How to Snowboard : How to do a T-Bar in Snowboarding

How to Snowboard : How to do a T-Bar in Snowboarding

Hi my name is Matt Vansteenis and on behalf
of Expert Village we are going to learn how to snowboard today at Cannonsburg Ski Resort
in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this segment we are going to talk about the dreaded
T-bar. There is a right way and a wrong way, so I will show you the right way first. The
right way is simple, you can either do it one foot out on your board or you can be completely
strapped in. I prefer the strapped in method. So you strap in with your other foot, wait
until the T-bar comes around, grab onto it, put the bar behind your back hip and just
sit back and enjoy the ride up. And the wrong way to ride the T-bar. If you are strapped
in, and you just hold onto it, because it gets really swirly and you start going all
over the place and you just bite it and get dragged all the way to the top of the hill.
Or when you grab onto the bar, you throw the piece of wood or the crossbar between your
legs on yourself and you just get dragged to the top by your front leg. It is not very
comfortable in this region.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : How to do a T-Bar in Snowboarding

  1. jacob martinez says:

    ah you guys are nasty why do you have to thiknk like that, haha

  2. Bobby Light says:

    T-Bars are the worst gotta take em to get to the extremes brah

  3. Olly says:

    rofl, I always put the bar between my legs. if you have strong leg muscles its not a problem.

  4. ell595 says:

    i think what you use is a button lift
    they're slitchly different
    I may be wrong

  5. hellzblade44 says:

    Ah shit just 3 days ago i went boarding with a bunch of people and every single one of them biffed it using the t bar. all day i was laughing and pestering them and making fun of them and then on the second last run of the day i was watching someone in the pipe and i caught my edge in a groove of someone else falling and biffed it…..Totally weak.

  6. hellzblade44 says:

    haha yes…yes it is.

  7. iRange4lyfe says:

    lmao at the end

  8. GamingZone says:

    I went snowboarding last month… T-bars got me almost every time around half the hill.. The track where it pulls you up, was a bit screwed and snowboard got stuck pretty often 😀
    I HATE T-BARS!!!! 😛

  9. Alex Molett says:

    is this guy joking?? you're supposed to put it in between your legs

  10. itsjohn says:

    this guy doesnt know SHIET

  11. James DeHaan says:

    maybe for a chick.

  12. La Pistolera says:

    matt – youre hot!!

  13. Olaipai says:

    I h8 to take the T-bar between my legs. My leg feels like it's drowzy or when ur leg is wakening from a sleeP :S

  14. Chris Dumais says:

    r u serious the easiest way is betwwen ur legs

  15. pRetzx says:

    yes bc you dont get pulled around as much. with beginners the tend to get yanked forward or slide backwards bc the rope has no tension 😉

  16. turnipIsHere says:

    haha yeah t-bars suck i tried that once on dodgy snow, got dragged up by my nuts! I now have a phobia of t-bars

  17. Olaipai says:

    ROFL, it happens sometimes with me.
    But i feel the leg is drowsy when i take the T-Bar

  18. minitari says:

    The T bars at Perisher (AUS) are really short and they make you put it in between your legs but after a while its pretty easy

  19. Tristan Brown says:

    Woo Perisher! I'm down here for the season and yea last year they didn't give me a choise, it was between the legs or go somewhere else 🙁

  20. Daniel Dooley says:

    Many of the fields here in NZ dont allow boarders to be strapped in when riding a t-bar or other forms of lift. I guess it is easier to move away from the lift if you fall.

  21. Full On Smoker says:

    i know man bud fuck them i alwys ttake those lifts becus they go to the best stops. anyway they really hurt your hip

  22. dsasuke49 says:

    t bars at coc just killed my thighs

  23. neikophotoskate says:

    hahahahah omg the end was soo funny

  24. 2WheelFunk says:

    dude, i've been riding for 3 seasons, consider myself a damn good snowboarder and I still fail at the tow bar… I've only tried it twice in my life on a snowboard but it's just too much effort.

    They always made me tick that piece of wood in between my legs… something I was never that comfortable with.

  25. JoeFromCO says:

    L O L

  26. jimmy twoshoe says:

    where i snowboard in quebec, they put the t-bar in for you and they put between ur legs and ur not allowed to do otherwise…

  27. HokiEd says:

    ROFL 1:11

  28. Julian Parent says:

    Ouch my DICK

  29. Adam Harkness says:

    I like the idea of just being dragged up…that guy at the end made it look fun for a second.

  30. jimmy twoshoe says:

    @jsbrmtl a stoneham pis au relais…

  31. Angelow07 says:

    you're suppose to take it between your legs, but from the inside!

