How to Roller Skate : How to Start Roller Skating

How to Roller Skate : How to Start Roller Skating

Hi I’m Rachel Cook on behalf of Expert Village
and today I am here to talk about roller skating, about how to start and then how to get going.
So the first things that you need to know is don?t be a robot that’s always the first
time skater?s biggest mistake. They stiffen up and become like a robot, but what they
need to do is relax and get comfortable on the skates. Always make sure that the skates
feel good on your feet, ask yourself are they to lose, are they to tight? Your skates should
always fit just right. Then what you need to do is get into a stance where your knees
are slightly bent, absolutely do not lock your knees that is the biggest danger in a
first time skater. If you do lock up your knees then you well undoubtedly fall so be
prepared to fall. It doesn’t hurt the worst part about it is the fear of falling that’s
way worse than the fall itself. So what you will need to do is get into a comfortable
stance. Make sure that your knees are not locked and then slowly push off with whichever
leg is not your dominate leg. Your dominate leg is usually the same as your dominate hand,
not always but usually. The dominate leg will be the one that you feel most comfortable
with skating on for long periods of time. So start off and get comfortable, figure out
your dominate leg and then push off with the other leg. For me it’s my left so I would
push off with my dominate leg, moving slowly with my right. Then when you get comfortable
with this bring your left leg back to the ground and then slowly push off with your
dominate leg this is how you move forward. Don’t be afraid, make sure that you are comfortable
with your stance and that your knees are not locked at any time. Often when roller blading,
it helps to have your arms bent a little bit and not straight at your sides. Just feel
comfortable and get a rhythm started moving forward, it’s quite simple really.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Roller Skate : How to Start Roller Skating

  1. prilla :3 says:

    Thanks I did the splits today 😃

  2. Hudson Peters says:

    who is watching in 2017

  3. savannah Jackson says:

    today is my birthday and we went skating didn't end well for my body

  4. Michelle Adams says:

    I have been skating for years and always wanted to know why it felt wrong especially as I am getting older. It's been because I scoot/push forward with my dominant leg and instead of push off. I hope this helps. I look forward to skating tonight.

  5. Dutch Lepeska says:

    Not one of these response mentioned anything about finding YOUR balance point. NO one can teach you where yours is–you must find it. How: put on your roller skates. In a carpeted room. Put on your roller skates, lace them snugly, hold onto the back of a couch or a wall. Stand Up straight, hold head up high (snub nose look) bend your knees , and start to WALK on your skates until you can walk very comfortably. If you have clean garage (no oil marks,etc) and can hold onto a wall–push off with your back straight, head held high, bent knees, count to two and do the same thing with the other skate. Continue doing this until YOU feel comfortable. NOTE: When skating forward your body weight should always be on the rear wheels!! Now lets try to skate on the driveway, or the skating rink. a straight back, head held high, bent knees and push off. Look at the front wheels of your skates compared to your front wheels. When you bend forward, you force your weight forward and the front wheels will go under neath you and you go "boom!!"

  6. Iveyxo says:

    I already know how to skate really good and stuff but I'm just bored and watching this cuz it was in my recommended 😂

  7. Sydney's Insane says:

    thank you! this was very helpful!

  8. Dutch Lepeska says:

    I'm not disagreeing with the video! However, skating begins before you roll! Balance!! You and only you can find your balance point. How, either at your local rink or at home. Put your good fitting skates on-laced! ON a carpeted floor (either at the rink or at home) keep your back straight, head held high(like a snub nose person), knees bent. Hold onto a wall.a table, couch and WALK on your skates..THis will teach YOU were YOUR balance is!!
    When you roller skate you should always keep your weight on the rear wheels— by keeping you back straight, head up, knees bent that's what your doing. Once you feel comfortable walking on your skatings. At the rink, in your garage, –holding onto something, push off with one skate (which ever you feel one you feel comfortable with) keeping your back straight, head held high, bent knees, and count to 2. Change feet and count to 2. Once your comfortable doing this—head for the roller rink floor!! Your on your way, Now it's up to you. Keep it up! Lots of luck! Have fun!

  9. K Farm says:

    when i fell hurt for a long time so.

  10. Lemon Limez says:

    I'm going roller skating on Sunday let's see how this goes 😂

  11. Last Man Gaming101 says:

    I did the splits with roller skates……. it didn't feel good

  12. denis venturé says:

    I was trying to get them on, I flew into my WALL!

