How to Snowboard : How to Carve Toeside on a Snowboard

How to Snowboard : How to Carve Toeside on a Snowboard

In this segment, we’ll be talking a little
bit about your basic J-turns. After you’ve been practicing your Falling Leaf exercises,
you’ll become aware of which foot is going to feel more dominant. That’s going to be
your foot. It’s going to be the one in front, the control foot. Whether you’re goofy or
regular, as long as it feels good to you that’s what’s important. When you initiate your heel
to toeside turn, you’re going to start out on your heels. And, just like Falling Leaf
you’re going to point your board down the hill. But, keep going until you’re completely
straight. Once you’re completely straight, you want to rock your hips from being in the
heelside position to the toeside position. That’s the most important part. Once you’ve
rocked those hips from the back to forward, your board will just react immediately. And,
it will bring you around naturally into your toeside turn. Tada! And, that’s how you make
a turn. So, that’s how you make a basic turn. Just remember, to keep all your weight on
your front foot. That’s where you get all of your power, all of your control out of.
If you keep your weight in the back foot and the back seat, you’re just going to lose control
and do a wheelie the whole way down. All you have to do is to remember to keep your weight
balanced and keep confident.

Antonio Breitenberg

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82 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : How to Carve Toeside on a Snowboard

  1. PlasticDesigns says:

    The videos are great, but I cant seem to find a playlist? Its just a mess with all the snowboard videos. If you have a playlist with them all can you post a link?

    Good job! Really helpful!

  2. snowboardjesus says:

    i myself am an expert snowboarder but i have no idea how to properly teach and these videos made it so much easier to teach my girlfriend how to snowboard… well done

  3. kevin9998881 says:

    Huge google

  4. MvP1292 says:

    hahaahah me too

  5. Galinsky007 says:

    the instructions are good, but why are you wearing goggles all the time? u dont need them, u're not going down the hill with the speed of 30 km per hour…

  6. Galinsky007 says:

    I think this is not the reason why she's wearing them..

  7. bencho8787 says:

    I love her "taraaa" , hahaha

  8. swilber08 says:

    i would say the best thing she said was keep confident because if you fall hard a few times when you are learning it starts to be more mental than anything

  9. Exhonour1337 says:

    Well she has no tits lol

    Im jking I know shes wearing baggy sweater

  10. fleros123 says:

    true that

  11. Tim Karsten says:

    haha^^ her goggles^^ funny
    but good tipps

  12. funnybunches320 says:


  13. Eddy Kratzenstein says:

    lol the goggles eat her face

  14. Ainsley Harriott says:

    i read tat as soon as she said it

  15. Johnny P says:

    i love her she is soo sweet

  16. bibozs says:

    To look cool bro

  17. benny704 says:

    the essentials of snowboarding and skiing is learning how to slow down and stop
    then after you master those
    u have nothing to worry about
    leaving you free to learn other techniques

  18. Corporal Crayfish says:

    wow. The goggles are bigger than her.

  19. sidwawa says:

    Oh I know that feeling! I'm going to be learning and soon and nervous as hell, but once you have fell a few times then you won't care. Everyone falls at the start, no one is born an expert, we all learn.

  20. Maxxxz12 says:

    Haha i remember my first time snowboarding i took a lesson and on my 2nd time down the hill my edge caught and i did a faceplant. By five runs i was so soar i quit lol but its fun once you get good.

  21. paintballforever24 says:

    those glasses look gayy as crap on u

  22. Fulou says:

    Googles eat your face! On a serious note, thanks for the tips. 🙂

  23. LeonsLifeOnWheels says:

    hahaha sounds like ELMO hahahahaha

  24. TheSnowboardboy101 says:

    You know what shes teached me all i know so eat shit and die™

  25. Stayko Bechev says:

    aren't the googles to big for you,lol? 😀

  26. D3rarsch says:

    big goggles, but no titties

  27. patrick koitzsch says:

    where is this???

  28. Greg Simøn says:

    Not really a big difference.
    And btw
    She said its a basic turn herself -_-
    Soo that joke was a failll….

  29. the superman says:

    lol i never thought i could learn so much about something by looking at a girls hips legs.

  30. SailorSteve says:

    I bet her goggles cost alot more than urs did!

  31. Yellowknight888 says:

    What would be a logical progression after mastering carving?

  32. Doug Hanson says:

    Free RIDE snowboard gear on the link on my youtube page.

  33. Seema Dee says:

    Good advise! Definantly getting me mentally prepared for snowboarding ( havent done it yet)

  34. Scott Godin says:

    your goggles are to big for you O.o

  35. WheresThePopcornProd says:

    this is probably one of the hardest things to explain in snowboarding, it cant really be taught. you kinda need to learn by trial and error.

