How to Race Sled Dogs in the Iditarod : Doing A U-Turn In A Dog Sled

How to Race Sled Dogs in the Iditarod : Doing A U-Turn In A Dog Sled

Hi! I’m Lachland Clarke on behalf of Expert
Village. I would like to invite you to visit our website at G, G, G,
G, G, G. Let’s see if they’ll make this. G, G, G. Whoa! G Okay, I couldn’t stop so
I am going to have to turn them around. You’re going to get a chance to see that. Whoa! I
had a pair of young leaders up front and just like a horse to go back to the barn, the one
leader and they are both the same size so they neutralize each other power wise. But
anyway the left hand leader wanted to go back to the truck and I needed to go right, so
there was very little snow. I tried to put my snowhook in, but I couldn’t stop. I had
to let them go through the turn and down about 50 yards where there is no snow and hard packed
to get a snow hook in. You always put the snow hook on the same side you are going to
U-turn to, so you don’t flip your sled which would happen if you did it the other way if
you put it on the outside of the turn, so I put it on the inside of the turn. I went
up to the leaders, grabbed them and brought them back. You want to make the other dogs
stay pretty stationary. As soon as the leaders get by the rear end of the sled, you have
to be pretty quick. I tell them to hike up and take that snowhook up pretty quickly and
have a good hand on the sled, let it get spun around and you leave with the sled going the
other direction. We have a bit of a tangle here. So, you just got to see how to turn a team
around and this is a turn.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. swordwhale1 says:

    Thanks! Good insight into how the big teams work! We're weenies: we have trail help to turn three dog teams (LOL)… you guys are awesome.And glad to know even the big teams turn the wrong way sometimes!

  2. yandere Chan says:


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