  13. hadia ali says:

    how does this help bcz their are no basic moves of how

  14. Brianna McGriff says:

    Ok so I went to a local skating rink with a friend for my birthday and I fell like 20 times😂😂 then a 6 year old came up to me and started asking if I'm ok and I said yea then she said she "she how I skate" and then she left rolling away then she started jumping and i was like how😑😑 😂😂

  15. Foisal1525603 roblox says:

    I am gonna try this tomorrow if anything happens bad/good I am gonna comment again!

  16. shadow22 VanossGaming says:

    This helped me so much with skateing and i got better and won 2 🏆!

  17. Stephania Celine says:

    I broke my back😁😁😁😁

  18. Fluffkin says:

    I have roller skates and I don't know how to move without having to grab onto something

  19. Sam The Man says:

    I almost fell but it helped a bit

  20. Epic Awesomeness says:

    Some girl asked me to the roller rink on a date and I said yes because I like her but I don't know how to roller skate 😔

  21. Pudding Pepzi says:

    Thanks now I know the basic and a few hours later (now) I learned to get moving without pulling on things and I just a pure beginner

  22. CAPGOD1 says:

    Don't be a bot
    Taste the ground
    (Why do people always say something is simple when they already know how to do it)

  23. sic k n ess says:

    3.1 mil subs wow '-;

  24. Dude Fury says:

    Last time I skated I hit the ground and passed out

  25. bIushgray says:


  26. lil. gg says:

    no lie this kinda helped

  27. Otomachi Unagi says:

    How do you push off

  28. Helpmeplease inmylife says:

    I am watching this because my best friend…she is 7 years old and I am nine…she is having a birthday party today at a roller skating place and I don't know how to roller skate 😂

  29. Nayeli Perez says:

    "It doesn't hurt when you fall"

    Then why do I have bruises and why do I feel pain when I fall?

  30. Mochi Arts says:

    I know how to roller skate a little bit I'm just wobbly

  31. Byron Pratt says:

    Turning instructions non-existent got dick stuck in between two bricks

  32. Sauce Hitta says:

    If you don't get yo Reba looking ass

  33. Duc Nguyen says:

    I fucked my waist and dick .this video is bullfuck

  34. night crow says:

    Well went roller skating and I was starting and my friends got the hang of it quick then they didn't include me so I'm maybe never ganna skate again T_T what assholes

  35. Abb says:

    I use the stoppers to push myself forward
    Im pretty sure that's incorrect though
    when i don't use them i almost fall on my face

  36. Pretty Pineapple says:

    My skates is toooooooo heavy 😢😢😢😱😱😱

  37. Pretty Pineapple says:

    My skates is toooooooo heavy 😢😢😢😱😱😱

  38. MRIDHUL 2317H says:


  39. JayRain says:

    Why am i here im already good at skating.

  40. Sarahi Nunez says:

    One tip is to practice in your living room first then do the same in your know kitchen and then after that do the same outside and then once you learned do the same at a skating rink

  41. Jazmine M says:

    hope this helps😥😥

  42. Asia Sajjad says:

    You helped me a lot

  43. Asia Sajjad says:

    When I watched this video I got it now I can skate thanks so much for the help

  44. Zayra Chavez says:

    It didnt work

  45. CruzanGyul says:

    so like my school is having free roller skating at the bowl & skate tonight.. and likeeee… im watching some tutorials before i embarrass myself becauseeeee lmaooo

  46. Shamim Karish says:

    First things first…How much do they sell them?

  47. Cai says:

    I tried roller skating when I was a kid, but broke my arm the first time I tried it. Since then, I haven’t been able to roller skate, I can’t get over the fear of breaking a bone. Any tips?

  48. mochi loveu says:

    “It doesnt hurt” 😹😹

  49. jungkook 101 says:

    I hate roller skating and we are doing it in school I fell 2 times in my wrist and it hurts so bad

  50. zestyyoongi boi says:

    I learnt by my dad pushing me down a hill in his 5 sizes too big roller skates and I am fine. Wait is that child abuse

  51. Carly Morgan says:


  52. snow boi says:


  53. Drasgüm says:

    simple for you 🙁

  54. Antonia Etheredge says:

    I know how to roller skate I’m just here for my cousin cause we going roller skating today

  55. cute kiki says:

    Thanks! I'm a champion! I can go faster than before

  56. William Jones says:

    I like your Idea of a way to get started, good job.

  57. Ash Zandbaf says:

    almost the oldest video on Youtube.

