How to Snowboard : How to Get on a Ski Lift with a Snowboard

How to Snowboard : How to Get on a Ski Lift with a Snowboard

Once you’ve mastered both your toe and heelside
edges, you’re going to want to get on the chair lift and really give it a go. You want
to be with only one foot strapped in, so you want to go back to skating. You’re going to
skate up to the lift line and get on.
Show them your ticket and skate up to the chair lift. You want to wait behind the chair.
There will be a red line to show you were to stop. And, just follow your lifty’s cues
as to when to sit down. Keep your legs straight as you’re leaving the snow, so it doesn’t
get tangled under the chair. And, you can put it on top of your other foot so you’re
nice and comfortable. That’s how you get on a chair lift. Now, you’ve just got to enjoy
the ride.

Antonio Breitenberg

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80 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : How to Get on a Ski Lift with a Snowboard

  1. Andrew Porter says:

    that kid is enjoying that snow .. yummmy …
    -me want more…
    -that would be $5 pls ..

  2. drummerdude134 says:

    No safety bar!!

  3. Tim Bontempi says:

    most of the time no but some operators don't care.

  4. Fulou says:

    Poma lift! 😛

  5. Germany124 says:

    You shouldn't. There is some kind of safety concern… not sure what it is but were I work we're supposed to tell people not to do it. I'll ask my supervisor and get back to you.

  6. blockjok says:

    LOL so youre nuts ar comtterbul

  7. Germany124 says:

    Forgot I posted here :p.

    You shouldn't strap in on a ski lift because of the leaning thing as mentioned by funky.
    Also, It makes a person more tempted to jump off before reaching the top.
    You can also get a piece of clothing caught in your board, so when you get to the top, getting off becomes a hazard.

  8. Cailey Dawn says:

    I'm going snowboarding tomorrow with my boyfriend and he said he straps when he's on the lift, that way when it's time to get off he can just go without have to stop and strap.

  9. hollowman113 says:

    Or you can Just Take ur SNOWBOARD IN UR HANDS!

  10. eleszar1 says:


  11. eleszar1 says:

    yEs there is a chanse your mathafucking snowboard to fall from your hands slip away that will be MATHAFUCKING FAIL 😛

  12. eleszar1 says:

    hhaahha ^^

  13. Mateusz Szczepański says:


  14. Blake Frank says:

    i use to snow board and im starting back up is there a better way then what that is to get on sky lift pst me plz

  15. Chanman says:

    what about the safety bar?, bitch

  16. jjtc100 says:

    how the hell i get down, thats the hardest rofl

  17. 16NIBOR says:

    wow that looks sooo hard please learn me again! :O -.-

  18. troidberg says:

    How the fuck do you get off?

  19. Ergooo says:

    0:08 a kid eating snow in the background

  20. Chuck says:

    @m0n3y1992 i agree but some people have different views bout it.

  21. thebomb164 says:

    @splashlvr101 lol thats so funny!


  22. Bey0ndKha0s1825 says:


  23. aw2x214 says:

    Being an instructor for KVC in steamboat springs ski resort kids love eating that snow and having nap time in the afternoon after a long morning of trying to ski…hahahahaha….and crying for there parents all day…KIDS!

  24. Reneator says:

    @MichaelStergTv01 Muuuchhh more interesting!!!

  25. c00m0n5ter says:

    lol that kid must be hungry

  26. Rusty Shacklford says:

    lol the camera guy is torn within him self "must…film…fat kid eating snow"

  27. Rob Haslam says:


  28. Rob Haslam says:


  29. ImDino says:

    0:21 the guys taking tickets are like "who is she talking to??"

  30. bulzz i says:

    i bet that guy controlling the lift is like " who the fuck are you talking to alien bitch"

  31. Cosmic Lightning says:

    7 people fell b/c they forgot to use the bar…

  32. ironrongerka says:

    what about the putting the bar down when u u get on???alien

  33. TDS says:

    LOOOL focusing on the kid eating snow. lol After she was like "Show them your ticket!" the people where like "wtf?"

