How to Snowboard : How to Skate on a Snowboard

How to Snowboard : How to Skate on a Snowboard

In this section, we’re going to talk about
skating. Basically how you get around the mountain when you?re not strapped into both
feet. You want to skate up to the lift and away from the lift. Also if you want to get
to your friends over there, you don’t want to strap both feet in and you don’t want to
walk. That’s where skating comes in handy. Once you have your front foot strapped in,
you want to get to the chair lift. You want to put all your weight over your front foot.
If you keep your weight on your back foot, your board is going to be sliding all over
the place. If you keep your weight on top of your board, it’s going to respond better
to you. Some people skate with their foot in front of their toe edge. It’s a little
bit awkward like a penguin walk. I don’t like it myself. I like to put my foot behind my
board and go ahead and put all your weight on your front foot. Make sure your eyes are
looking where you want to go. If their looking down here, at your board, your balance is
going to be all messed of. Kind of not really in the right place. If you keep your eyes
up where you want to go you’ll find that you’ll always end up there. That’s kind of how you
do it. You just want to make sure your weight is over your binding, centered, and pushing
with your back foot. You don’t want any weight on your back foot at all. I find putting my
foot behind my board is more comfortable. Some people prefer it in front. That’s alright
as well. You just want to do the same thing. It depends on how comfortable you are or how
you want to do it. Everything’s up to you, but that’s how you do it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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44 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : How to Skate on a Snowboard

  1. Fire4Effect says:

    if u dont put any weight on your back foot how do you push yourself?

  2. Fire4Effect says:


  3. Gergely Nagyfugedi says:

    Yo!!! LOL comment. Did u make a vid to introduce how u do it? I think if u write thinks like this u should be an expert…

  4. korense says:

    lolz, so thats what ive been doing wrong all these years. Ive always been putting my weight on my back foot.

  5. asusvilla says:

    You don't use the "body's weight" but a force from your leg to get impulse. You basically use a force coming from your leg to move the mass of your body; it's like pushing a box instead of carring it (pushing it's easier)

  6. Olivier Graverand says:

    Hy Im french, but i understand a little what you say, this holydays i go to Valmeinier it is a station sky I love it, and your video to !!!

  7. superwindex says:

    WOW awsome advice =)

  8. Dashaivan says:

    yep Skiers have it easy getting to the lift,

  9. Maikoe says:

    Doing it toeside is so awkward

  10. no worries says:

    i would think so, I started skating after snowboarding.

  11. no worries says:

    Im Goofy skate but Reg snowboard, Is that weird?

  12. no worries says:

    Oh right, thanks.

  13. MrYeti12 says:

    thats because no one uses stomp pads any more

  14. Nick Weisser says:

    your googles look huge in this vid haha jk

  15. fortuenny says:

    @MrYeti12 Tons of people use stomp pads. If no one did, my brand new burton set up wouldnt have come with one.

  16. MrYeti12 says:

    not realy tuns of people get them in there binding box and some times with a bored but they dont put them on i toss mine all the time i think they look dumb and dont help if you have a crappy one from the company where you got your bored or bindings and i hate burton bored s so why do i care im sponsored by salomon so i ride Sanchez revers cam

  17. Tyler Geercken says:

    ya my friend does that it's kind of weird but who cares

  18. Memology says:

    thank you so much! it was really helpful.. I didn't know anything of this and was up for snowboarding with some friends this week end.. I didn't screw up as much as I probably would have thanks to this:)

  19. troidberg says:

    Hey thanks i didn't know you needed to put all your weight in dominant foot.

  20. Doug Hanson says:

    Free RIDE snowboard gear on the link on my youtube page.

  21. Smoke Stacks says:

    Your a greatt instructor:)

    i look like a limping deer when i skate on my snowboard! 😀

  22. Giorgi Gachechiladze says:

    lol thats easy cuz your foot is like stucked at the board every idiot can do that lame trick 😐

  23. Eric Stenberg says:

    Need to put weight on my strapped in foot…so that's where I've been going wrong all this time! Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  24. mike cavacece says:

    @ESPhotolicious lol me to my board was slideing all over the place and it was really hard

  25. FifthGear says:

    I disagree. The foot that you step with is your stronger foot. And you need your stronger foot to be on your tail for making ollies. I'm regular and my right foot is stronger than my left. That's why the left foot do the leading and the right do the kicking. And i always use the right foot for the hard stuff. Jumping while running. I always step on the right pedal of the bike for taking off.

  26. BillyBobTS says:

    @MrHockeyplaya31 word she looks like an idiot with those gigantic goggles and that tiny head

  27. divdawgd says:

    oshit thats sikk

  28. MrKolerful says:

    incase i need a sandwish snowboarding

  29. Stephen Morrill says:

    how bout get a stomp pad makes skating easier and better for ur board….

  30. Dakota Speir says:

    I always thought the Eg2s were the biggest goggles lol

  31. Nick Beal says:


  32. Kenzie Ash says:

    dude i have one of those "toy" snowboards and im tryin to get a better one like a real one ant their too expensive so anybody that wants to sell a used one to me just post a comment on my channel and ill get back to ya

  33. Minyoung Park says:

    @MrHockeyplaya31 I DONT KNOW ABOUT THAT!?!?!???????

  34. daleyjem says:

    i like your method better than the penguin walk thing too.

  35. asdweagawas says:

    could you look any more ridiculous???

  36. Alina Borgsén says:

    pretty obvious… :/

  37. Suplk says:

    i like girls on snowboard. They are to dangeros in cars… 😛

  38. awesomenessallaround says:

    how is riding mongo the easier way?

  39. Mt. Zion Lion says:

    I like her videos because she gets to the point. No unnecessary chatter.

  40. Hansiboi1234 says:

    No shit sherlock…

  41. Sebastian Luna says:

    why are all the related videos chaz ortiz?

  42. aysasa91 says:

    Or bigger head

  43. Jeffy Li says:

    other video says don't get friend to push you to see which is dominant foot… they say run a few steps and slide; which foot you stop slide with is dominant foot

  44. Jeffy Li says:

    oops i meant prev. video.

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