How to Race Sled Dogs in the Iditarod : How to Load Race Sled Dogs Into a Truck

How to Race Sled Dogs in the Iditarod : How to Load Race Sled Dogs Into a Truck

Hi! I’m Lachland Clarke on behalf of Expert
Village. I would like to invite you to visit our website at We haven’t
loaded 25 in a long time by itself but it takes us 10 minutes with three people, so
we will see how long it takes us. We have to carry them on their 2 feet or else they
will drag you around because of the power they have. Hey Frank. Dana. They know what it means
– they got to go on a run. They love road trips. That is mother/daughter. Have both
of them raced? Margie, the darker one has. So they can live in each other boxes, they
don’t care. It’s easier for loading to have them all have their own place, you know.
They’d go anywhere.

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “How to Race Sled Dogs in the Iditarod : How to Load Race Sled Dogs Into a Truck

  1. curtm220 says:

    @HelpSledDogs You clearly have never been around sled dogs or mushing.

  2. curtm220 says:

    @Miah151 Well, I have a mastiff and an american bulldog who refuse to kennel separately…they are absolutely miserable unless they can share the same kennel. It's a big kennel, but they are big dogs. They cozy up and are perfectly happy. In fact, they will hang out in there sometimes when we're home and the kennel door open. So I'm betting his dogs are the same.

  3. sleddogac says:

    @curtm220 I have been "around" sled dogs and mushing. In any case, I can read and comprehend. For more facts about Iditarod dog cruelties, go to the Sled Dog Action Coalition website.

  4. LifeAsWeKnowIt says:

    awww he looks sad, but there was more than 1 dog left behind but he was the only one in his section. The tiny holes they are putting them in are just the doorways, the inside of the box is much bigger then the doorway, just like at your house. FYI the Sled Dog Action Coalition are not experts in dog mushing, in fact they know nothing about it, they are just troublemakers They have in recent years put up an article that SPK Kennels were auctioning off sled dogs and how cruel it was and how they didnt care what homes they went to. In fact SPK were auctioning off stuffed toy sled dogs and the SDAC had purposely edited that out of the story.

  5. Mindee Morning says:

    PLEASE… do not think that letting them walk on their back legs is in any way hurting them or cruel. IF they get on all fours and you have their collar in you hand you will do an almost instantaneous face plant. These dogs are much stronger than you would ever imagine.

  6. Victoria Young says:

    Cruel 😠

  7. Victoria Young says:

    The amount of work those poor dogs indure and there treated like prisoners 🤮 disgusting

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