How To Ride Halfpipe On A Snowboard (Regular)

How To Ride Halfpipe On A Snowboard (Regular)

Body Position
When riding pipe, you’re constantly moving through different transitions so it’s critical
to keep your body balanced in reference to the pipe walls. This means that your weight
and body position should always be perpendicular to the pipe wall at any time.
When riding through the bottom, your body will be upright however as you move up the
transition, your body will be leaning over more, and ideally should be parallel with
the deck as you’re launching out the lip. This is easier on the backside wall because
you can look down and see the bottom of the pipe, which will give you an idea of your
body’s position. However when getting air on the frontside wall you wont be able to
see the bottom so it’s common to stand a little too upright. Try to break this habit early
and keep you position perpendicular to the walls.
Most beginner pipe riders tend to have their weight a little too far back as they land
each air, and while riding though the bottom. It should feel more like your trying to put
weight into your front foot. Alignment is also very important to maintaining
your balance in the pipe. You’re arms, shoulders, hips and knees should always be lined up in
the same direction as you land on each wall, and while riding through the transition to
your next hit.

Antonio Breitenberg

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    He said "it should be ideally parallel to the dick"

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    Thanks! That helps a lot!

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    0:37 they say dick instead of deck with that accent

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    Need help . I keep sliding the tail on the backside wall . don't know what bad habit I have just adopted .could it be shoulders turning , not enough weight on back foot ,taking too steep line .I have tried to correct by weighting back foot more taking less steep line but my improvement has been inconsistent .any tips for this will help my sanity .it's driving me nuts .thnx.

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