How to Snowboard : How to Grind in Snowboarding

How to Snowboard : How to Grind in Snowboarding

Hi, my name is Matt Vansteenis and on behalf
of Expert Village we are going to learn how to snowboard today at Cannonsburg Ski Resort
in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this segment we’re going to talk about hitting
rails. We already went over being able to hit jumps and getting comfortable with riding
so rails are the next step. Find a nice easy metal rail. You’re going to ride up to it
just normal like how you would with a jump, everything in line. Nice and easy. You’re
going to kind of pop off your tail, land on the rail and just ride through. We’re going
to go with it right underneath our foot first which is called “fifty fifty”. So, just “fifty
fifty” through the rail and just come off and ride away.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : How to Grind in Snowboarding

  1. Criminal MindsRN says:

    fuck your stance is wide

  2. Regan Price says:

    if you have a dance floor and you are first starting to try boxes use it. it gives you a good feel for riding them. it also helps for doing 360's on boxes.

  3. Criminal MindsRN says:

    ya it is lol

  4. Eric McCone says:

    his stance is not wide at all

  5. Ohio Power Bar says:

    ive been snowboarding for 5 days and i can do rails better than this guy

  6. Darkstar DTB says:

    Well wide stances help the balance but are way fucked up for agility. They do help in carving, spinning and landing jumps though. The only side down is that you can't do manuals with just 15 cm of tail XD

  7. Spenser says:

    at least get a rider that can snowboard well.

    why dont you guys get it yet? your videos are garbage. its better to give no advice than to give shitty advice.

  8. misterpessimism says:

    his stance is shoulder width xEmcCx that's what it's supposed to be, if u think that's wide, then ur riding with ur feet touching..

  9. SnoboarderX27 says:

    In snowboarding, all "grinds" are called "slides" or "jibs." Grinding is a category of skateboard tricks.

  10. specialbuddy says:

    You steezy kids are funny. What do you kids know about stance? It's personal preference just like the crappy mismatched clown clothing you all wear. I want to know how steezy kids can snowboard with their pants around their ankles. I mean, I know you are all young and I got crap from the older generation for my snowboard apparel but this new generation caught the thug life gangsta wannabe plague. You're not a thug so pull your pants up to at least knee high, you might snowboard better.

  11. Julian Parent says:

    Haha 5 stars becuase i live in grand rapids

  12. Wade says:

    depends, sometimes a little sometimes alot

  13. Wade says:

    depends how tall the rail is

  14. Brandon Lawlor says:

    how do you pop a snowboard???

  15. D3rarsch says:

    you flex it. a snowboard is kinda soft that you can use it as a spring

  16. Brandon Lawlor says:

    oh, ok, thanks man. im a skater, but its hard to skate when theres snow everywhere. And i want to get into snowboarding.

  17. Whodis? says:

    same here

  18. D3rarsch says:

    just look other videos there are also a lot videos for make ollies on snowboard

  19. hallaisback says:

    yeah dude same

  20. marko polo says:

    same gogle as mine

  21. Brandon Lawlor says:

    na, im good, already got a snowboard.

  22. SCAREDBANANA says:

    Does that hurt your board?

  23. Justin McHugh says:

    are you retarted

  24. Emily says:

    apparently not, you got like 6 thumbs down lol

  25. 5150dhbiker says:

    How about all you guys stfu. WHO cares about the damn goggles or if your french or not. Just go out and snowboard, and if theres no snow where you are then get on a DH bike or ride some motocross. There, problem solved.

  26. Jake P Dubs says:

    Dumbass this would make no sense to a beginner and no wonder he lives in michigan and their manmade hills. Oh and btw dude 50-50 is board flat sideways your doing a flat grind or nose however you wanna look at it.

  27. mideviltimes says:

    @COLOBAMAFAN 50-50 on a skate board is on both trucks so this would be considered a 50-50 and what ur thinkin of is a board slide

  28. Jake P Dubs says:

    Yeah dude thats what i meant thanks.

  29. bryant lacey says:

    you're an idiot. a "flat sideways" is a boardslide. This is a basic 50-50.

  30. DeanScuddles says:

    @atreyu26zach quarters… not courters… and in english speaking countries… our dad's have the dicks, not mom's, so she should go to a doctor and get that checked out quick….

