How To Ride Switch On A Snowboard

How To Ride Switch On A Snowboard

Hi this is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction.
We’re up at Whistler Blackcomb and this is a tutorial on switch riding.
When you first learn to snowboard you generally ride in one direction until you’re relatively
confident. At this point you start doing jumps, learning to butter and entering the terrain
park which is when you realize: “OH, I need to learn how to ride switch!”
To do a 180 you gotta ride switch. For a ton of buttering tricks you have to
ride switch. If you wanna land a board slide to fakie you
gotta ride switch. And this is the case for countless other tricks.
At this stage you start to learn switch and realize: “Oh man, I’ve never tried this and
I suck at it!” Starting Out
To get good at switch, the first thing you gotta do is get out there and force yourself
to do it. You gotta go ride switch as much as you possibly can. Whenever you’re on a
cat track or a boring run ride it switch. A good thing to do is to take at least a full
run out of every single day and ride that run completely switch.
A good challenge is to try riding a chairlift switch with your opposite foot strapped in.
This is gonna force you to do movements you’re not comfortable with but you need to put yourself
outside of your comfort zone to expand your comfort zone.
It’s also very good for your muscles to ride switch, which helps develop them evenly through
both sides of your body. Getting good at switch riding will make you
a far better all round rider and will greatly increase your confidence while riding regular.
You’ll wonder you didn’t learn this earlier.

Antonio Breitenberg

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46 thoughts on “How To Ride Switch On A Snowboard

  1. Varun Mathews says:

    My goal for this year.

  2. Knights_Shadow says:

    I started off riding switch

  3. ETP says:

    Do I need that the connection of the front foot isn't a little turned?

  4. SirFapingtonThe3rd says:

    Great video man!

  5. Cole Riley says:

    This is my first year riding and I couldn't help but notice that is almost feels more comfortable. I ride left foot forward and I am used to it, but it isn't weird when I switch after hitting a box or hitting a 540 off a jump. Should I ride goofy or should I stick with it?

  6. Joseph Allen says:

    Hey I was just wondering about my snowboarding
    My question is I went snowboarding last January so by the time I go again this January it would have been a full year since I have been I was just wondering how long it takes to get back into snowboarding i was at at level 5 ski school level so I was just wondering how long it would take me to get these skills back thanks Joe

  7. Sander Bærøy Johansen says:

    Great tips..! I found that if you start alittle late with switch the best tips are analyzing your regular riding and dont be afraid to fall on your ass when you pick up speed, just pause and think what made the crash. Still a bit wobbly but every switchrun is helpful

  8. deepsudeep says:

    Gonna try it tomorrow

  9. unit03 says:

    i started out learning switch without even knowing when i was figuring out which is my dominant foot lol

  10. Sangy says:

    Damn. Learning switch is like learning to snowboard all over again. 

  11. Flo M. says:

    This is a nice video but how much does having a true twin or a directional twin shape affect switch riding?

  12. ign004 says:

    Hi! I have not tried riding switch yet, but I can see most  riders have the same angles for both feet when riding switch. So, if my angles are +18 and -3, I won't be able to do it, right? Need to change anyway?

  13. Gabriel Lyberg says:

    Maaan freaking four months left until my snowboard premiere this winter… fortunatly Sweden is gonna have an amazing cold and snowy winter so Ima learn that switch riding. Goal this winter: 180

  14. Hezekiah Domowski says:

    Anyone know what mittens these are? I like the color, and it's rare to see gloves with that blue color

  15. Terry C says:


  16. Marten Sytema says:

    man that 'oh shit i wished i learnt this earlier' moment i had recently. Been riding for years now and i'm pretty comfy bombing down a mountain. But switch is like startin a new. Been trying it for a few times now in my local indoor slope, will try much more often there before hitting the slopes in Austria next January

  17. mccarty89 says:

    learning to ride switch is like starting over. it's weird going back to the bunny hill but that seems to be the only way.

