How to Snowboard : How to Lace Snowboarding Boots

Alright, in this section we’re going to talk
about one of the most important equipments your going to have which are your boots. Your
boots support your body weight when you push against them. It’s really important to have
them tied really tight. So they’ll usually be one of these and you want to pull that
tight with all your weight. It will cinch the ties around your foot and your inner lining.
Tie that up. It’s really important to have a lot of pressure on your feet so your feet
don’t move anywhere. You don’t want any lift in your heel when you stand up. Make sure
it’s all tucked in and all together, nothing’s all hanging off. When you?re done tying you
can push against them. Bend your knees a little bit. You’ll feel them pushing against your
shins supporting your weight. That’s going to be really important when you start to take

Antonio Breitenberg

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