alberta and I only go to a resort like marmot basin or sunshine like twice a year other than that I just street ride it sucks!

  29. salty beard says:

    need to answer the questions: deepest pow, bottomless 15ft of fresh at june mountain '11, niseko, japan or valdez, ak 

  30. DrGraypFroot says:

    About 3 meters of powder in saas fee, switzerland.. my dream destination is probably alaska for doing some backcountry heliboarding 😀

  31. drawinginspace says:

    hello… well i didn't measure it but it was chest deep, and this was last week in april.
    It's funny that the winter was shit , very worm, almost no snow for 3 months untill last week when it snowed really hard. They already closed the resort so the slopes where not groomed enymore and you could ride powder everywhere on and off piste. It was a bit of a problem with the flat areas and the mild slopes you could easealy get stuck there in the powder if you didnt had enough speed. But the blacks and the forest….wow it was like a dream. I love turning in powder and the tips from this video helped me, but i also like to streight bomb down a steep slope, in powder is great. At the end of a powder day you need to be wet and soaked to your underweare and as tired as posible, your back leg must hurt ….give it all . 
    But the dream didn't last for long becouse the spring came back and the snowfall turned to rain and all the snow became to heavy to ride so now i am a powder junkie in need for my dose…
    BTW this happened in the Carpathian Mountains, Roumania, Brasov City – Postavaru …its really great place and i am so lucky to have a great ski resort and all kind of other mountains just outside my back yard 🙂
    Peace and powder for all of you…

  32. Diego pierce says:

    knee deep this year january

  33. KilldaPunks says:

    i really hate riding steep powder like this way.i feel stuck i just follow the terrain and only thing i do to slow down is slashes

  34. lowendtork says:

    any tips for me kevin? i was riding in 19 inches of northeast powder.

  35. ghostrider663000 says:

    hi kevin rode 33 ft powder at 7000 m northern pakistan

  36. Siã Corrêa says:


    I allways tend to nosedive trying to make slide turns. Any tips to help me?

  37. Chris Moschkin says:

    The deepest pow I've ridden was 3 ft December 26th, 2012 in Steamboat Springs, CO. First powder run ever. My camber board was not having any of it and I did not even know the word "float" yet. What a difference two seasons makes. I'm a powder hound now! Can't live without it! What was I even doing the first 20 years I rode?

  38. jaykarian saul says:

    Deepest pow ever was about a meter, and my dream resort is Obviously BRECKENRIGDE ! ! ! A holl slope just for snowboarding on pipes and stuff…

  39. boggler vids says:

    Hey Kevin have you ever been covered in deep powder

  40. boggler vids says:

    I want to be as good as you

  41. Aaron Fowler says:

    dude ur camera man is a pimp

  42. quique734 says:

    I was just in whistler blackcomb last weekend, which run is this? Looks sick

  43. Lohun Bals says:

    26in. Crested Butte, Colorado.

  44. Muay Thai says:

    Nice video… Are you a professional…

    Yes I am.

  45. Muay Thai says:

    Tots lol

  46. jason randall says:

    I was in 4 feet last week

  47. Jose Angel Davila says:

    52cm up at big white                I want to go to whistler or the alpes

  48. Clint Hudson says:

    24 inches in 24 hours at beautiful Monarch Mountain in Colorado.
    of course i would love to go anywhere in BC

  49. Freek Eigenraam says:

    definetaly mica, bc, canada

  50. Charlie Liu says:

    where is this place?

  51. ALIBABA1014 says:

    Hey Kevin, great vid! I have a question I would like to ask you.  I tend to bent at my waist when I ride steep to slow down my speed. Is bending at the waist wrong in general for snowboarding? Should I instead bend my knees more? 

  52. theexos444 says:

    2 Inches, cuz Connecticut side East coast ski resorts are bad. 🙁

  53. Paul Green says:

    up to my knees only but nelson bc is were i want to board powder …

  54. Ailison Rocha de Carvalho says:

    25 cm in Valle Nevado – Chile in the south america. 😀

  55. Michael Hall says:

    Nice instructional video. Thanks for posting. The sharp, short turns are important on the steep terrain.