  18. Martin Hooker says:

    When learning to right switch. Should I change the binding angles? Right now my left foot is at 13 degrees and my right is at 3. degrees

  19. Mason says:

    hey can you plz tell me witch profile snowboard u use

  20. Mason says:

    what type of profile do u use

  21. Damian Zajicek says:

    I'm trying to switch for the first time today let you know how it goes keep up the great videos

  22. mertvak says:

    the best life pro tip ever, " you need to put yourself out of your comfort zone, to expand your comfort zone"

  23. Ronn M. Diaz says:

    "To get good at switch, the first thing you gotta do is get out there and force yourself to do it — BAM' and I'm like.. holy crap I wasn't ready for that

  24. Joel Cedric says:

    how much forward lean do you have? and what do you recommend in terms of highback leans for all mountain and park riding?

  25. Strack007 says:

    I love this advice lol just do it!

  26. Geoffrey Zoref says:

    I used to try to have "Switch Days" in which I would ride only switch on certain days. Unfortunately, I don't have the patience, so instead I would ride switch down every other run or so. It's not easy at first, and for me it always feels a bit awkward, but pretty soon it'll feel more natural. Just think of it like when  you first learned to ride. It's easier than that, but the principle is similar.

  27. John Lawson says:

    Just so that I can save everyone some time, here's the entire video in a nutshell:

    How does one get good a riding switch?
    Ride switch. The end.

  28. Max Power says:

    A great way to get your brain more elastic and ready for riding switch is to jerk off with your opposite hand.

  29. Teodora Zhelyazkova says:

    Can we ride switch even without making the same angles on both legs? Cuz I am regular but havent switched yet. I was wondering if I should rotate my right binding.

  30. VWRabbit2008 says:

    I like when you said just get out there and do it

  31. Ellie Garcia says:

    I'm so stoked that my riding has progressed to the point where I'm ready to try this! I'm really hoping to be riding the park and hitting some features soon.

  32. Ray Antero says:

    does your bindings need to be set up a certain way for trying to ride switch?

  33. Nolan ! says:

    I just started boarding, and I can ride switch almost as good and regular. I can also do a 180 And jump off boxes. It's not that hard 🙂

  34. Abel Godinez says:

    those light blue pants thooo 🖒🤘👌

  35. Peej Read says:

    Hi Nev, when would you recommed an advanced beginner to start riding switch? are there any necessary skill sets before riding switch? thank you! your videos are so helpful!

  36. hexada777 says:

    So they do Skateboarding in Antartica

  37. Synathidy says:

    Switch riding doesn't really need a specific tutorial, since everything about natural stance riding applies to switch. Just fundamental technique. Just do it.
    I've only been snowboarding 20 (full 4 hr+) days on the mountain, and am now going down black diamonds switch, no problem. I started learning switch on day 8.
    After the tough first two or three days, I went on to spend entire DAYS (10 runs or more) riding switch). And now I can't even tell if I'm stronger regular or goofy.
    Put in the effort and time, and the line that sets apart "switch" riding will dissolve altogether, granting an extra degree of freedom to snowboarding. I think it's TOTALLY worth it, too. It's a blast to simply spin around on the snow.
    Also, ride a true twin for symmetry if you're super switch-stoked.

  38. F. Baran says:

    "Get out there and force yourself to do it"…..


  39. Manyu J says:

    Im goofy, and the idea of doing turns in a natural stance gives me the jeebies :S

  40. Dylan Whitten says:

    Ride switch on cat tracks so u fall and have to walk it

  41. Chicken Nugget says:

    My first time snowboarding was two days ago, and that’s when I did toe and heel turns. Yesterday (my second time ever) I went on some much bigger and stepper slopes and was constantly changing my front foot for no reason I just thought it was easier that way.. lol

  42. Sverre van Leeuwen says:

    Can u ride switch with regular snowboard or do I need a centerred snowboard

  43. Supernovasia says:

    For practicing switch, do you have to set up the bindings towards center or slightly forward on a directional board? Thanks

  44. Mr Knarf says:

    Can't wait! I did a little bit at the very beginning, when snowflaking, but I don't think it really counts… Now I can C turn and S turn comfortably with my dominant, have been riding icy red slopes with no problems… Time to switch it up! Tomorrow, back to the basics, switch time!

  45. kennethh_c says:

    The chairlift part scares me the most haha.

  46. arrrfow says:


  47. Noodle Salty says:

    Is it problem if your bindings aren’t for switch

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