How To Ride Camber vs. Reverse Camber Snowboard’s (Regular)

Regular vs Reverse Camber
What kind of board you ride has a huge impact on your buttering. Longer, stiffer boards
are harder to flex making buttering more difficult. Reverse camber boards are usually softer and
easy to press although I find that regular camber boards have more pop and better balance
points. This board I’m riding is a Burton Easy Living,
regular camber, which I like to use for every day resort riding. It’s got a medium flex
pattern with lots of pop so is a good general board for the park.
This board here is a Burton Hero, which has reverse camber. It’s really easy to butter
and doesn’t require a lot of effort to raise the nose or tail. It’s soft, playful and great
for buttering but doesn’t perform as well for other types of riding.
This last board is a longer Burton Custom with regular camber. I use this board for
hitting big jumps, riding pipe and on pow days. It’s much stiffer so takes a lot more
effort to butter. It doesn’t matter what kind of board you have,
you can butter on all boards. Some will take more effort then others although that extra
effort required for a regular camber board will challenge you making you a better rider.

Antonio Breitenberg

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