How to shoot a soccer ball like a PRO | Kick with power and accuracy TUTORIAL

How to shoot a soccer ball like a PRO | Kick with power and accuracy TUTORIAL

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to shoot a soccer ball like a PRO | Kick with power and accuracy TUTORIAL

  1. bangin Vids says:

    i would like to say thank you so much!!!! my shots have increased by 10000000% because of this i'm so happy right now my coach noticed and i thank you for that.

  2. Sultan Ouezzani says:

    Dude .. where did you get that trainig kit though !!! MAS 💛💛

  3. Pain Is Numbing Me says:

    Another good way to practice technique is going up to a fence and shooting on the fence to form better technique.

    Edit: it bounces back so you can continuously practice technique

  4. supremedino warrior 1 says:

    I hope it helps me, but cos of the great comments i will guess that it will

  5. High Tube says:

    Thanks you so muchhh!!

  6. task so tall tall says:

    Please please please make a video on how to plant and angle my leg to kick…. My leg never crosses over my opposite leg after kicking… This makes my shot low… Also I have no idea how to run up and how to angle to plant my foot…. And correctly follow through

  7. Ninja Shadow says:

    I dislike because it’s said soccer

  8. Albert Hotzel says:

    This is weird recognizing that this video is filmed at a high school next to my house

  9. Hrishi Alda says:

    Shooting by lashes gives extreme accuracy with blast with no curling in ball at all and power it's best…..but you should execute with very good technique after lot of practice with knee joint locked and better fitness level other wise causes injury a lot of injury….

  10. Aaroh Gokhale says:

    Obama. Yang.

  11. Jonathan Hernandez says:

    Very helpful video can’t wait to start practicing, I have never watched one of ur vids but that’s about to change cuz I just subscribed👍🏼

  12. 张均权 says:

    hi,bro…My friend asked if you can attach Chinese subtitles?Because his English is very poor, he simply can't understand what you are talking about!But he likes football very much. He wants to watch your video learning.

  13. AzmainNHandZ PlaysGamez says:

    I am 8 year old and my brother 11 year old already can do it!

  14. AzmainNHandZ PlaysGamez says:

    I am 8 year old and my brother 11 year old and i already can do this!

  15. Arman Muldabayev says:


  16. Black Eagle says:

    Great video 👍

  17. Barca Forever says:

    When shooting like this, do I keep my foot/toes pointed straight down or do I slightly tilt it to the side?

  18. Kaya Riang says:

    I just love your videos even neymar skill

  19. Zed Zuhdi Arkadata says:

    yo aubameyang

  20. Quốc Minh Trương says:

    Thanks for your tips

  21. Matsku19 says:

    Damn you shoot good, btw mine number is 19 aswell

  22. Scary Logan says:

    Soooo cool

  23. AtoTheHey says:

    I have the same green soccer ball

  24. Black Valorian says:

    Thank you a million! I’m 13 and this video helpt me so much. Keep the good work up!

  25. Manan Gupta says:

    You're awesome

  26. CALL ME PRO says:

    When I shoot the ball with power it go too high or just hit the crossbar
    What should I do

  27. Savinder Lal Bajaj says:

    Why hasn't he won the world cup yet?

  28. Lonely Wolf says:

    How to get height on it so you can get it in the corner

  29. Lonely Wolf says:

    How to get more or less height on it

  30. BiggiemanMD says:

    When you say "lock the ankle" is that in full extension or partially but stiff so no energy is lost with the wobble?

  31. Brandon F says:

    Damn that left foor shot

  32. Liam Exley says:

    Thanks so much for posting this video! I have been using this shooting technique for quite a while and it's helped me score more goals.

  33. h7 ح says:

    Thank you will john you are my best player

  34. Namshathui Dhangmei says:

    Thanks man

  35. ronaldo cr7 says:

    i want to learn how to shoot free kick

  36. OGGY Tv /shayan says:

    Your 56 rated on fifa
    Thought you were 80

  37. Zubaid Ansari says:

    Awesome sir

  38. Jalla Dalla says:

    Nice vid scored 6 goals in a derby!

  39. Adhil.vpknd Adhil.vpknd says:

    top shoot tricks

  40. qasim ali Bajwa 786 says:

    Can you teach me personally

  41. Rachel Robert says:

    i got the power and stuff but I'm not able to shoot at the corners.

  42. S1m ple says:

    which part of foot should i strike with?

  43. Oliver Richardson says:

    "i have for balls" ……..🤔😮 madlad

  44. CesarConH says:

    The key here everybody is to strengthen the muscles in your knees… by strengthening your knees you will have strengthened everything else needed to obtain a strong kick… when you have the strength know you can practice focusing that power

  45. Andre Steve says:

    i think pro player shoot with outside kick,not like this,please reply me bro

  46. Saul Nores says:

    An American teaching football? This is weird.

  47. ElMehdi LAKHDAR says:

    That s another skilled olayer MAS did not use to be better placed. What a gold mine those people who spot players like you man. Keeo up

  48. Rabin Pawe says:

    i can't do sir

  49. Bad and Boujee says:

    My toes keep hitting the ball before the bone on my foot

  50. Shashwat Mali says:

    Thanks I get it

  51. Sibi Mķ says:

    any indians??

