How to Race Sled Dogs in the Iditarod : Training The Race Sled Dogs To Turn

Hi! I’m Lachland Clarke on behalf of Expert
Village. I would like to invite you to visit our website at Haw is
left and G is right and when I get up close to the turn I will start to put the brake
on, the mat. I will start to slow them down. Anytime you slow a dog team down, that is
their cue for a transition coming up. Okay. How do you train them to turn? I usually put
them with a leader that is already trained and if you are training a bunch of dogs and
you don’t have any leaders to help, you would run small teams like 6 or 8 dogs and
you go up and you say the word and you push them into the turn or pull them with your
hands. Got to have small teams for training dogs completely.

Antonio Breitenberg

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