  56. Zulu says:

    Hi I tried this without a snowboard on a similar run and it didn't work… Please help me as I don't know what to do!

  57. Ryan Beavers says:

    36" Park CIty, And I look forward to the day I get to ride in BC.

  58. Kendizzle says:

    50cm in Braunlage (Germany). It was the first time I ever stand on a snowboard, and it was amazing. :DDD

  59. Eymen Türkönder says:

    Which is my front leg

  60. Moonrage Javier says:

    thanks a lot, dude.  I've learned a lot from watching your videos.

  61. Donvo DonBeat says:


  62. Jake Browning says:

    Hawwie cause you can snowboard on the mountain then surf o the beach

  63. Sean Hartford says:

    or, if it's deep enough, you can just point the whole run with minimal turns

  64. Fran Fernández says:

    about 50 cm deep in Formigal resort, Spain.

    Destination of my dreams… Avoriaz (hope to go this season)… In USA, I'd love to see Baldface

    Cheers! and thanks for the videos!!

  65. Phantom Charger says:

    no offence, But pls don't do this on steep terrain. as you can see, when he is riding so much snow is falling down… in steep terrain you need to jump 180 to turn. be light on your feet, dont put all you weight on your back foot. in deep snow all this will do is create slough, (snow rolling down the face) slough can ball up fast and before you know it you can be sweeped from your feet when all the snow hits you. Be light on your feet, and try to not go down the same vertical line. If it is a corridor then move to the side every once in a while to let the snow pass, on open face, just traverse slighty and continue. for the rest, love the vids man keep it up

  66. Jake Henson says:

    How can i become a paid "pro" snowboarder? Do i need to make it to the olympics or is their an easier way?

  67. TallishJam says:

    Deepest powder I've ever ridden in was 5 inches. My dream snowboard destination would be Keystone, Colorado.

  68. danh dong says:

    Elko Ruby MT.

  69. XoneSpecials says:

    Hey Kevin. After I learned the basics a long time ago I just adapt by myself to different conditions but I do like to watch tutorials because there's no such thing as perfect. And by looking at this video I realized that I snowboard differently in steep powder. What I do is use my shoulders and feet to twist in order to make a turn without stopping at all. Now I don't know if it looks different just because you worked your way down the slope slower in order to showcase the movements or not. On the 29th I'm heading in the mountains and I'll record some stuff and you could give me some feedback if possible.

  70. Norman Bfifteen says:

    30 cm, at Lake Louise Resort. Would like to get some days at Big Ski Resort

  71. Ally Tam says:

    Great tips!! Going to try it out tmr 🙂

  72. S1 Jerry says:

    Deepest snow i've ridden in was 1.80m. Had to maintain insane amount of speed not to sink in it away. Was last year in France, Avoriaz.
    My dream destinations are all in France: Avoriaz, LaPlagne, Val Thorens and Tignes.

    Greetings! 🙂

  73. Wild Tribe says:

    thanks dude

  74. Simon Gerner says:

    one meater

  75. Squeaky says:

    5 feet of powder alaska alyeska ski resort 2k16

  76. Peaches N Cream says:

    Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

  77. Sebastien Caron says:

    i wish we had big mountains from where im from

  78. Mitchell Colvin says:

    3-4 ft of powder at crystal mtn, WA. It was a great day, pushed our limits because we knew a soft landing would follow

  79. Han-Lei Wang says:

    Hello, how can I avoid the front of my board sink /slid in to the powder when the powder is very deep? thanks

  80. brianbirc says:

    PLEASE do not do this on any powder runs!! You can do this with the folk on sleds and saucers at that location. If you do and can not just carve powder like riding a surfboard like good surfers do right away. THEN STAY THE HELL OUT OF ANY POWDER A POWDER BOARDER MAY RIDE.

  81. brianbirc says:

    THIS VIDEO AND RIDING POWDER LIKE THIS IS TRAGIC!! Any powder boarder that is witness to some freak doing this should spray then push over and stuff snow under their snowgear they are wearing. tell them to stay OUT OF IT!! I would love to slap this jackass in the face and feed them yellow snow.