  52. Elite Footy Academy says:

    Bangers 🙌🏾

  53. Elite Footy Academy says:

    Bangers 🙌🏾

  54. Daliya Ghosh says:


  55. Siva Srinivasarao Gaddam says:

    I like Your hairstyle

  56. Aftaab Muhammed says:

    I love football very very very…… much. But I dont have a football. No Money.

  57. summer fitzgerald says:

    Aim bot ._.

  58. Ruben Lipoan says:

    This is from Uk….. murica, ever heard of football ?

  59. xtra films says:

    You sound like Obama

  60. YDSD says:

    so i should look at the ball while striking it i always look at the goal when i shoot

  61. Yung Bug Spray says:

    I thought you always shot with your toe now I understood why my toe gutted after kicking a soccer ball 😆😂

  62. Aryan Patil says:

    I just wanted more accuracy like messi

  63. Anime4 Life - says:

    He should have over 1 million subs

  64. Damian Lillard says:

    I shot from half top corner left halfway line cause of you

  65. ISwearImNotToxic says:

    Its called Football because you play the ball with your damn foot

  66. afzl 8 says:

    How to play like pro ….? I mean playing style…plz try nxt video about this…..

  67. humble destroyer says:

    Just came to see the haircut😂😂😂

  68. YASH AGNIHOTRI says:

    I like you more than unisport
    Who ever likes his tutorials hit the like button above under the video

  69. Vikas Singh says:

    Which portion of ball need to be hit please tell me

  70. Opoka EMMANUEL says:


  71. FreedomDev says:

    I hope this work 🙂

  72. Kar Reh says:

    Will, when I kick, it always touches my toe. Is this normal?

  73. khadeja norman says:

    Gud sharing…may god bless you in all your dedication for this channel…keep it up bro…thank lot…

  74. pun Ishwor says:

    you should be king of football

  75. ALAAEDDINE says:

    Did you play for M.A.S ? if yes in which year ?

  76. heroe mac says:

    Do you shoot with the laces or the bone?

  77. Cody Banks says:

    how to shoot like calhanouglu

  78. HASSUNY KOONY says:

    You are very good. I love the ways you kick the ball with your both legs. I am likely like you in kicking with both legs

  79. HASSUNY KOONY says:

    Thank very much for the instructions

  80. John William says:

    wow you can shoot both feet

  81. Agey Reynaldi says:

    Thank you from indonesia

  82. Juan manuel Meza cedillo says:

    Exelente…me gustaría traducción en español.. gracias

  83. FBI says:

    The problem Is I can't control my power and always kick the ball to hard if i want to pass.

  84. Charumathi R says:

    Thanks Auba

  85. Jeremia says:

    Thank u aubameyang, nice english

  86. xX_WoWplayer_Xx :D says:

    Who else used to hit with the sidr of their toes? Me 😭


    You will not get a stationary ball in a real game

  88. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

    Solid drill

  89. kIsS- mY -aXe says:

    You're wearing the M.A.S club's kit, are you morrocan??

  90. Orlando Martinez says:

    Aubameyang 2.0

  91. ADHD Golf says:

    That's more of the old school way of shooting. With my size 13 clown feet, back in the 80's and early 90', I could not do the knee over the ball laces through shot as my toes would drag., so I had my toes at an angle, like the modern knuckleball shot and was shooting knucklers as a roving keeper back when they were very few who did. 

    This old school method is much more of an un-manipulated swing as it fits with how the femur moves with respect to the hips.

    However as a division 1 outdoor soccer goalkeeper, I punted knuckle balls because back in high school. I accidentally punted a few knuckles and the other team had a hard time returning a clean header. In fact about 1/4 of the time the ball would simply bounce. So working out with the other keeper in college when I was shooting, I shot knucklers because the slightly manipulated release that gives you the knuckle generalized from punting to shooting.

    As a highly competitive roving indoor soccer goalkeeper, the knuckler allowed me sit at the defensive "blue line" (its was red in indoor soccer) when our team had the ball on the offensive end due to the 3 line rule. So if the ball popped out to me., I would step up just beyond the center line and either crank a shot in the corner or at the other keeper, where he had a hard time hanging on. With my size 13 clown feet. I tended to hit a diving knuckler that was very hard to catch.

    Recently I realize that 30 years ago when the ball was heaver and did not bounce as much, goalkeepers used to try to catch everything. today with a faster ball and knucklers everywhere, they rarely try to catch a shot. This made me realize that my knuckler in indoor was central in my success in being a roving keeper simply because the keepers inability to catch my shot gave me much more time to recover.

  92. Prosperous Musician says:

    Great teaching..annoying music

  93. Amer Azmi says:

    thanks aubameyang

  94. Koraxis S says:

    great tutorial mate. gonna teach my son n daughter some of this. I'd love for you to get a real slow mo camera.

  95. Gmontgalloway says:

    You've come a long way in making your videos more entertaining and engaging since 2016.

  96. SPORT4 EVER says:

    my frd your video i really I like it

  97. petsforallforever says:

    B.o.b my coach always says boobs over ball in order to shot good and it’s confirmed lol

  98. Nathaniel Globak says:

    Thanks Great Tips 👍

  99. Fadil Khan says:


  100. RIDONSIX says:

    My cardio is running to get the ball when I miss. I have great cardio.

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