How to Put on Your Snowboard || REI

How to Put on Your Snowboard || REI

hi I’m Amy Gann with the American
Association of snowboard instructors or here with REI and this is how to put on
your snowboard the first part of getting our snowboard
on is making sure our boots are on correctly first thing you can do to set
your day off right it’s making sure that your boots are not frozen when you get
there so don’t leave them in your trunk on the way to the mountain keep them
someplace warm so when you get going your foots gonna stay warm and dry the
second thing is making sure that the only thing going in your boot is your
sock so make sure you’re pulling up all your first layers your snow pants nice
and high so that we don’t have anything that’s gonna pinch or be uncomfortable
inside our boots most boots have an outside shell and an inside liner so
when you go to put your snowboard boot on make sure it’s nice and opened up so
it’s easy to put on slide your foot in give it a couple taps just to make sure
that your heel is sliding back so that when you do tighten everything down it’s
in the right spot I’m gonna get my inside tongue right against my shin and
I’ve got some velcro here so I fell crow it down just to stay in place and then
I’ve got that inside lacing system so that my foot doesn’t slide around so I
pull this up nice and tight and then I slide this down all the way down against
the fabric so that I can’t move and then I just tuck all this string in then
we’ve got the outer shell my boot is a boa boot so what I do is I click this
down and then I can spin it and it starts to tighten so I’m going to
tighten that down and then I’ve got one on the side this one does the bottom
part again I just wanted to be nice and snug so that my foots not sliding around
inside the boot and that’s just gonna make it so that when I do eventually get
out on snow my foot is gonna actually do it I want it to do on the snowboard and
make those changes on the snowboard so once I’ve got the boot on I’m just gonna
make sure all my first layers are folded nicely not crumpled anywhere and then
I’m gonna put this outside this Gator outside the boot that’s gonna keep all
the snow out so I don’t get soaking wet inside the boot and then finally pull
down here so fan my boot again is that boa boot but there’s lots of different
ways that snowboard boots might lace there are traditional lacing systems
just like a shoelace and for those who want to tie
kind of like a hiking boot they’ve usually got some eyelets that you can
lace up make sure that when you do that each row is being tightened down so that
when you do finally get to make a bow tie it’s not all just gonna fall apart
another system you might have for tying your boots is a quick lace or something
that cinches everything down and for those who usually just have to pull
straight up and they lock in some way just make sure that that extra string
once you tighten it is folded somewhere in the boot so that it’s not hanging
down it’s not gonna get caught anywhere all right so now that we’re outside
we’ve got our snow wear boots on let’s go ahead and put our snowboard on so
we’ve got our snowboard we’ve also got our bindings our bindings have a couple
pieces we’ve got our high back our toe caps and our ankle straps well we put
our foot in it’s really important to get our heel all the way back in the binding
and I usually give a tap with my foot just to get a little extra snow off and
then slide your foot in and make sure that foot is all the way back against
the high back now I go ahead and put my ankle strap on what I do the ankle one
first because it’s gonna pull everything back and again just make sure everything
is nice and tight when I am ready to go snowboarding so how the ratchet works is
I’ve got this gap right here and my ladder strap I’m just gonna slide the
ladder right in there and then push that all the way down as far as I can then
I’m gonna start ratcheting to tighten it up so crank it make sure you let it go
it’s gonna reset so you can keep doing that you want to make sure that that’s
real nice and snug as far as I can get it without being crazy tight so you’re
not cutting off any circulation or anything like that after you’ve got that
in you can go ahead and put your toe strap on most toe straps now go
somewhere over the top of your toe middle part of your toe not right over
your foot and not way down here so when I tighten everything up my
straps are pretty even between both feet if I’m cranking everything down and I’ve
still got wiggle room and I can’t crack any further then I may need to have
these adjusted all right so I’m gonna go ahead and strap in my other foot but I
do that just make sure that that board is in a really flat spot so you don’t
slide away anywhere give a little dig in again I like to tap my foot make sure
there’s no extra snow on my boot sure my snow pants not in the way ankle strap
first and then my toe cap if struck again standing up is difficult it’s
totally okay to sit down strap in there and then stand up and get going now that
we’re strapped in let me show you how to get out of your bindings as well
pretty simple reach down to that ratchet just right there pulling up till it
clicks and then I can give it a little shimmy and it’s gonna come right out thanks for watching I hope this helps
please check out our other videos for more information you

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