  58. Julie A. says:

    "be prepared to fall. It doesn't hurt." My bum says otherwise

  59. Kiran Dhage says:

    Ha ha ha 😁😁😁😂😂

  60. Qxeen says:

    I broke my leg for rolling skating I am scared to roll skate know TBH

  61. WHATaOG says:

    Falling don't hurt

    Hurt my hand for 5 week's

  62. MillieRedWolf says:

    I only fell twice! =D

  63. becauseno1cares says:

    HaHa the first time I tried roller skating I fell backwards

    …..I broke my wrist

  64. j borrego says:

    Is this the same as incline ( those are the only skates I had as a kid an I wanted roller skates cause there cute :p)

  65. Salty says:

    I should've watched this before I went roller skating…..huge bruise on my knee but it was worth it! I went ice skating before so I was assuming it would be just like ice skating (I haven't went ice skating in a few years though so that's probably why I couldn't do it…)

  66. sangeet Srikanth says:

    so helpful. My daughter watched this video and found it very helpful. She worked on what she saw in the video and it made her so much better!

  67. ImjustsaiyanYT123 says:

    Learn from mistakes

  68. Ugly Idiot says:

    Still suck

  69. Kristopher Abramovic says:

    Damn looks like a hot salsa dance! Fr tho rollerskating is super fun~

  70. Demon Elmo says:


  71. Skillz 78 says:

    So falling does not hurt, okay I'll try it. Thank you. 👍😎

  72. Jenni Poli says:

    I was too relaxed, and I fell down

  73. coochie_ master says:

    I push off with the little rubber thing

  74. Simply ELITE says:

    I'm if it's cuz I play basketball and I got good balance but I learnt how to do this first time I didn't even fall this video was very easy to understand

  75. Miles Tharp says:

    2018 anyone? 😂

  76. aparajita Hasan says:

    Who's 2018?

  77. Ashley Jackson says:

    how to start roller skating on rink because I was try to roller skating on rink then I get scared so I was losing my balance on rink last time I was at Smyrna Roller skating Rink center? please let me know before next Friday by write it on comments on Youtube or e-mail me back. my e-mail address are [email protected]

  78. Mr. Prius says:

    Instructions not clear. Accidental mass genocide of groundhogs. Feds are comin-

  79. Precious Potato says:

    Today I skated for my first time so a bit hard and only one fall! So now watching this helps

  80. tu mae encuera says:


  81. Kuudere Trash Can says:

    My friends having a birthday party at a skating rink and i dont have a clue on what to do

  82. Adora Mae says:

    "The fear of falling it worse than falling itself"

  83. l.ozzi.e says:

    Idk why I’m watching this as I have been roller skating for 6 years 😂

  84. Rene Pearson says:

    I haven’t roller skate in years I brought these cool skate.
    And I put them on and it was a work out, they felt very heavy .
    I must be weak in the legs.
    But I am excited.
    Thank you .

  85. beanos the noodle says:

    2008?! I was born in 2009!

  86. Vaca Gorda says:

    Ok so the first time I skated I didn’t even have a clue how to and no one ever told me how so my friend was trying to push me expecting me to suddenly learn or something so Im here learning how to so my friend won’t push me one like= one respect

  87. Rumi says:

    I’ve been skating for two years now, but I can’t push forward at all, I have to push and I still fall on my ass, 24 months I’ve been skating, I still can’t do anything without falling

  88. Math Kuwait says:


  89. Andrea H. says:

    I’d smash

  90. Layla Cami says:

    I know how to skate but I wanted tips lol

  91. Gail Spencer Choate says:

    I wish videos like these were around when I was a kid. I haven't been on skates since I was 15 and sprained my wrist. I'm about to turn 56 and have always wanted to know how to skate…but I'm probably too old now.

  92. Charmander For life says:

    December, 7th 2018 anyone

  93. Eleanor johnson says:

    Skating easy. I get mines for Christmas

  94. CRISCO says:

    Why am I here? I’m in a wheelchair..

  95. Lou Lou Kitten says:

    Hi I love roller skating thanks for the vid! And is it weird I like falling? Idk it just encourages me more

  96. •Verønika Krøll• says:


  97. Adam Williams says:

    Its been about 2 years since i skated

  98. Omar Al shalaan says:

    My problem is worse lol I used to skate perfectly but it's been 10 years lol decided to do it again and I forgot how do u think I'll remember fast like my mind knows how but my feet forgot it's like writing with ur other hand

  99. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

    I saw her push off with her right leg, but she said she is going to push off with her left leg. I am confused which is her dominant leg. Have i misinterpreted? Please guide.

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