  82. brianbirc says:

    SnowboardProCamp WTF You should be slapped or PUNCHED and stuffed head first in the yellow pow for this hideous tragic video!! Telling people to do this at a RESORT? It is so valued by those like me who NEVER did this and say no friends on a powder day. Because waiting at all for someone can and will result in others tracking it first. Not destroying it without joy like you show.
    Please everybody DO NOT do this anywhere but your backyard. Unseen is best I recomend.

    Your questions: I have boarded powder bottomless. Checked by the heli guide with his extended 10' depth pole buried with his arm and shoulder. Saying you are aware you sighned a waiver. After the first run he was ear to ear grinning complementing us and asking us if we would like some cliff drops. We would thank you.
    I never did anything like that on pow pow. It was epic and felt like carving my surfboard on freight train overhead waves. With the nose of my board pointed down properly captain SnowboardLowincompitent anti powder freak.

  83. Trevor Mounts says:

    Jesus Christ point that shit and be done with it.

  84. Daniel Z says:

    any tips on riding carves like the big mountain pros? They seem like always riding fast on deep powder and steep runs.

  85. NunchuckDuck says:

    why is your voice deeper than newer vids lol.

  86. AppleGuy says:

    Too bad I live in New England

  87. Daniel Johnson says:

    Dream snowboard destination is definitely the alps in Switzerland

  88. Tim Bradley says:

    This guy is no pro. If he was he would talk about flexion and extension and keeping the upper body quiet. Flailing the back arm is counter productive. Take a lesson from a real pro and stay away from bad habits.

  89. Rob says:

    35 centimeters…how many freedoms is that?

  90. _Timmy Gaming says:

    I did this but going between trees and over trees that fell down! It was not easy because it was almost vertically down! I am only 10

  91. Bob Dobalina says:

    Great vid! No questions here aboot it. 😉

  92. Dean says:

    Let's gravity does the pulling, you steer and slow down with back foot. BTW, don't look down the hill, it will intimidate you, just keep your eyes at the next turn one at the time and look up the hill when you are done.

  93. Kevin Howell says:

    I like your vids but I am worried cos u guys never have any safety equipment when in the backcountry… Stay safe and take beacon, shovel and probe with ya and learn how to use it… No matter how well someone can read the terrain and how safe the snowpack might seem, it can always go wrong! Peace

  94. SkateCakes88 says:

    this is dogshit!

  95. Pro Consumer Safety says:

    Jim here with Pro Consumer Safety. As an instructor, you provide great tips in your videos. When I am teaching and reviewing videos to show others, I am also looking how the viewer interprets these on the hill. Great tips.

    The deepest powder I have boarded in, and have done many times, have been waist to chest deep at resorts in Utah. With this deep of powder I'm usually on black diamonds, so pretty steep. Sometimes on my all mountain board which you really have to dig your back foot in to keep your tip up and sometimes on my powder board, of course is easier. For deep powder on boards you really need steeps, but know your limits. On some intermediate areas with powder at waist deep I have purposely leveled my board (still tip up), but submerged under the snow. The only thing I could see is my knees and waist moving through the powder. Its a pretty awesome feeling. I would not try this unless you have ridden in powder often and on intermediate runs, not steeps. For steeps, keep your tip up.

    Note of caution in deep powder, always have friends to follow and keep track of each other. We have had cases of snowboarders being turned upside down and they panic. If you do not panic you just dig out, unstrap to get out and reposition. But there is a process, but having friends follow is a benefit. In Utah this is common. Maybe SnowboardProCamp can discuss this in a video sometime.

  96. Objektif kisi says:

    thanks a lot

  97. Delfin says:

    Like 30-40 cm probably. I would love to go to Austria for my next snowboarding trip. I’ve been there twice on holiday but it’s so fun and would like to try it again.

  98. Connor Behunin says:

    Okay now how to do you go faster than two miles per hour

  99. Huy Ly says:

    Close to chest deep fresh powder through a tree run at Niseko

  100. PhaseSkater says:

    Can anyone explain to me why no one just bombs straight down these? Wouldn’t that be more fun?

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