  32. RussJordii says:

    I did the T-Bar once, and failed. I had no idea how to do it, so while fully strapped in I put it in between my legs, but managed to flip, so I was upside down getting my ass dragged up the hill by my board as everyone laughed.

    Thing is, I've been snowboarding for years! Even good boarders sometimes fail. Epicly.

  33. JustJustin says:

    lol that same thing happened to me cause i took a wrong turn and the only way to get back was via a t-bar, and i didn't like t-bars, so i grabbed on with 2 hands
    got dragged to the top, it was actualy pretty cool

  34. edward hawks says:

    wow that t bar is a piece, they dont even use it any more

  35. castle91 says:

    i hate the t bar. fell off every time on my first day of snowboarding

  36. Gary Mclean says:

    Yeah, one half the bar goes between your lets like a butt lift and you get pulled up by your leading leg. Most resorts in switzerland have them.. Just got back this weekend from using them… He was going up the way skiers do…

  37. askater101 says:

    i like tbars more than lifts

  38. thebomb164 says:

    @askater101 nah, its kind of harder in my opinion!

  39. askater101 says:

    @thebomb164 if u get good at theme then they r but u make a good point

  40. pao1233 says:

    agreeable the t-bars and tow ropes are hell and should be banned srsly….i got hurt the other from those things and got a huge cut on my arm it was not fun

  41. Yellowknight888 says:

    Tbar and bunny ropes are bitches, tried them the first time today, absolutely abhor them. They took tremendous effort to balance and have completely different feel than actual snowboarding on snow. They are just lame excuses for the resort not to build the carpet or chair lift.

  42. Yellowknight888 says:

    Just to elaborate my point, I saw that just about every min, someone would fell down from the bunny rope. And I fell off track twice on the Tbar back to back, then made it all the way to the top the third time, it required so much effort. If you notice these lift generally don't stop even someone fall, I guess they expect its high frequency so just don't give a shit.

  43. Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas. says:


  44. aw2x214 says:

    That [email protected]! t-bars are outdated! if ur learning just use a damn chair lift and go to a freaking green practice area to learn! damn resorts! Install a damn carpet its a lot better and by the way lift operators should always stop lifts wen a person falls no matter what lift it is!

  45. Azrofox says:

    1:01 you can hear camera man laughing

  46. Zenthex says:

    @TheSkater5225 yeah… 1, expert village is like a company or something wich would be why they have like 138k videos… and 2. look at some of the other snowboard tutorials dumbass.

  47. Daniel Burton says:

    loooool the end is sooo funny xDD

  48. Sacrilicious says:

    0:00 skip ads

  49. Ben Amburgey says:

    @aw2x214 Well T-bars can be good, they can run when its too windy for a chairlift. The only problem is alot of old lifts were'nt designed for snowboards. The big question everyone wants know is how to ride a Poma Lift O.O

  50. krastavac55 says:

    @teenagemutantninjana dude you have some kind of my double, i have the exact same thing going on here. i mean it's easy as cake, but i still can't do it, fall off it 50% of the time. i guess everything is in the confidence… which i lack and remembering previous fails makes it even worse. i hope i can forget all about this one day but it doesn't seem very likely…

  51. sneeuwwolven says:

    I had always that bar between my legs.. When you go for a short time down hill it hurts alot! ALOT!
    And you can better do 2 feets to your board. 🙂

  52. snelso80 says:

    Thought that guy at the end was gonna get yolked up by the nads

  53. theleftofnowhere says:

    @xxebethxx It makes you dumb for watching the video…haha jk.
    I fucking hate T-bars!

  54. Jack B says:

    dude, put the t bar between your legs riding up with the board pointed up the slope, but with the vertical pole infront of you. thats the easiest way

  55. Bryce Anderson says:

    ghost 0:01

  56. Gregor MacKenzie says:

    love the guy laughing at him in the end :L

  57. Rob LaPlante says:

    I cannot believe how hard I laughed at the guy at the end.

  58. killzone10 says:

    T-bar is not made for snowboard and is ridiculous hard. I've been snowboarding for years and learning how to use that shit was hardest thing to learn on snowboard.

  59. MotoBoy says:

    fuckin dumbass, this is the worst snowboard teacher i've ever seen

  60. Pety Petyy says:

    @killzone10 you know you can put the T-bar between your legs? It's wasy easier than how he does it, in my opinion.

  61. killzone10 says:


    Yeah that's what i do, still took me a while to learn though even after i was pretty steady on the board i still had problem with that thing. I also depends on the track though. Sometimes i really had to struggle to not to slide off it. Not to mention the more people fail the harder it gets cus the track get all messed up. I can do it fine now but that thing is still a mother fucker on your leg.

