How to Snowboard : How to Stand up Heelside on a Snowboard

How to Snowboard : How to Stand up Heelside on a Snowboard

In this segment, we’re going to talk a little
bit about how to stand on your own. You want to find a little bit of a sloped area, like
this, so your edge has something to hold against. Not something completely flat because that
won’t really teach you much. You want to go ahead and strap both your feet in, grab the
middle of your board just for balance for now. Put your back hand behind you and lift
yourself over the board. You can feel your heel edge catching in the snow holding your
weight. Once you feel centered and comfortable, go ahead and stand up using these muscles
right above your knees. You want to stay in a squatted position because if you stand up
too straight or too quickly you’ll lose balance and fall over immediately. Snowboarding is
basically a giant squat. Get these leg muscles working, really feel it. Don’t get discouraged
if you fall over right away. Everybody falls over. That’s how you stand up.

Antonio Breitenberg

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50 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : How to Stand up Heelside on a Snowboard

  1. silverfd says:

    wow you look pretty lanky but perhaps hot, take off your goggles.

  2. ggg says:

    I can't understand the reason such standing up is worth explaining. Even the worst newbie can stand up. What's the problem, eh?

  3. Stefan Nicula says:

    tx for the tip dude

  4. Bearded Sifu says:

    i saw that happen to someone

  5. skaterofthegoofy says:

    actually i went snowboarding my first time some time and i couldn't stand up on my own

  6. sharkl11 says:

    Same, i gotta roll over and push myself up. Gota shed some of my fat off.

  7. Winning Daddie says:

    i love how she said "giant squat"

  8. drainlife says:

    So true…

  9. sidwawa says:

    I like how she says at the end, don't worry everyone falls over – don't feel so nervous anymore – good on her!

  10. freedog37 says:

    nope lean back on your back and in one motion spin your board belly side and get up and your automatically on toe edge way faster and its fun!

  11. Aaron Levin says:

    honestly, all i do when i fall is just sit down get into a possition where im infront of my legs/board and i just push my self up

  12. lucas monroe says:

    my brother can litterly jump up frum tha ground and go staight but dis is ohk

  13. Kristian Milanov says:

    Expertvillage , great work..

  14. TheJan says:

    normal size glasses

  15. gyeommiebears says:

    OMG me too!

  16. Max Johansson says:

    my problem was to stop lolz i almost got really hurt going down and dont be able to stop

  17. TKJWVU says:

    i snowboarded for my first time at Wisp on wednesday. After a while i learned how to stop without using my face haha

  18. Doug Hanson says:

    Free RIDE snowboard gear on the link on my youtube page.

  19. Kazzzzzo says:

    Buy smaller goggles…

  20. hickster500 says:

    Same thing happened to me! I got a snowboard for my birthday and have never done it before so me and my dad went out togather. (Im a skateboarder from long back) But after 2 runs down the bunny hill i was set and now i can do that stuff to!

  21. Chuck says:

    i like how she has a lot of enthusiasm

  22. KiddSister says:

    for some reason its really hard for me to stand up heelside so i just stand up toeside and turn around it takes longer but…it works

  23. xcrement says:

    Do I have to be out of breath when I stand up or is that optional?

  24. Sacrilicious says:

    too stop basic go into a heel slide and sit down when you real slow thats it

  25. YxM Xavier says:

    For those who don't do leg workouts. Your legs are going to take a beating. By the end of the day (thats if you snowboard all day) you probably won't feel your legs.

  26. ebony says:

    I was traumatized by snowboarding when I was younger.. LOL.. I fell down and I could not get back up on my board, its harder than it looks, there was no one around to help me.. and everyone was laughing at me. ESPECIALLY if I fall forward like on my stomach.. there is NO WAY to get back up.. im like stuck

  27. Wes Matthews says:

    @janondros you wont be able to cut you finger… unless your retarded

  28. Kevin Hamusek says:

    those muscles are called thighs

  29. dontchaseme22 says:

    then could u please tell me how to stand on heelside, i really have difficulties, ive tried sooo many time but i still cannot do it easily :(((

  30. bk11121988 says:

    @janondros wait how will your fingers get cut off?

  31. yuck fou says:

    i heard snowboarding becomes a lil faster or easier to you if you already know how to skate, is that true?

  32. buellrer says:

    yes sazowner that is true

  33. buellrer says:

    @sazowner Yes sazowner that is true, if you know how to skate board then learning how to snowboard becomes easier and you learn faster

  34. Saddl3r says:

    @bk11121988 If someone runs into you from behind your fingers will slide on the sharp edge, thus removing your fingers from you hand 😉

  35. aisukurimusandoichi says:

    @buellrer I thought skateboarding would help me but it really didn't. My windsurfing helped me a lot more than my skateboarding. For example, turning on a snowboard is TOTALLY different than on a skateboard…

  36. aisukurimusandoichi says:

    @gowildchild erm… All you need on a skateboard is to apply pressure on one edge and the bushings compress, turning the trucks in or out. There are no trucks on a snowboard… You need to combine movements of your hips and torso, as well as applying pressure heel or toeside all while adjusting forward lean. Its simple physics dude, snowboards don't have any self working mechanics and skateboards do.

  37. Taylor Hernly says:

    ok when do i actually get to ride the snowboard, i mean teaching people common sense is cool, but i dont have all fucking day!

  38. Tax Evader says:

    @Snylor hahahaha!

  39. Ryan Baker says:

    69 likes ohhhh yeah and you need biger goggles

  40. nuunification says:

    ohhh, snowboard is a giant SQUAT! I take one of those every morning.

  41. Fred Chang says:

    0:18 oh sh*t everytime when i stand up i dont do this thats,…thats really really bad 🙁 :D:D:D

  42. 2Legit2Acquit says:

    I want to stand up, but i dont want to use those muscles. is there another way?

  43. Nick Roels says:

    just use these musceles..above ur knees…uhm..those are called ur quads.

  44. Edward says:

    at my first time snowboarding i prefered toeside standing but boarding healside by switching quickly when i gain some speed. as a begginer i don't have balance when i stand healside so i just do it in a way thats easier for me

  45. brycen lechner says:

    why are her goggles so much bigger than her face?

  46. drukenhard says:

    @callumskates3 Wow, stupid much?

  47. Elizabeth Krell says:

    It's okay. He's just single(:

  48. TheTombigal says:

    Did my first ever snowboarding lesson and im struggling to stand up I've tried several times its a huge struggle does anyone have tips to help me..thanks

  49. Little Pookie says:

    This video helped me a lot

  50. Nelson Soares says:

    Really hard to stand up if overweight, the belly won't let u go.

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