  31. Bryan Miguel says:

    You have it mixed up. 50-50 is when your body is parallel with the rail. Boardslide is when you're perpendicular.

    The name came from skateboarding where weight was distributed 50% on each truck. (notice why a 5-0 is when you're only on one truck). The name carried over to Snowboarding because they are both board style sports.

  32. Christian says:

    technically u cant grind a snowboard…

  33. Peter Stassi says:

    hes just showing the basics dick bag

  34. Steven Broadway says:

    i caught a edge and fell so bad… forearm still hurts lol

  35. Lynden Williams says:


  36. arsenalgunners2 says:

    The best part of these videos is the f-ing posers who post below them. Not only do these supposed expert commentators feel the need to watch a basic "how to" video but they also feel the need to complain about how basic they are. STFU.

    Go get stoked on the mountain and stop complaining about videos.

  37. lilturders says:

    Love the goggles!

  38. beesland says:

    thats REALLY hard, what I would do for my first rail is find one of those really wide rails and just 50-50 that, it would be like riding on snow and its technically a grind! :p

  39. beesland says:

    @xxaznjazonxx yes, but a really long one with a metal top…

    i dont know what that thing is actually called…

    …wide rail?

  40. st3aksauce138 says:

    @BEASLAND000 its called a box

  41. worstphobia says:

    a box is for pussies!

  42. MrZoomzs says:

    Hey, i;m going there this winter what kind of terrain park (jumps rails boxes) does it have? thanks

  43. elklazor says:

    Move to sweden!

  44. Lindon Jacey says:

    @worstphobia yeah ok mate bet u cant even do one so jog on

  45. Alberto Sepulveda says:

    anybody know what oakley's lens is on his a frame?

  46. Marten Arthers says:

    Hey guys,

    Can grinding scratch or permanatly damage my board? I just got it and I don't want to ruin it the first week. I don't know wether it's importand but i have a Lamar Trooper board which has an extruded base, and itn't especcialy build for parks

    Please awnser 🙂

  47. pixaman56 says:

    @bloodestkill nah they shold get a logboard and skate dh 😀 or freeboard.

  48. ksheresh says:

    @mjbArthers of course you can scratch it by grinding

  49. bannanaization says:

    dude i like his goggles no lie

  50. David says:

    Hey shredders if you use ride's search engine as your default engine they give you rewards points which goes towards gear/snowboards. This is not a scam!! check it out!!

  51. tehftwguy says:

    "expert snowboarder" ahem**

  52. J Skrobot says:

    lol… i'm going to cannonsburg in like 5 minutes.

  53. alpaca or i'll smack ya says:

    lol, you suck. thats like one of the shortest rail i've ever seen and you dident make it! and your suposed to teach how to do it? hahaha, failure

  54. Simen Tidemandsen says:

    why do people watch this?
    why did i watch this?

  55. MotoBoy says:

    @naiko182 that's how the pros do it

  56. MotoBoy says:

    fucking terrible, terrible, terrible teacher and rider

  57. matthew6969ify says:

    are you in big bear

  58. buck20 says:

    matt venn's penis?

  59. Simen Tidemandsen says:

    @drippinblood28 i'm not pro, but that's the way we do it in norway.
    and if you bail, u won't get hurt, u justget back up.

  60. Chris Dunne says:

    @SNIPEZU hahah wtf??

  61. Rob LaPlante says:

    @zzune Depends on the jib or rail. Usually you should have enough speed to just glide onto the rail, if not, you'll have to pop.

  62. ToxicElectronics says:

    Matt wants Penis XD 00:00

  63. psychedeliccheese says:

    @naiko182 that's not true and for snowboarding you can get extremely hurt and if you take your friend up some gnarly hill for there first time and tell them to go down it could ruin snowboarding for them all together so why don't you shut up and learn how to snowboard mister side slipping jib fag

  64. Simen Tidemandsen says:

    @psychedeliccheese ride to have fun. when u can turn and brake, u can hit a rail.
    and don't be so rude to people u don't know!