  36. PrettyAwesomeBaby says:


  37. Olaipai says:

    Ive been snowboarding since i was 7 -.-. And now im 15. Ive been riding 8 years -.-. And she's an Instructor? LOl*

  38. xXGEN3000KBMXx says:

    @Skateismypassion yea there kool

  39. AGuyInAG says:

    I wonder what she looks like behind her GOOGLES (Caps because big goggles deserve big letters) ^.^

  40. MrTrane18 says:

    Peace Of Shit.

  41. BloteAapOpVoeten says:

    view sierra snowboarding, at least he SHOWS how the techniques should be

  42. Mitch Andrew says:

    pause the video at 8 seconds in the video. she says wich woot haha its funny when you play it over and over again

  43. Drew Rychlik says:

    @evilyoskate i skate too and it helps alittle bit like on the balancing part but not really that much at all its way harder i think

  44. Igor Bukhantsov says:

    Her goggles are bigger than her Head

  45. gammahandler says:

    when I do toeside carve, my speed just ZAP goes extremely high and its so scary to me (yes, I am a beginner) that I have to stop :U but well, I think I just need more practice 😀

  46. SHEILA LAFAVE says:

    honey you are goofy with them googles

  47. Rudx bwooy says:

    ale google

  48. marioplayer50 says:

    i tryed his at my local slope…… i failed at the start and i rolled down 400 feet of PURE HELL!!!!!!!!

  49. FirstLOL LastLOL says:

    this is weird because my teacher told me to bend the knees a little and she is staying straight like a bar…

  50. marioplayer50 says:

    @xboxandipod no it was like 30 secounds after i got off the lift

  51. Carter Cerasani says:

    @sambook2 did i ask?

  52. eleszar1 says:

    omg thanks 😀 most of times when i tried to do it i had all my weight at back foot :> it seems now its gonna work and teid to turn with my feet

  53. Drew M says:

    @efeckz how does somthing so irrelevant get the most thumbs up lol

  54. Chiantris D says:

    @efeckz i know.

  55. Zack Ghika says:


  56. Cole AE says:


    Buttercup 😀

  57. Jake Ketterer says:

    lets rock those hips

  58. TheKawaiiCakes says:

    Look at me! i can snowboard and make the letter T! Pro-fessional

  59. Marie Sadler says:


    I need some goggles like that! Bwahaha

  60. bubbababe06 says:

    This is amazing! i watched all your vids, i am going to do this thursday 🙂 it helped a LOT! 😀 thanks again

  61. Kazzzzzo says:

    You have a very small face, according to your goggles ;)))

  62. Stane Maslovski says:

    press 4 and 5.
    lol 😀

  63. August Jonsson says:

    press 0:08 repetedly and watch the guy in the purple jacket jacking of! 🙂

  64. thatspowerfulstuff says:

    press 4 and 5 repeatedly

  65. Ülv says:

    @Skateismypassion hahaha the goggles is covering her entire face xD

  66. bartd94 says:

    wrong! put ur toes into the snow! then ur hips will follow. and always keep your torso centered above your board!. correct me if wrong,!

  67. The Bawss says:

    press 5 very fast

  68. Wandering Soul says:

    press 4 then 5 over and over xD

  69. kankurolover98 says:

    @SnowboardingMadeEasy Thanks for the tip 🙂

  70. WiIIsy says:

    1:24 …hahahaha "keep your weight balanced and keep confidence", dude in the back falls right when she says that

  71. powerpole100 says:

    I learned hard way once I was going fasd dow the hill and my board got stuck in the sno and I went into a bunch of flips and landed on me head

  72. justhereforthesmut says:

    @SnowboardingMadeEasy That aint right dawg, you gonna catch some mean edge like that bro. the weight shift is up not forward

  73. PeDe C says:

    Likes the one falling at 1:25 😀

  74. amadmonster says:

    omg best add ever watch it it looks dumb at first but its like the best vid ever

  75. laxgamerjds says:

    Those goggles are bigger than your face

  76. Wandering Soul says:

    sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone, I just thought it was a little funny?

  77. Justin Bigrs says:

    have a sence ofhumour you stuck up fucken douch bag

  78. Justin Bigrs says:

    this is not carving its simply using lateral balance to initiate a turn and use edge angle to slide across the hill, nice try though, it really isin't easy to explan in a minut video how to carve

  79. clanorange66 says:

    i think her goggles are too small for her…

  80. D1stantpwn3r says:

    so keep 100% of weight on my front foot, and keep my weight balanced…got it!

  81. mmtot says:

    She is wearing a giant's goggles and hoodie.

  82. James Adams says:

    actually you use your back foot to steer the board….

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