How to shoot with accuracy | Pro soccer tips

How to shoot with accuracy | Pro soccer tips

Yes guys, what’s happening under my arm? 4-4-2 presenter And I’m craig reid professional footballer and the head coach at Elite strike a training car Craig’s going to show me how [to] shoot with accuracy so you can become an elite striker, so let’s do it So crate with best strikers in a game [or] know how to finish your [packaging] We’re talking about Robbie Fowler co memory and Most recently Lewis Warren But how can you ever spit online it for themselves the best way to practice your accuracy is through constant repetition? Till it becomes second nature now. I’m going to show you how it’s done. Let’s do it. So before we do the drill You’ve got to learn the technique first for shooting with accuracy in this we’re going to show shooting with the inside of our foot First of all you’ve got a plant your left foot about four inches away from the ball Then keeping your head over the ball and your eyes [onto] the ball We step forward with our right foot using the instep of our foot to curl the ball around into the bottom corner Okay, lamar I’ve settled this drill to replicate a crowded box during a game The main thing is here is to get this ball out of your feet as fast as possible and be hit in the far corners A little tip odd [divya] is before any game is have a look at any hoardings That are behind the net because you’ll see the different colors that’s on them during a game You won’t have time to look at defenders? You might just get a little flash of color so you’ll know that’s where the corner is and Aim for that every time Okay, lamar Just noticed when you were doing the [shooting] the ball is a little bit under your feet sometimes It wasn’t allowing you to get the power in your shot that first touch is so important to get control suck him out then shift Make sure that first touch [is] correct because it will allow you to have a better [shot] So there you go guys that is how to shoot with accuracy Thanks The critics of [chrome] where can people find it if you like what you seen head over to [our] Facebook page at Elite shot training Also, you can get our elite striker est on Twitter or head over to Elite striker training calm so guys if you like what you see, make sure you hit like also If you’ve got any feature make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below and if you’re new to the channel pick subscribe

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    "professional footballer" lmao bullshit

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    i learnt somthin again

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    Just a shittier version of F2

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    88k Subs but 9 comment only -.-

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    Who's this?

  7. Connor Jones says:

    I find this video weird because everyone has their own own technique, it's something that you are naturally gifted with. Not what you learn off a YouTube video

  8. narbi5sh says:

    lamar aaron has the same boots/cleats as me!lol

  9. Yung AK says:

    He's blatantly reading a script

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    what is the name of that thing they are using in the video that in the goal

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    Nice one I love that training

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    Music name?

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    Great vid

  14. Thomas MTB says:

    I'm a goalkeeper and I get these types of shots taken at me such as freekicks and through balls

  15. ScriminatoR says:

    Don't they mean fourfour f2

  16. Mohammed Alhabtoor says:

    Wanna be f2

    Btw great vid

  17. Souhardya Chatterjee says:

    I have a serious problem. I can shoot with power and accuracy but my ball dont get lift much… Plzzzz help me… Plz..


    Their acting is so unnatural.

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  21. Víctor Cesar says:

    Wel at the start i do the opposite to you cuase im left footed 😀😀😀😀

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    What is the thing on the goal and how much

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    ثضرب انت و هالشرح سيئ كتير

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    very short

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    Can any body tell me which gas is pumped in a standard football…plz reply…

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    I need to know this.

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    How is that thing called(yellow-black) attached on goal please answer me

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    You knows about 4inches and all

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    I thought that was sterling lol 😂

  32. LoganGamerPlays says:

    Title soccer they call it football?

  33. LoganGamerPlays says:

    In america we call it soccer well we call it foot ball no soccer, well its soccer when we win more games. (:

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    Walmart Version of F2

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    When they said 4 inches, I actually went school and took out my ruler in a free kick

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    this is fake, he diden't even try the first time

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    The knock of f2

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    good video

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    play the start bit in 0.05 playback speed. HAHAHAHA

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    F2 from Cernobyl..

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    don't call me average

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    Is that Finn balor on the left 0:03

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    Did anyone order an F2 from seven eleven

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    Thought I was watching a "how to" sex guide at 1:58 👀😂

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    Awesome video thank you

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    Low budget F2

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    The first shot he took was garbage

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    Sainsbury version of f2

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    I have a big problem with my shots, it has no power and the ball is back spinning super much, help me pls

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