  62. hellsG89 says:

    theyre both wrong….

  63. Jordan Fears says:

    i laughed so hard at that guy at the end hahah

  64. Michael McCulloch says:

    This guy doesn't really know what he's talking about.

  65. rover8831 says:

    i can do no handed between my legs it is easy

  66. Muhammad Zhang says:

    in switzerland everyone puts it in between of their legs

  67. Memi Kokovich says:

    I did the T-bar this year I put it between my legs and I failed 3 times. i had no idea how to do it but I didn't want to give up and finally i did it.

  68. Stane Maslovski says:

    @RussJordii true…

  69. Shane Fitzpatrick says:


  70. MrAnthonyfilms says:

    just put it between your legs, if you dont suck its really not that hard

  71. frostbytet17 says:

    i lolled

  72. minichicki says:

    Did anyone hear that crunching sound when he put the T-Bar between his legs?

  73. Mikkel Lippert says:

    If anyone new is actually watching this. Don't do what he does man. Have your back foot strapped out and put it between your legs. It'll feel really uncomfortable in the beginning but you get used to it and you won't eat it because you have it stuck behind you going up a steep hill. Cheers

  74. Sangguniang Kabataan sa Auckland says:

    farken hate you T-Bar, but I will conquer you one day!

  75. Justin Waldron says:

    someone laughed when he said it wasnt comfortable in this region

  76. Nicole Frazier says:

    Going to my first Swiss resort tomorrow, and my bf (who is swiss) says to put the bar b/w the legs. Mixed signals. I'm so confused! Maybe I'll just hook my jacket to the bar and hope to make it up the mountain…

  77. simon axelsson says:

    or you can just put the lift in front of you, 100000 times easier…

  78. Emir Kender says:

    Hi my name is Man's Bigpenis..

  79. PK Fire says:

    @benjamintg00 yea they do tht in Canada to…

  80. MrMctavish123 says:

    @benjamintg00 why not??

  81. mirceaful says:

    the advice is not completely wrong. You are right about the bar being put between your legs (it will not hurt) but you have to grab the other side of the t bar so you can stabilize it.
    Strapping both feet is not really a bad idea, it gives you more control and is as dangerous as strapping one foot. Also if your snowboard is wet your back foot will slide( unless you have a grip mounted)
    In conclusion you have to try all the methods and see witch one helps you. Don't start by saying one is wrong

  82. Shaylin says:

    The one thing my cousin could just not do…hahahaha

  83. FlamableCookie says:

    I remember the T- Bar…. so much humiliation…..

  84. MrKosathee says:


  85. UndeadBane says:

    T-bar VS me today. 7-0, and it actually performed a fatality on me, resulting in broken wrist bone. I already want to burn it 🙂

  86. goYankees19 says:

    i don't care if you're into skiing or snowboarding, t-bars fucking suck.

  87. Yung Bambyy says:

    In Latvia too.

  88. dacasman says:

    I live like 30 minutes from here. awesomeness

  89. Oliver B-Dahl says:

    In sweden tooooOOoo

  90. Dominik Unger says:

    not sure, but i think it is the same in every European country.

  91. Gavin Ogilvie says:

    Whats up ith thoes gogels they look like crap, a bit like his advice, T bars are easy, strap the ront foot in, stand up bar between the legs "Muppet" be loos and relax look where you want to go if your front leg gets tired move you back foot forward and take the weight of the front, dont panic, be happy, and just get the hell on with it, you can snow board.

  92. Phil Jones says:

    the nation of bisexuality…

  93. Jazziepie says:

    Ha I wish Tbars in scotland were that mellow, how about a bit of instruction on feeding it properly at the top so you dont batter the next guy in the face or get it wrapped round the cable/supports.

  94. royallie says:

    Hello, My name is big mans penis

  95. Shred-sag says:

    Is that in tryvann in norway?!?

  96. apelsiiniits says:

    Wow, 1:14 is something that happens to me every single time. I gave up snowboarding.. I just hate lifts

  97. HardwareAddiction says:

    Lmao, the last bit happened to me at least 10 times on first vacation. Looked like a fucking moron. Really, I was stunned at how difficult this shit is for a beginner snowboarder. Eventually, I found out it's best to put the t-section between your legs and that way your weight keeps it from escaping your grip. Also, it's really annoying being strapped with one leg, but for some reason I was told that's the way to do it. Seems like the opposite is correct.

  98. Reece Peninton says:


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