  34. TheGrassyBatter2 says:

    @lespaultyler lolol

  35. hockeyplaya4ev says:

    You forgot to put the bar down :p

  36. Birdman says:

    You definitely need bigger goggles!

  37. yunan4 says:

    I hope for tha guy it wasnt yellow snow >.<

  38. Joao Lobo says:

    o safty bar?

  39. Yvan Rodriguez says:

    LMAO kid in the back eating snow.

  40. callowaymotorcompany says:

    @RSguides4lvling Theres not bar at some places

  41. glaswasser says:

    cmon, as if somebody failed at this. stupid video.

  42. T T says:

    Her goggles aren't big enough.

  43. DRbamboozler says:

    can you take your top off and then show how to snowboard?

  44. William Hansen says:

    Now, what if there's other people on the lift than you?

  45. Katarzyna Łaszuk says:

    Comfortable with 5 people next or even ON you… Perhaps, she has her own ski slope. The best solution is taking off the snowboard and holding it in hands. However, it depend on our abilities.

  46. paintballez says:

    i know how to do all this stuff they tell you i just watch because i laugh so hard at the people teaching

  47. Cubonebone says:


  48. Kyler Overton says:

    Hmmmmmm i wonder why tht kid in the back is tied to a pole and eating snow, o yea he ate his mom so they tied him up.

  49. DrTTube says:

    @lespaultyler hungry kid

  50. Rodrigo Michelini says:

    That`s how you get on a chairlift, now you just gotta keep the safety bar up and have the chance to practice suiciding!

  51. Gnar Shredder says:

    @Mrninjamonkey100 the kid isnt tied to a pole. so your unfunny joke is even less funny.

  52. HangrySquats says:

    ya cause lifts are always empty like that -____-

  53. MixxelPixxel says:

    Thank goodness for these videos. haha

  54. jblqks says:

    0:08 kid made me laugh so hard xDDD

  55. bjornieno says:

    @ItsACanesThang no thats ski

  56. bjornieno says:

    big goggles 😛

  57. nuunification says:

    The lift guys are like "Who the eff is she talking to?"

  58. SnowboardProCamp says:


    Check out the snowboard video's on the name above, for allot more tips on how to do snowboard tricks!

  59. David Morris says:

    And what's with the goggles? Just missing a snorkel

  60. J B says:

    @pizzabomb24 exactly lol

  61. NickP says:

    she forgot to pull down the security bar, well we got these in canada

  62. Janoy Cresva says:

    @xxINS4NExMedic i used to eat snow too but then i grew up

  63. Janoy Cresva says:

    @xxINS4NExMedic i used to eat snow too but then i grew up

  64. Plook says:

    ummm its sad when she forgets idk the bar restrant so you dont fall off

  65. Richard Molloy says:

    snow yumm

  66. Eirik Eliassen says:

    wrong lift :p

  67. Trenton R says:

    @ThePlook11 Thats for babies!

  68. Plook says:

    @trothe D'= dam were i am they force u to nomatter what

  69. Trenton R says:

    @ThePlook11 Oh. Well, in California, its completely optional. haha

  70. xboxglicher1445 says:

    put the f***ing lift rail or fall b****

  71. tatsurider says:

    @BULZZixAGP um, LOL.

  72. xilinor says:

    You forgot something, not realy important, it just may save your life..

  73. Leyla Garcia says:

    guess you're still driving around there?! xD

  74. Ebracs says:

    Lol 0:07

  75. Gianluigi Azimonti says:

    fat boy…don't eat that shit!!

  76. Matt Young says:

    Thats fucking gay! where the hell is the safety bar. LIke fuck they give you shit for not putting the bar down on time like fuck!

  77. Jack Hanna says:

    Do you thing we are stupid?

  78. BAK87 says:

    ….. and just enjoy the ride, with the safety bar UP instead of down. Bad how to.

  79. tpaairman says:

    Is this a video how to get on a ski lift or what not to do when making a video?  Sorry but the subject spends most of the time partially or fully out of frame, and the camera does not even track until way too late.  

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