How to Snowboard : Aggressive Heelside Snowboarding Turns

How to Snowboard : Aggressive Heelside Snowboarding Turns

In this segment, we’re a little bit more comfortable
with our Falling Leafs and getting on and off the chair lift. So, I’m going to take
it to the next level by getting a little aggressive. All you want to do is just get comfortable
with your board and the speed that your board allows you to have. Just take your Falling
Leaf all the way down from the top of the chair lift to the bottom. Try and figure it
out a little bit on the way. Make sure your weight is over your front foot. Go ahead and
bring it to a stop. And, then keep going. Bring it a stop. And, change it up. Go the
other way as well, same way. Bring it to a stop. Look down the hill and bring it to a
stop. So, that’s how you Falling Leaf more aggressively. You want to just be able to
maneuver your board out of any obstacles that the mountain may throw at you. And, you’ll
start to get a little more comfortable with how your board moves the more you do it. You
want to try it both heelside and toeside. And, be sure you?re comfortable on both sides
before you try these sort of turns.

Antonio Breitenberg

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83 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : Aggressive Heelside Snowboarding Turns

  1. Icebubbaclown says:

    Thanks!!! This helped a lot!

  2. Does not Matter says:

    take a one on one lesson.

    i did. it made my snowboarding experience
    soooo much easier.


  3. chewbster says:

    I love that board she has

  4. Lovacioo says:

    a forum spinster 😛

  5. Nick Fisher says:

    whahaha lol

  6. Tristan Brown says:

    Not everyone can be at the snow in the middle of Australian Summer.

  7. Tristan Brown says:

    hehe… yea, I can't wait for 2 months when I start work there and then 4 months till I can actually get better at snowboarding 🙂

    Hence the random posts on youtube videos lol

  8. Daniel Mu says:

    for beginners, just go out and ride instead reading dumb comments on youtube

  9. SteveTheAsian says:

    i'd love to see how her face tan looks with those goofy ass goggles at the end of the day. prolly like a racoon.

  10. SteveTheAsian says:

    it doesn't matter what they are goggles protect ur EYES and they go well over her FACE thus making them goofy ass goggles…even if they're 250…go learn how to spell instead.

  11. SteveTheAsian says:

    i'm sure sunblock helps against windburn too

  12. Cousinavi123 says:

    those goggles crack me up lol

  13. James Grande says:


  14. yfzrider13 says:

    i totally agree. i remember the first time i went i refused to learn falling leaf and i was carving after 2 runs. a couple of my friends learned falling leaf first because they took lessons and now they can't even carve after 2 trips.

  15. AbyssalSkittles says:

    Being cocky is different than being confident.

  16. MonkeyWithBuder says:

    I prefer to go down as fast as i can and stop as hard as i can

  17. Axel Schultz says:

    ahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhaaa that girl with her googles made my day lol

  18. Andrew Froth says:

    she sounds too nice to be aggressive lol.

  19. donmulanka says:

    huuuuuuudge sunglases hahahahahaha

  20. Paxoz says:

    thats not sunglases you moron! *facepalm*

  21. donmulanka says:

    i know U noob i just laf hahahaa

  22. Cailey Dawn says:

    i don't know why to me she looks like a sloth with those goggles and the saggy pants

  23. kenneth örn says:

    OR…maybe she has a small head!!

  24. marsdog says:

    is that a 10 year old boy or a girl with no tits?

  25. Ashley Degenhardt says:

    your sweater is sick and by sick i mean ugly as shit, not sick as in cool…

  26. Ashley Degenhardt says:

    can no ones spell GOGGLES*** damn in every vid i have seen…

  27. Emmanuelle Gonzalez says:

    Always keep confident, confident my $%^! say something useful…

  28. GreenAmigos says:

    no, she needs a bigger skull

  29. BreezyZephyr says:

    she looks terrible!!!
    need to change the entire freakin outfit
    not just the goggles

  30. Ashley Degenhardt says:

    no he didn't ya fucken moron he spelt it googles. its goggles.

