How to Snowboard : How to Strap into Snowboard Bindings

How to Snowboard : How to Strap into Snowboard Bindings

In this segment, we’re going to learn a little
bit about our bindings, the things that hold your feet to your board. They?re pretty important.
You want a good relationship with them. This here is their highback. This would be your
heel strap and toe strap. These are your ladders. To strap in, simply put your foot inside the
binding. Connect the ratchet to the ladder and strap it down. You want a good amount
of pressure on both of them so they’re really holding your binding, your foot to the binding.
You don’t want any loose movement. If you strap them in too loose, you?re not going
to have a good connection with your snowboard. It’s not going to respond to your actions.
So, you want to go ahead and make sure they’re in there solid. And that’s how you strap on
a binding.

Antonio Breitenberg

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33 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : How to Strap into Snowboard Bindings

  1. Wayne L says:

    hahaha! naughty naughty

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    hahahah awesome find

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    hahahahahaha that was great lol!

  4. josh smith says:

    LMAO thats so jokes at 0:40 . It looks dirty. I wonder what shes thinking about 😉

  5. Ty Burdick says:

    do u want that strap to go over the tips of your toes? or like mid part of ur foot

  6. Mark Pross says:

    strap on a what???!!!!

  7. superwindex says:

    hey can my boots hang off the board about half an inch i dont know plz coment

  8. says:

    no. it has to be flushed with the board. or else your boots can catch something while goin down

  9. CWokstheWalk says:

    @madaboutrc hahahaha

  10. CWokstheWalk says:

    hahahaha. she said strap on….

  11. blindbraille says:

    Erm… that's how you strap ONE foot in…

  12. Doug Hanson says:

    Free RIDE snowboard gear on the link on my youtube page.

  13. Matt Kelley says:

    lol…Watch her hand at 0:38

  14. Kelorm Blackmoon says:

    HAHA few points
    1 : 45k views
    2 : SUBTITLES !
    3 : A good relationship with bindings ?!?!?

  15. Terrox says:

    omg expertvillage, learn me more, how do i reach my hand down to the bindings

  16. dumb cunt says:

    @Frankwrlb2 haha haha

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    wtf this is so dumb..

  20. ValugaTheLord says:

    WTF??? This tut is really needed? people are dumb enought not to know how to do this? WTF?!

  21. xylnathien says:

    ive watched pretty much every expert village vid on how to snowboard and learned nothing…i'll do it the faithfull old fashioned way and learn by my self. thanks but not thanks expert village

  22. Kyler Overton says:

    @Frankwrlb2 I think shes practicing for her date. lol

  23. Jelle Postma says:

    and straaaap it doowwwwn xD haha awesome

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    At 0:40 she is holding something BIG AXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAX xDDD!

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    jblqks that was a good one

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    how stupid can you be not to be able to strap in……….

  28. David Ingle says:

    oh my god this helped me out soooooo much. THANK YOU

  29. Nikola Azic says:

    If you french-fry when you're supposed to pizza….you're gonna have a bad time 😀

  30. Ellen Breeze says:

    hey ive noticed some snowboarders have the front strap on the tip of their toes and some on the top of their toes which one is better

  31. lillovebuglily says:

    Wait, you really thought you'd be able to learn how to snowboard just by watching how to videos?

  32. xylnathien says:

    Way to bring comments out of the grave, 2 years ago. And yes, I did, and yes, it helped, good-bye forever and have a great life 🙂

  33. lillovebuglily says:

    Chill, dude

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