  65. psychedeliccheese says:

    @zzune um learn forward off jumps and lift off with your legs so you can such them up and make 90 degree angles with you knees and it depends if its a ride on or gap to box or rail you should practice both but the key to rails and boxes is speed and keeping the board flat if you edge you will slip out

  66. psychedeliccheese says:

    @naiko182 whoa spaz calm down i really wasn't rude in fact both of our comments were much ruder then mine with snowboarding you really don't learn best your self that why you see so many people side slipping down the mountain and failing there arms trying desperately to turn

  67. Simen Tidemandsen says:

    @psychedeliccheese yeah, but they learn it in no time. and when u can't turn u don't hit a rail.

    u don't when other's tell u what to do at the board either.

  68. Keegan Leslie says:

    i did my first grind today :D…..this did not help me this time!

  69. Danny Metler says:

    no steeze

  70. semajgnik says:

    everyone who watched this video and then said, "don't watch videos, thats not how you learn! just do them!" are stupid because:
    1. why are you here watching this video?
    2. just do what? if you're a beginner, you have to observe first, then you can try to copy what their doing, THATS how you learn.

  71. douknowgregg says:

    thts why its called a board slide

  72. Charlie Gergel says:

    @naiko182 yeah you got a point, but i need help with the c rail, i fall every time

  73. Simen Tidemandsen says:

    @Fre3ZinRain a little tip is to don't ride to slow, couse then u got no control, and it feels like u r going to die… xD
    but after some time, u'll get it. no dubt.

  74. Charlie Gergel says:

    @naiko182 thnx

  75. Austin Piatz says:

    hahaha the forst time he couldnt even stay one the whole rail…. and hes a pro

  76. PocketBikingDude221 says:

    i got a vid on my channel goin on a table top fractured my arm xD

  77. Stuart Coghill says:

    what a shite video. didnt really explain anything lol just some dude doing a rail, not even that well.

  78. Oti G says:

    How is that supposed to help anyone? "Just hop on to it and ride it out". I mean thats how you do it, but there is a bit of technique that has to go into it!

  79. Drey Tee says:

    Has anyone sees this gold coin from SWS from 20 to 33 seconds in the upper right side?)

  80. Jslim Threenine says:

    Haha – I've hit flat downs, rainbows, and curved boxes, but not rails. I'd definitely have to start on a rail like the one in this vid haha

  81. Ryan Koch says:

    @naiko182 personally, i watched it because i miss the snow and im craving snowboarding. watching this video is as close as i can get to it, until my next trip.

  82. Simen Tidemandsen says:

    @RANDOMIROTTAZ100 then we have somthing in common.

  83. Simen Tidemandsen says:

    @ryankoch38 i miss the snow too 🙁
    it disapeard realy early this year 🙁

  84. nuunification says:

    @TheExoticAnimal …. You are SOOOO right. Everyone listen to him. He has dedicated his life to teaching people how to snowboard and you probably hurt his feelings when you talk bad about him. Exotic Animal makes a great point that you are scaring the new snowboarders away and hurting their feelings too. Don't say things on YouTube that people could take the wrong way. Its your responsibility that they MIGHT take it personally.

  85. scottman12 says:

    perisher in Australia is open this weekend can't wait 🙂

  86. ryan mckenzie says:

    like this if when u first learn how to jump shit on a snowboard u litteraly just jumped….cuz i changed to like a pop and now i aint getting high enough

  87. guitarcrazy989 says:

    are those shaun white signature goggles?

  88. DoctaJ876757 says:

    @gobias3 Holy shit this literally made me laugh out loud. haha. So true.

  89. Alaskan ThunderFucker says:

    anyone else feel like expert village is controlled by some cult or illuminati that purposely teaches people the wrong stuff just cause they're ass holes?

  90. range1one says:

    @zqmbfg lmfaooo thats funny as hell hahahaha

  91. mitch paul says:

    @gobias3 somone needs a smoke

  92. OB1W4N says:

    damn this guy has no style.

  93. davidtswanny says:

    god that was so good… Im glad your an expert

  94. nick bronson says:

    his name is: Matt Vince Anus

  95. jeppep95 says:

    Isnt it called Jibbing or something?

  96. 22Soccershoos22 says:


  97. maverickRLZ says:

    thats the exact same responsse I ggive to everyone and anyone who asks me that question! Just DO IT!

  98. Balder Mattila says:

    did. almost broke my tail bone.

  99. Zak Nordgren says:

    You really must suck.

  100. Peter Sutton says:

    You suck at grinding

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