  31. Thomas Dale says:

    shes trying to look like the typical charecters that you see on games like ssx and cool boarders. lol.

  32. elevenfiftysix says:

    LOL clown.

  33. SteadyMovin says:

    Wow, that was very agressive.

  34. Jacob Davidson says:

    lol her goggles again, and she sounds manly lol lol olo lol olo lol

  35. Sander Valdma says:


  36. Exhonour1337 says:

    @7Denial7 Do you really think she will ever see that comment? God man.

  37. John says:

    All I heard was blablabla
    She's not that good anyways

  38. snowyphil65 says:

    done it, yea thatl set ya on your ass

  39. Ashley Degenhardt says:

    k….whoopsy daisy…

  40. Gwegory22 says:

    That sweatshirt could fit a bear.

  41. Wrapped01 says:

    oh well my advise for beginners would just be to go and learn some stuff on your own in about 6 days you should be able to do jumps and stuff just keep boarding 🙂

  42. Doug Hanson says:

    Free RIDE snowboard gear on the link on my youtube page.

  43. James Hayward says:

    @NickBrock10 she's flippin snowplowing…ha

  44. Brandon k says:

    her sweater is ugly as hell!

  45. JustJustin says:

    lol this is how i was taught when i first started

  46. furrybeans says:

    that was way to aggressive for me

  47. xXGEN3000KBMXx says:

    she looks so tank in her huge gaggles when she drifts out of camera angels its so sick HAHA!

  48. Mitch Andrew says:

    i think shes sagin her pants

  49. Rodney Auguste says:

    okay freaky smile there

  50. John Holmkvist says:

    Thats not aggressive at all O_O

  51. TheGrassyBatter2 says:

    lmao she looks funny as hell.

  52. Christian Bertram says:

    Who are you all talking about ? the only thing i see, is a pair of talking goggles…

  53. BsCHarry says:

    low rider

  54. keshiafasho says:

    that was a bit aggresive!

  55. WeebCeej says:

    When should you keep your weight balanced on both off your feet instead of just your front foot?

  56. NooDLES411911 says:

    I have snowboarded 3 times and I am better than this chick

  57. Shuffle3956 says:

    this chick is desperate for having sex.

  58. Javier Borjas says:

    Electric EG2s are bigger

  59. xXGEN3000KBMXx says:

    everyone go to snowprofessor for carving they explain it so much better

  60. Pety Petyy says:

    that was so helpful…!

  61. Joshua Wilson says:

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  62. garrett molsberry says:

    pull ur pants up…

  63. yayits yay says:

    I think she needs bigger goggles

  64. DarthLai says:

    When I snowboarded twice I always turn like that because I suck at toe turns and all I could do was just being frontside when going down the mountain. Eh.

  65. Ives Kennedy says:

    you look like a mosquitoe!

  66. Lane Farmer says:

    i didnt know they make goggles for your whole entire face

  67. SillyStickers says:

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  68. Minyoung Park says:

    WHERE DO YOU SHOW THOSE VIDEOS?????????????????

  69. Strongifyable says:

    i want to see whart her eyes look like :O

  70. LionPrid3917 says:

    Aggresive heelside? I need tips on racing lady…

  71. bjb313 says:

    oh my god all these people are retards iv boarded for years just seeing if they have any good pointers and its all bull god dammit. and those goggles have the most annoying voice fack!

  72. Kyler Overton says:

    I hate hot she sticks her hands out it doesnt help at all

  73. Eric Volten says:

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    are those comedy novelty oversized goggles or has she got a really really small head?

  75. kozas0 says:

    @TheTrueSkater09 or maybe she stole it from someone

  76. Vincentius says:

    @AReallyBigPanda19 LOL me too! There is always something funny going on here

  77. Tomasio says:

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  78. Cameron Hall says:

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  79. KC97220 says:

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  80. Eugene Dupain says:

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